To fly or not to fly...



THREE(3) British Airways pilots have DIED of the COVID vaccine in the past 7-days,

and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their

vaccinated pilots should be allowed to fly.

This presents a big problem because around 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaccinated.


So the passengers can’t board without a vaccine card and the pilots can’t board with a vaccine card…

             Better get hold of Fauci, they are going to need some expert advice.




America be ready to LOSE YOUR PHONE connection when the vaccine SS police start cracking the whip

Natural News) Inch by inch, the Democrats want all Americans to lose their rights, lose their health, lose their wealth and then lose their life. It all started with a fear-mongering flu campaign, then the control tripping began, and all in the name of "health and safety." You're living in a Black Mirror episode, as you experience the … [Read More...]

Absolute Evidence of Cyber Hacks on US voting machines coming out of China to award Trump votes to Biden

Evidence recorded by government white hat hackers in Mike Lindell's latest video "Absolute 9 -0' showing the data packets coming from China to flip votes in the Dominion voting machine internet connections (yes, the ones that suoosedly did not exist) that defined the 2020 election.

Watch the video here:

Worth the Risk???


                  Dr. Fauci Once Argued Supporting Gain-of-Function Research was Worth the Risk of Causing a Global Pandemic









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