Kansas Recounting Abortion Vote Amid Fear of Irregularities in Voting Data

by Mathew Holloway

After the defeat of a proposed constitutional amendment in Kansas that would have affirmed that there is no “constitutional right to abortion,” conservatives have launched the first recount of a state ballot measure in 30 years.

The Associated Press reported that the amendment failed by 18 percentage points, or approximately 165,000 votes.

The organizer of the recount, Melissa Leavitt, has reportedly put up the $220,000 bond required by Kansas law to cover the costs of the hand recount, citing data irregularities she says she saw in the days following the election.

The recount must now be completed by Wednesday, according to KSNW-TV in Wichita.

The “Value Them Both” amendment would “affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion, and would reserve to the people of Kansas, through their elected state legislators, the right to pass laws to regulate abortion.”

A fundraiser is underway to defray the cost of the recount. As of Saturday, the campaign had raised $4,425.

In the description of the fundraiser, Leavitt wrote, “I am an advocate for election integrity and feel that the State of Kansas should have a full hand recount State-wide for the VALUE THEM BOTH abortion [amendment].”

“I have seen data in the week following our election in Kansas that there were irregularities the night of August 2. The New York Times even reported … that 42 times in Kansas during our election, voting numbers declined. No candidate or issue should ever lose votes. They should only gain in votes,” Leavitt explained.  [Kansas uses the ES&S machine. My vote was rejected twice because I missed filling in a little bubble next to the amendment, not the same oval dimensions as the rest of the ballot choices. This suggests the ballot may have been queued to alert the machine to control the number of 'for' votes by an unseen algorithm operating in the black box voting system which may explain the reported decline in votes noted by the NYT. - ED]

She continued, “Vote flipping discovered in Cherokee County found this week called my spirit to seek truth where it has been dismantled in our election process.” “I have no idea if 165,000 votes can be swung in a state, but I don’t think it’s impossible,” she said in a TikTok video posted Saturday, according to the Kansas Reflector.

“I’m just gonna say the next 48 hours is gonna have a lot to do with God moving in people’s lives,” Leavitt said.

She concluded the video, “I’m praying. I’m praying that we get it.”

The Western Journal was able to reach Leavitt, but she was unavailable to comment for this article.

Source: https://www.westernjournal.com/kansas-recounting-abortion-vote-amid-fear-irregularities-voting-data/