Kansas Watchdog avoids the real issues

by John D' Aloia

Attacked by a "friend": What happens when Ben Hodge doesn't get his w ay ...

I'd say Johnson County has more fundamental problems than what the Watchdog chooses to report. The same criticism that you levied against Trabert, et al could be said of you, Ben. Perhaps, Red County might better concern itself with the lackluster JoCo DA's performance, i.e his failure to uphold the 'rule of law.'  It may provide a clue as to why they aren't interested in open meetings enforcement either.

Our intrepid moderate, Steve Howe, hasn't been able to agree on a Table of Contents for the Planned Parenthood trial for a year now. Did he learn his trade from the Kansas legislature? Know any other defendant that can hang up a legal proceeding over a TOC. Just a matter of time before theKansas Supreme Court ( KSC) makes it all 'go away'..hmmm?

Perhaps, Red County might better concern itself with a corrupt state legislature (which isn't part of Johnson County, either) that doesn't represent anything more than special interests. If they did, there would be oversight of the judiciary and the people wouldn't be hostage to a bevy of vulture lawyers, like Alan Rupe and his NEA Nazis, plundering state coffers. I readily concede, the possibility, that the state legislature is actually stupid enough to allow itself to continue to be sued over the same issue. But then, what can one expect with a Gage & Lathrop lawyer in the Republican leadership? (And, I use the term loosely.)