KCC Represents a Global consortium of Profiteering Utilities (Update)

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by Allen Williams

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Evergy's rate increases invite some interesting questions. I thought it expedient to publish some of my comments since the public wont get any meaningful information from the press. Evergy Executives are Raking in Millions of Dollars, While the People are Struggling to Keep the Lights On

How is it that Evergy is seeking a $218 million rate rate increase while paying 524 million in 'Dividends' ?

Evergy Pays $534 Million in Dividends While Requesting a $218 Million Rate Increase ! 

So rate payers can expect to pay more for the Sierra club's carbon neutrality programs and Evergy's failure to increase it's green energy investments. This is to the company's credit but perhaps you can explain just what green energy program will permit the rapid deployment of power on the grid? In the meantime the rate payers can pay DIVIDENDS TO STOCKHOLDERS !  The Evergy CEO was compensated over $6.8 MILLION in 2022, Board of Director salaries averaged over $333,000, and stockholders received over $534 MILLION in total dividends paid?

How will the commitment to electric cars be met by new Wind Turbines (wind speed below 33 mph) and solar power which produces nothing at night? This will simply be exacerbated once charging stations begin to proliferate through out the state. The lunacy continues as Evergy buys additional wind power from Oklahoma: "Over the next 10 years, Evergy plans to add more than 3,500 MW of renewable energy and retire more than 1,900 MW of coal-based fossil generation. Evergy has set a goal of 70% carbon reduction by 2030 (relative to 2005 levels) and a target to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045."

As you decrease fossil fuel base loading you enter the risky alternative energy possibilities of brownouts and just energy unavailability.

Equally concerning to residents should be the funding of political campaigns. Lobbying & Campaign Contributions – Should a State-Regulated Monopoly be Allowed to Financially Influence State Campaigns? Funding these campaigns ensures certain company economic objectives are met.  I submit this is moe akin to profiteering than ensuring fair and equitable rates.

But the biggest concern of Kansans by far is how a three member regulatory board can manage meaningful rates for the state?  Rate Increase Wars:The KCC – Can a 3-Member Utility Commission Honestly Represent 3 Million Kansans?

The article states its case well: "The Board would need to have many more participants in order to lessen the possibility of lobbyists, special interests, and bad actors somehow being powerful enough to tip the scales. Local planning and zoning boards typically have 7-11 members for this very reason. Even the National committees with NARUC, which two of these commissioners serve on, have over 30 members on each committee. "

The KCC, as currently under staffed, is not able to regulate the state' s obligations other than in a perfunctory manner which will lead to higher consumer rates and increasing failures of the power grid and  a lower standard of living

Biden Hides Classified Douments in his University desk while the Media whips up a Cover Piece..

by Patriots' Staff

WOW, the (Emperor) Biden does whatever he wants including breaking national security laws.. Ho Hum. The hypocrisy is breathtaking ! But not to worry CNN, a dying news service, has already got it’s defensive piece out. There were hardly any (just 12) classified documents compared to the 160 for Trump. Never mind that the Mar-a-Lago raid was illegal and unethical because there are different rules of law for conservatives.  Everyone should note that only the President has the authority to declassify DOCUMENTS.  Biden was Vice president at the time these documents were found in his University desk and Biden HAS NO AUTHORITY AS VP to declassify anything.

20230110-Biden-Trump-Documents found

Remember Sandy Burger? Refresh your memory https://www.cato.org/article/national-security-state-shields-one-its-own-miscreants-again#. Burger Clinton’s National Security Advisor lifted documents from the national archives

Among the items from Joe Biden’s time as vice president discovered in a private office last fall are 10 classified documents including US intelligence memos and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom, according to a source familiar with the matter. Attorney General Merrick Garland has received a preliminary report on the documents inquiry, a law enforcement source said, and now faces the critical decision on how to proceed, including whether to open a full-blown criminal investigation.

Remember Sandy Burger? Refresh your memory here-> https://www.cato.org/article/national-security-state-shields-one-its-own-miscreants-again#. Burger was Clinton’s National Security Advisor who lifted documents from the national archives.  He supposedly paid a $10,000 fine with no jail time.

The shocking double standard with respect to violations of federal law committed by members of the national security bureaucracy compared to similar offenses by whistleblowers is on display once again.

So don’t fret yourself on anything being done to Biden in the present two tier justice system. Biden may get impeached for other issues like the Border, etc. But not enough politicians have the guts to do what is right in Congrss today. They don’t have a “9″ approval rating for nothing.

I Was Right About The Pfizer CEO!

by Emerald Robinson

Were media outlets paid to publish false "fact checks" in order to smear journalists investigating the deadly COVID vaccines?

Telling the absolute truth is a dangerous business these days — which explains why so few journalists do it anymore. And, as we should all know by now, lies don’t get you banned on Twitter — only the truth gets you “permanently suspended.”

Exhibit A: My tweet about the CEO of Pfizer not being fully vaccinated and having to cancel a trip to Israel over it.

A veritable firestorm erupted on social media — as various frauds and fakes surfaced from the Washington swamp to “fact-check” my tweet. Twitter added a “context warning” to the original tweet. An emergency life-raft for neo-cons and NeverTrumpers called The Dispatch printed a full page rebuttal — which is a giant red flag that certain people were probably taking money from Big Pharma to push the COVID vaccines.

According to Stephen Hayes, I am “a frequent purveyor of bad information” which is practically the highest compliment one can receive in American journalism — when you consider the source.

A year later, Jordan Schachtel bothered to read the Pfizer CEO’s new biography and found, of course, that my tweet was accurate.

It was the “fact check” that was false.

He pointed interested readers to a key passage in a recent Wall Street Journal review of the Pfizer CEO’s new book as well.

Was Pfizer’s PR department making false statements?

Why did The Dispatch try to smear me?

Did The Dispatch receive any funding from Big Pharma or its affiliates? Or from the federal government’s HHS to push the COVID vaccines?

My attorneys will be asking them such questions very soon.