GMO Mosquitoes Now Secretly Vaccinating People Without their Consent

by The Patriots Staff

New research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals that Big Pharma is now using insects to deliver “vaccines” to humans without their knowledge or consent. For their trial, researchers artificially furnished 200 mosquitoes with live, malaria-causing plasmodium parasites that had been genetically modified (GMO) to inject a malaria vaccine into the arms of arms of human test subjects.

Think about this for a moment; enough people aren’t dead or dying from traditional vaccines so they need help from the natural world to depopulate the planet. Bill Gates and company know informed consent implies deference to the feelings of the governed and this is definitely not a factor among the elites.The Lords of globalism have decreed that you are not necessary for the planet’s ECO and economic system to survive. Expect new GMOs and other biological weapons to be developed to continue to taint the food supply and support the depopulation agenda of the DAVOS crowd. 

Remember it was the mosquito that brought yellow fever epidemics to the US (1793-1905). It’s a natural disease carrier, Why not make further use of it with our advanced technologies to reduce population of deplorables?  

Starting in 2020, a two-year, Bill Gates-backed project began releasing more than 750 million GMO mosquitoes throughout the Florida Keys.)  “We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” bragged Dr. Sean Murphy, a Seattle physician and scientist, and lead author of the paper, which was published on August 24.