Gaining speed in End Times as Biological Contamination found in Pharmaceuticals: Oh No !

by Allen Williams

Biological Contamination of Pharmaceuticals: Oh No !

Well here we go. This is no surprise. If you’ve been following any of  the articles on you wold have seen the reports on Pfizer and Moderna ( why would you do this unless the objective was to kill as many people as possible, i.e. depopulate.) The difference is now these two companies can blame others to spread out the liability.

  • Biological contamination of pharmaceutical products and hospital-acquired infections are not uncommon but they rarely get the massive attention they deserve
  • Pharmaceutical giants regularly recall their products due to contamination — and that is just when they get “caught”
  • In 2012, a multistate outbreak of fungal meningitis was linked to contaminated steroid injections; a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts was blamed
  • In 2021, David Stonebrook filed a lawsuit, alleging unsanitary conditions at the facilities where they packaged components used in the production of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines
  • Under the “new normal, due to apathy and overall decline, the real-life sanitary standards are getting worse”

I think by now most readers can see the effects of globalist control or the ‘Committee of 300′ protocol with all participants working in concert to bring about their ‘one world government’. Depopulation, is of course, at the top of the list.  Remember America, Canada and Mexico are ONE Horn as described in Daniel 2

There are a lot of reasons for this scenario: education, apathy, and money because it costs more to maintain sanitary conditions but there is only one root cause and that is our Creator is not pleased with the actions of HIS people, Abraham’s seed. I’m not just talking about the Jews here as Abraham had twelve sons independent of his concubines.  Jacob’s seed (through Rachel and Leah) inherited Abraham’s blessing which includes: America, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. All of which are now being punished for their disobedience to the God that created them as well as reclaiming HIS blessing as spelled out in Leviticus 26. And that includes as the Bible says ‘pestilence’. So you may expect conditions to get progressively worse leading up to the great tribulation. Nothing will stop this (including Trump) except we repent nationally and that means that abortion, sodomy, bestiality and a host of other offenses must cease. 

When a number of hospitals in America were rated by Consumer Reports based on the number of infections they reported, it was found that large teaching hospitals in big cities rated worse than smaller ones. Here is a curious fact. This now-deleted article, published by MSN in 2021 and titled, “Killer fungus spread rampantly at US hospital Covid ward,” discussed Candida auris infections in patients in a Florida COVID ward:

No surprise here. Concentrate on large population aggregates to effect your agenda. So don’t be surprised when America goes down the tubes except for a remnant that God said He will let  remain.