the blood is on their hands

This is a product of the Biden administration, the blood is on their hands.

            A real live view of today and what to expect in a very new future.

                 This is what you won’t see on any main stream media.

                             An exclusive interview with Michael Yon: War Correspondent

“The only jungle I have seen more dangerous is Sundarbans. About 10 percent are dying as they come through. We cannot fully audit this because nobody knows how many enter or how many come out. We can only infer after months of interviews. Ten percent is directionally accurate. Chuck Holton and some others will say about 1 in 7 die. I tend to think that is more accurate but am always trying to be conservative.”

This is horrific. We just took Congressmen Tom Tiffany out there. We will take others.

All or the vast majority of the children dying appear to be from Haiti and Africa.

Many come out orphans. Parents die on the trail and others bring the children out. Children dying daily. This is not like US southern border. This is hell.

Come down. NPR. Fox. CNN. New York Times. AOC. Pelosi. Manchin. Harris. Come down.