The Patriots’ news blog is a regional electronic information medium, located in the metropolitan Kansas City area, providing news for readers within a 1000 mile radius.  Our circulation numbers are well over 200,000 readers.  

The site publishes some 50 authors, including our own principals, covering such topics as environmental, government, judiciary, health, pharmacy-medicine, public education, science, taxation and transportation issues. We are a citizen advocate news source featuring exceptional editorials and guest columnists in an interesting mix of news, humor, opinion and insightful political commentary. The site offers audio and video news reporting through adobe flash player, You-Tube and Windows media.  

We are a member of the Sam Adams Alliance, which includes Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Flint Hills Center for Public Policy, Kansas Progress, the Kansas Meadowlark and Wichita Liberty.

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W.  Fillips,   A. K. Williams

Contributing Authors

L. Carlson        C. Cjerde              S. Frazier            N. Moore (1917 -2010),

W. Riley           P. Zubeck           P.  Wells                W Flaherty (1935 -2016)

Reporters and Site Contributors

 T. Johnson      D. Youngberg  

Our Mission

Our purpose is to promote honesty in local, state, and federal governments. We are citizen advocates championing smaller government exposing fraud, corruption and waste, dedicated to writing the truth about government. Defending truth, justice, the Constitution and American freedom.

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