Forensic Audit of Mesa Colorado EMS Server showing 'DominionTrusted Build' Deleted Mesa County's 2020 Election Results

By Allen Williams

Mike Lindell is preparing a major election challenge under Article IV of the US constitution on November 23rd at the Supreme court. The filing will encompass all evidence acquired since Jan, 9th 2020 including p-cap data from 2020 election capture, forensic analyses and eye witness accounts. The suit is being brought by the state's attorney general so there is standing.  During the Thanksgiving week, LIndell will be broad casting a 96 hour marathon covering and explaining the Supreme court data on Frank Speech

Mesa County Election Management Server Analysis:

"This report documents initial findings in an on going forensic examination of the voting systems of Mesa County Colorado used in the November, 2020 General Election...

"Forensic examination found that election records including data described in the Federal Election Commission's
2002 Voting System Standards (VSS) mandated by Colorado law as certification requirements for Colorado v*/ting systems,have been destroyed on Mesa County's voting system,by the system vendor and the Colorado Secretary of State's office. Because similar system modifications wee reportedly performed on county election systems across the state,if is possible, if not likely, that such data destruction in violation of state and federal law has occurred in numerous other counties

Mesa county's PDF analysis:
(Discrepancies are noted in RED)

Figure 3 reveals a distinct difference in the file system from the 'trusted build' (page14). Differences are shown in the disk volumes and directory structure on page 15.

Page 18 highlights the number of server log files removed which documents external web clients interaction.(page 23)
Microsoft Server SQL files missing. Down from 116 to 71 files which document changes to system software updates including remote access.

Administrative log files overwritten which contains information about websites visited and files opened. (page 25)

The entire election directory database Directory and the files in are missing. This includes the votes, batches processed,when and who processed them as well as ballot adjudication information. (page 30)

Many user accounts are missing showing who had access and when.  (page 34)

Windows Defender log files missing that track intrusion activity of the anti-virus software. (page 36)

Of the original 807Server log files only 302 remain. (page 38)

Active event log files completely missing.  (page 39)

Comparison, before (in green) and after (red) dominion log files deleted with Summary and Conclusions (page 40 - 44)

Appendix A - Deleted log files. (page 45 - 63)

Appendix B - Supporting Documentation. File Details and Hash sets for Screen Shots. (page 64)

Appendix C - Microsoft EVENT LOG FILES (page 65-78)

Appendix D - LIst of Figures (page 79)

Appendix E -  2002 Voting Systems Standards (VSS) page 80 -83)

Doug Gould - Cyber System Biography

Massachusetts election fraud lawsuit by Dr. Shiva is the only surviving 2020 election challenge

Election Fraud Analysis..

Dr. Shiva's MA election fraud lawsuits still surviving dismissal. Watch the inventor of email lay out the case for his Massachusetts election returns fraud and the court admission by the MA Sec of state that election ballots were destroyed in violation of federal law in this Worldview New Report:

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Long but interesting read-Voter fraud in MI

Subject: long but interesting read

The forensic audit of election Dominion Voting System has proven Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson lied in her public statements and on her office’s official website about the integrity and certification of the state’s 2020 election.

Benson and other officials now face serious allegations of election and voting fraud charges.

Benson has been caught making false statements and faces serious allegations of election fraud.

Note: Please share (and copy if you are a serious investigator, journalist or entity concerned with election fraud) this article in the event it is censored. An actual copy of the forensic audit report appears here in redaction form.

“The allowable error rate established by the Federal Election Guidelines is 1 of 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”