Depopulation plandemic: OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Data Before Congress: “I’ve Never Seen This Before”

by Staff:

OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Data Before Congress: “I’ve Never Seen This Before”


Depopulation is now in full force towards an American Holocaust as miscarriages have increased dramatically from year to year since the introduction of Covid-19. The globalists have apparently designed this vaccine to not only KiIl the Patient but to prevent them from  producing offspring  Abortion needs a helping hand so to speak.Government is the greatest threat to any population throughout history.

Last year, Dr. Biss reached out to Dr. Jessica Rose, an accomplished applied mathematician, and shared her practice’s data for Dr. Rose to conduct an in-depth analysis, which she summarized in a Substack publication. This is what Dr. Rose found:

Dr. Biss continues: “The above chart shows the number of miscarriages (orange) compared to the number of new patients (blue) that Dr. Biss received for each particular year. Dr. Biss testified before Congress that her miscarriage rate in 2020 was about 4%. That number doubled in 2021 to approximately 7 to 8%. Alarmingly, the miscarriage rate doubled again in 2022, all the way up to a staggering 15%“.

Seems there is more than enough evidence for some class action lawsuits against Moderna and Pfizer for injuries caused. Wake up you bunch of Congressional imbeciles !

Now you know why these companies never listed ingredients on the vials and like Dominion wouldn’t allow the public to inspect the wares. Government no longer protects the individual but sacrifices him or her to meet their globalist depopulation agenda

The full “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing is available to watch in the article.. Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit

Why are all these things happening to us? I think the Book of James (4:4) provides a good clue;
“Ye adulters and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is emnity with GOD? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of GOD.”