The Romans had a self-healing concrete lasting for 1 thousand years

by Allen Williams

Looks like the ancients had a better concrete than us, one that self-heals. But according to the guardian Concrete is the most destructive material on earth  So depending on whose criteria you use the results differ considerably: Even using the worst case I could find that of 1 metric ton of cement produces 1 metric ton of CO2 doesn’t even bring you to the lowest rung on the ‘Human and Natural sources of CO2 chart’ below, so 6-7% of the world emission is meaning less. What they are quoting alludes to all CO2 sources and this doesn’t even come close. If you smell a rat you would be correct.

Concrete use is a 55 billion/year industry generating some 4500 metric tons of CO2 world wide.

One shortcoming of most of those estimates is that they report only a part of the cement industry emission, the one related to the calculation process. However, IEA estimates the proportion of the process emission to be two thirds [8] while Ecofys [9] estimates it at 55%. Data from our GNR database [10] confirms the 2/3. On that basis, total emissions from the cement industry can be estimated between 6-7% of world emission.

What s the 6-7% CO2 standard? Likely it’s a fraction of the world total of 4500 tons, in other words, so what?

Assuming 1 metric ton of conrete produces 1 metric ton od CO2 then 4500 metric tons of cement equals 4960 US tons of CO2 so:

4960 US tons x 2000 lb /.ton x 1 / 44 lbs / mole x 359 ft3 / mole (Std conditions) = 8.097 E7 ft3 CO which doesn’t even hit the lowest rung on the Human and natural sources of CO2 chart.

Beware of environmentalists using percentages to scare you on global warming. The whole of climate change is an elaborate scam to extract billions of dollars out of the gullible.

Not a pretty picture



This is what we are not hearing about the Ukrainian conflict and where it is going.

  You can skip the first part of the video, just move over to the 38-minute mark and play it out through the interview with Bob Griswold.  Lot of very disturbing information here.


Analyst: USA / NATO deliberately provoking war escalation with Russia - leading to nuclear conflict

The United States appears to be deliberately provoking Russia into precisely such a response by providing key intelligence, satellite imagery and targeting solutions to HIMARS crews which are widely believed to be US soldiers out of uniform, operating as "contractors" in Ukraine.

Russia is preparing a major offensive against Ukraine that would involve hundreds of thousands of Russian troops, combined with short and medium range missile strikes on key military and infrastructure targets inside Ukraine.

The end result is likely a direct war -- and a full declaration of war -- between the United States and Russia. This is a highly likely outcome in 2023.

Highlites of 1880s Railroad trip - Part II (Update)

The railroad has 4 different engines trading out older wood fired units for oil fired tankers. They offer two separate passenger car services. Since I visited during the summer, the heated passenger cars were not used at the time I visited;


Robert and JoAnna Warder bought the Black Hills Central Railroad in 1990. As a result, the railroad experienced a rebirth. The existing operational locomotives (#7 and #104) were restored to prime condition, as were a number of the pieces of rolling stock. A new stall and machine shop were added to the Hill City Engine House for maintenance and restoration of locomotives, passenger cars and other rolling stock on a year-long basis. Railroad facilities were cleaned up and upgraded. In 2001, the link between Hill City and Keystone was restored, and trains were able to travel the steep grade in between the two depots, providing a vintage steam experience for thousands of tourists who visit the Black Hills on an annual basis. Booking arrangements here:

The Train MAP Route:
Ticket for the 1880's Steam Train Route. A standard gauge mountainous climb with 4% grades into the Black Hills from Hill City to Keystone.  Round Trip $34,00. One way $29.00.
There is a shuttle between Keystone and Hill City so you can begin your adventure on either end of the line.

Hill City Rail yard

Saddle Tank Engine
Engine Articulating Gear
Vintage Car View

The train ride..

Another Small Homestead near Keystone. Several small ranches could be seen along the way.with the old windmill powered water pumps still operating.

View Outside Coach

One of many R.R Crossings near Keystone

Northwestern Caboose in Hill City Yard

Pinal County discovered a 600 vote discrepancy during @AbrahamHamadeh’s recount. @katiehobbs intercepted this information & hid it from Abe & me while we were filling our lawsuits. And now we find out their Elections Director was given a $25,000 bonus! Unbelievably corrupt.

by Allen Williams

The AZ Election Who Botched the Penal County Count Received $25,000 Bonus Before Skipping Town

AZ corruption continues. Break the cartel or lose the country, it’s that simple.

Who is Virginia Ross? She had one job. She was supposed to make sure the Pinal County general election count was done properly in Arizona. Last week, we learned there was a substantial discrepancy that wasn’t reported until AFTER the results were certified. Now, we know WHY they didn’t get reported. It wasn’t just for the sake of stealing another election. It was so someone could “earn” a big bonus. According to Kari Lake:… Pinal County discovered a 600 vote discrepancy during @AbrahamHamadeh’s recount. @katiehobbs intercepted this information & hid it from Abe & me while we were filling our lawsuits. And now we find out their Elections Director was given a $25,000 bonus! Unbelievably corrupt.

Wake up people ! The country is literally up for grabs with electronic voting. Virginia Ross is a good example of stooging for election fraud as the Pinal County elections director has earning $25,000 to boot. How else do you get paid for screwing up an election?