ES&S claims 'machine tabulation error' Changes School Board Election

by David Wildstein,
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ES&S machines has system error that remained undetected two months after election

A possible malfunction of the vote tabulation system in Monmouth County led to the double counting of votes in six voting districts in four municipalities and appears to change the outcome of a school board race in Ocean Township.

Election Systems and Software (ES&S), Monmouth County’s voting machine vendor, has acknowledged an error in their vote tabulation system that caused irregularities that were not discovered until an unrelated issue caused the Board of Elections to launch an internal investigation, according to an election official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The company called the issue an “isolated incident occurred due to a human procedural error. An audit of the system yielded this information.”

In the six voting districts, fail-safes in the tabulation software failed and some results were counted twice, possibly a result of work by the vendor that was completed incorrectly.

“In July of 2022, upon request, ES&S technicians were sent to Monmouth County to investigate reports of slow performance on the county’s internal network. During troubleshooting, technicians uninstalled and reinstalled the county’s election management software,” said Katina Granger, a spokesman for the voting machine company. “A human procedural error during reinstallation excluded a step, which optimizes the system database and ensures USB flash media cannot be read twice during the results loading process. Because the database was not optimized, the user was not notified when the USB flash media were loaded twice into the results reporting module.”

[The easiest way to fraud an election is to do it in the machine software and if discovered it was simply an ‘accident’ etc.If they are this prone to error..why have them?pinterest sharing buttonAs long as electronic voting machines are used your VOTE really doesn’t count AND you no longer have a country. Another excellent reason to return to paper ballots and hand counting. - ED]

Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 With Their Doomsday Predictions...*UPDATE 0-53*

by John Nolte (Breitbart)

For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong.

In other words, on at least 41 occasions, these so-called experts have predicted some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent … and it never happened. And not once — not even once! — have these alarmists had one of their predictions come true.

Think about that… the so-called experts are 0-41 with their predictions, but those of us who are skeptical of “expert” prediction
number 42, the one that says that if we don’t immediately convert to socialism and allow Alexandria 'Ocasio-Crazy' to control and organize our lives, the planet will become uninhabitable.

Why would any sane person listen to someone with a 0-41 record?

The Romans had a self-healing concrete lasting for 1 thousand years

by Allen Williams

Looks like the ancients had a better concrete than us, one that self-heals. But according to the guardian Concrete is the most destructive material on earth  So depending on whose criteria you use the results differ considerably: Even using the worst case I could find that of 1 metric ton of cement produces 1 metric ton of CO2 doesn’t even bring you to the lowest rung on the ‘Human and Natural sources of CO2 chart’ below, so 6-7% of the world emission is meaning less. What they are quoting alludes to all CO2 sources and this doesn’t even come close. If you smell a rat you would be correct.

Concrete use is a 55 billion/year industry generating some 4500 metric tons of CO2 world wide.

One shortcoming of most of those estimates is that they report only a part of the cement industry emission, the one related to the calculation process. However, IEA estimates the proportion of the process emission to be two thirds [8] while Ecofys [9] estimates it at 55%. Data from our GNR database [10] confirms the 2/3. On that basis, total emissions from the cement industry can be estimated between 6-7% of world emission.

What s the 6-7% CO2 standard? Likely it’s a fraction of the world total of 4500 tons, in other words, so what?

Assuming 1 metric ton of conrete produces 1 metric ton od CO2 then 4500 metric tons of cement equals 4960 US tons of CO2 so:

4960 US tons x 2000 lb /.ton x 1 / 44 lbs / mole x 359 ft3 / mole (Std conditions) = 8.097 E7 ft3 CO which doesn’t even hit the lowest rung on the Human and natural sources of CO2 chart.

Beware of environmentalists using percentages to scare you on global warming. The whole of climate change is an elaborate scam to extract billions of dollars out of the gullible.

Waaa! Waaa! South Pole Hits Record Cold..Looks like the Polar Ice caps aren't melting - Narrative Fails

by Allen Williams

South Pole Hits Record Cold November Temperatures

Extreme cold records continue to tumble at the South Pole. Three recent days – November 16th, 17th and 18th – have recorded a daily record, with the 18th plunging to –45.2°C, compared with –44.7°C on the same day in 1987. The records follow the six-month winter of 2020-21, which was the coldest since records began in 1957. Inexplicably, all these facts and trends have escaped reporting in the mainstream media. The excuse might be that it is just weather, and temperatures have always moved up and down. But the excuse doesn’t seem to apply to the July 19th U.K. high of 40.3°C at RAF Coningsby, recorded at the side of the runway used by after-burning Typhoon jets. This record high has barely been out of the Net Zero headlines ever since.

In fact, anything getting colder barely gets a look-in these days. Arctic sea ice is making a significant, near silent comeback. Summer ice at the end of September covered 4.92 million square kilometres, which was 1.35 million sq kms higher than the 2012 low. Over on land, the Greenland ice sheet may have increased in size over the last year to August 2022. Meanwhile, the zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford has reported that this is the fifth year out of the last seven that enough sea ice has formed along the west coast of Hudson Bay by mid-November for hunting polar bears to be able to head out to the ice, “just as it did in the 1980s”. Of course, it has been a very bad year for climate 'catastrophists' all round. Coral is growing on the Great Barrier Reef with a vengeance, just a few years after journalists and their ‘experts’ warned it was likely to disappear.