The Only Cult You Never See

  From Michael Yon.

The Only Cult You Never See…New York Times Editor Dead

4-5 minutes

The Only Cult You Never See…New York Times Editor Dead

…is the cult you are in.

29 December 2021
Titusville, Florida
Mind-dump, sans edit

An interesting aspect of cults is that they often do not collapse when their predictions and theories fly into a mountainside and explode. Contrary.

Complete failure often causes cults to grow. After failure, kudzu-cults redouble recruitment. Redouble information quarantine — censorship — and punish those who question the narrative. In the case of militant Islam, this can mean beheading, or worse. In the case of cult-of-communism, this can mean massive, intentional famine, killing millions.

People who have studied and understand the art and science of cult formation can create cults from scratch. The cult-makers may be believers — and so are part of the cake they make — or the cult leadership may be cake-makers. Non-believer(s) who do not eat the cake they create. Some may be true believers, others something between, and yet others just along for the ride for whatever reason, such as making the best of the life raft they are on.

The vax-cult of the Death Jab is apparent to those of us not in it. Rabid cult members, the Maskers and Vaxxers, attacking nonbelievers, openly calling for camps, and even genocide. They are as gone and dangerous as any Nazi, Communist, Progressive, or suicide jihadist.

If the cult of Death Jab attains critical mass, they will go critical and will commence with genocide if they can reach that mass. It’s only a matter or critical mass.

From both orbital and weeds view, Fauci and his Pharma Masters and others appear to be Cake Makers. Not true believers. What are their true intentions and beliefs, if any? I am no mind reader and so can only guess these revolve around money and power.

There likely is a large blend of belief and intention. Some will dismiss outright the idea of global depopulation, but there do appear to be at least a sizable subset of de-populaters. They don’t hide it. Others likely are in it just for the simple blend of power-money, or remaking borders, or other goals.

True believers, the suckers born every minute, likely believe they are saving the world not just from ‘the virus’ but the virus of people they openly fear and hate. Much of this fear and hate having been created by the same people, or the same types of people, such as their Saint Fauci, who created the Death Jabs and the Vax and Mask Cult who worship “The Booster.”

Biden, Trump, Fauci — millions more — have joined the cult energy. Are they True believers? Biden is too gone to believe much. My guess on Trump and Fauci is they are just Wizards of Oz. Not true believers in anything but themselves. I believe Trump would turn against Second Amendment if it would assure his throne. He showed such indications while he held the throne.

I am a True Believer in the United States and being a winner. This government no longer represents true Americans. There being a massive and obvious difference between US Citizens, and Americans.

This New York Times Editor appears to have been one of the suckers, and also a sucker-maker. Both Victim and Victimizer. He held an influential position in the Machine, but on the scale of things, he will be little more than a useful idiot who took the jab and died.

Study cults. Study cults like your life depends on it. Communism is a cult.

And for those running around like fools wearing masks outside on sunny days, or while driving alone down the road, holding up your child-sacrifices on Twitter have jabbed their babies, they are dangerous cult suckers. Anyone who will jab their own babies will feed the ovens. And believe what they did was right.

If this editor could be awakened from the grave, if he was a True Believer, not only would he do it again, but possibly double the dosage.