Revolver reminds us that Ed Snowden Warned of CIA 'mind control' News Pieces back During Reagan's Time

by Allen Williams

A Prime example of the pernicious nature of the deep state One-Worlder persecution.


While everyone is engaged by the Uniparty’s staged political conflicts the state house organ is psychologically conditioning Americans. Remember Edward Showden? He;s the former Booz-Alen contractor who blew the whistle on Govt spying on ordinary Americans. He had to flee to Russia to avoid being jailed for revealing NSA Prism software for spying on individuals illegally. He wound up in Russia as a last resort to escape Govt pursuit as Fed agents went so far as to capture an Ecuadorian diplomatic plane (also a violation of law) to trap him.  Well this isn’t the first time Snowden warned Patriots about Govt’s illegal over reach. He exposed the CIA’s collusion with the News media back in the 80′s.

Watch: Ed Snowden shares 1980s video of CIA agent admitting to using US media to control Americans…

FBI was too busy kidnapping the Michigan Governor to keep tabs on black nationalist NYC subway shooter who was on their radar” says Arizona senate candidate

by Adam Wilson

Yesterday, at least 29 people were injured in a mass shooting on a New York subway.  The shooter threw down smoke bombs and then began opening fire on commuters at roughly 8:30AM Tuesday morning.  A manhunt began for the shooter yesterday.

Last night, police identified a person of interest in the shooting who has complained about the city’s poor mental health services and who has espoused far-left views on social media.  His social media posts include anti-white rants that discuss the inevitably of a race war, posts glorifying violence, and anti-semitic viewpoints.

The person of interest was identified as 62-year-old Frank James. The FBI has already confirmed that it was monitoring James after his inflammatory social media posts.  [This is a laugh.. FBI 'monitoring' is only concerned with whether or not the surveiled are acting according to the narrative they are pushing. - ED]

In a number of recent shootings, the FBI has admitted that they were monitoring the suspect before the attack happened, leading many to question why they didn’t take action to prevent the attack before it happened.

Today, Arizona Senatorial candidate Blake Masters pointed out the FBI’s misdirected priorities.  While the FBI was busy creating terrorist plots of out thin air, they missed an actual mass shooting that has already left dozens injured, he said.
After two suspects were acquitted in an alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, a Daily Mail report revealed that the FBI played an instrumental role in escalating what was initially just ‘stoned crazy talk’ in to a full blown plan to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

The FBI agreed to purchase materials such as bombs with other conspirators writing an undercover FBI agent ‘IOU’s’ to purchase materials.