Wonder how the uni-party will survive the truth of their manipulating elections as this lawsuit proceeds?  The nonprofit has beaten the standard ‘no standing’ dismissal strategy. The biger question ios Why has this anti-freedom, scum sucking slime Nazi been allowed to stay in the country? Hint: It's not because of the whitewashing 60 minutes interview a number of years ago.  The elites like his money and unbridled fascism. Goebbels would be proud but it's time to pay the Piper Soros.


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American Thinker - Don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining.....


Don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining.....


Americans have common sense, so they can understand when they're being played (for example, when politicians place Americans under house arrest and then ignore their own rules to party and travel).  And they know there is no way on God's green earth that decrepit, demented, corrupt, and terminally stupid Joe Biden fairly won this election.  This post assembles various election anomalies that don't pass the smell test.