Bogus Response from Kansas Senator Jerry Moran

Recently I wrote my US Senator, Jerry Moran using the constituent form on his website. It was months later when I received a response. By that time I could not remember what I contacted him about but it definitely was not about Ukraine !  I had to search my email messages. Here is what I wrote to Moran on June 29 of this year.

-----Original Message-----
From: allen williams
Subject: Email from Website

The country is in a fight for its rightful President. Where will YOU be? We are making progress.

Why we NEED another constitutional Amendment NOW ON B4IT'S NEWS !

It is the science of responses that demand any incubent wait some indeterminite time to permit the writer (constituent) to forget what issue he or she was addressing. Then he or she receives some detailed response on something irrelevent or an issue importent to the bureaucrats as I did on Ukraine.  Meanwhile I had no recollection of ever raising this issue with my representative or Senator. My recent communication with Moran illustrates just such an event.

Moran's response:

"This message is to let you know that I received your email. Your thoughts are important to me and I will respond as soon as possible. I welcome you to use the following services to stay connected and to contribute your ideas and feedback:

Best regards,


What message? I can't even remember what I wrote him about and he doesn't indicate anything in his response, THIS IS NO ACCIDENT. His resonses are primarily for social media followers.

Thousands of events have occured since I contacted him. One isn't free to discuss an opinion on Twitter of Facebook without being banned or 'fact checked'  and since we are aware of the trusted partnership between Twitter and government.

Moran isn't concerned about his constituents feelings, opinions or ideas because the common usage of electronic voting black boxes guarnantees re-election for any candidate due to the machine's ability to select the winner by any voting margin through algorithms. This is how freedom and self government are lost.

Here is my response


What a worthless electronic constituent form you offer. Guess this is the new globalist method of contacting your supposed representative.

I just received a response from you over the Ukraine which I don't recall writing. Your staff typically responds with bullshit instead of addressing the issues I raised. Obviously you and your staff are totally devoid of any semblance of comprehending reality with the response I received.

With rampant inflation. courtesy of our fraudulent president, the high cost of food, gas, runaway immigration, FBI criminal behavior and the 2020 stolen election, your staff is concerned about Ukraine. Why aren't you concerned about OUR own southern border?

You are using my money to support a fascist state in Ukraine ! Undoubtedly this is why a response from your office is never forthcoming before at least 6 months. Let plenty of time go bye for the constituent to forget what issue he or she raised.

We are obviously NOT represented by you or either party in Kansas. This republic is about finished thanks to years of you people taking globalist money and doing nothing. Even President Trump's house isn't safe. You all better hope that the ES&S voting machine is still scamming the public so Kris Kobach doesn't get elected in November because he will work against the cartels controlling the border.

The district would be better off if we were represented by some WINO.