From Comfort to Destitute


                                            One World Government is the solution to our economic woes.

                                               And the democratic socialists are here to pave the way.



"The problem is that China, the Eurozone and other countries need a collapse of the US Dollar as world reserve currency in order to present themselves as an alternative.

As such, it is no wonder that so many governments, banks and economists globally are telling the Biden administration to print dollars to eternity, forget about limits to monetary policy and follow Argentina and Venezuela down the “printing money for the people fallacy”. Their ultimate objective is the destruction of the US Dollar as world reserve currency and the end of the United States as a leader in capital attraction.

A currency war is a war against citizens,  their salaries and their savings, to benefit inefficient and indebted sectors."

If the US dollar is replaced as the world reserve currency, every asset you own that’s denominated by the US dollar would become virtually worthless. Hyperinflation would ensue. Hyperinflation destroys the value of money. 


Hyperinflation will devastate those on fixed income. Wage earners would suffer almost as horribly. 

 There’s a reason that the price of gold is soaring. 

If hyperinflation were to occur due to replacing the dollar as the world reserve currency, guns and ammo would be worth their weight in gold. Hard assets would be worthless if they cannot be protected. 

A safe deposit box might deny access to hard assets. If banks were to close, you would be denied access to it. If hyperinflation were to follow replacing the US dollar as the world reserve currency, bank failures will surpass bank failures of the Great Depression. 

For decades, countries have been trying to remove the US dollar as the world reserve currency. 

MMT will cause hyperinflation which will ostensibly justify replacing the US dollar as the world reserve currency:

MMT = modern monetary theory = destruction of the US dollar