Biden is Calling Up Military Reserves…Are Your Kids Next?

Profile image[Ron Paul puts the Ukraine War in to perspective noting that 'truth' is always the first casualty of war. Get prepared to see this demented administration re-institute the draft. The globalists are hot for the profits of war.:War is the ultimate depopulation method and these people care nothing for humanity as you will soon learn:.]

As a rule, U.S. war reporting since Vietnam has been mostly mainstream media cheer leading the mission rather than digging beyond government war propaganda.   After all, it was images of American boys coming home in body bags shown on the six o’clock news across America that finally galvanized mainstream opposition to that war.

The Pentagon learned its lesson by the first Gulf War, and it severely restricted up-close media coverage. Only “trusted” journalists were able to report from the front lines. Most of the press corps wrote up stories based on U.S. military press releases from luxury hotels in Baghdad. 

By the time of Gulf War II the Pentagon came up with the concept of “embedding” select journalists with the troops. This allowed the story to be framed by the Pentagon with the false impression that actual journalism was taking place.

It felt authentic, because the journalist was with the troops and close to the action, but the story presented what the Pentagon wanted to be presented.  This is perhaps a long way of pointing out that U.S. mainstream media coverage of the war in Ukraine leaves a lot to be desired.

Yes, sometimes the truth does slip out in publications like the New York Times, which reported last week that in just the first weeks of Ukraine’s “counter-offensive” at least 20 percent of the weaponry and equipment donated by the U.S. and NATO has been destroyed. 

However, usually what the mainstream media serves up are Pentagon and neocon talking points. Russia is losing, they report. Russia has already lost, as Biden said recently.

Most Americans don’t go out of their way to listen to actual experts like Col. Doug Macgregor, who from the beginning has been telling a very different story. Thus Americans continue to be fed propaganda.