Luceriferase and HELA cell lines are in Moderna vaccines including toxin Graphene Oxide with intent to kill the subject.

By Karen Kingston (from an interview with Brannon House-Lindell

Brannon House interviewed Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, who revealed that Moderna's formulation contains the HELA cell line which is derived from a 1953 cervical cancer cell line. Why would anyone do this type of thing unless the true purpose was to reduce the population? Luceriferase modified RnA + vaccine is an experimental delivery system means for trans humanism operations which potentially preps your body for future biological enhancements WHAT is LUCERIFERASE? No accident this name was chosen.

A FORMER Pfizer employee has confirmed the scandal revealed on Stew Peters’ online TV show that mRNA vaccines are contaminated with nano-particles of the poisonous-to-humans metal Graphene oxide, as stated by Dr Jane Ruby on the show early in July. The so-called International Fact Checking Network, funded by mainstream media and globalist foundations, went into overdrive after Dr Ruby’s claims on Peters’ show back in July. Kingston then came on to back up what Dr Ruby claimed, but as a Pfizer insider and whistle blower she was able to more intimately detail the processes involved in the development of the vaccine. These are bio-weapons!

Stew Peters With Karen Kingston – Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID ‘Kill Shot’

Kingston revealed Cardiac conditions such as myocarditus and elimination of your platelets and other issues such as encephalitis, Covid 19 adverse reactions known as Covid breakthroughs, encompasses many unreported vaccines complications to the American public.

Bill & Melinda Gates, who has a EUGENICS background (population control) heavily involved in vaccine to the Americans with a particular interest in gene extinction technology.

"What's in the vaccines has been proven to accelerate the formation of cancer cells and if you have cancer it's going to accelerate the cancer growth in your body in a couple of different ways," Kingston said. Note the strong appearance of the HELA cell Line in the Chart.  "One is the patent contains the HeLa stem cell line, an immortal stem cell line from a woman from the 1950s who died from cervical cancer. Unlike the normal stem cells, this is from the most aggressive cancer.

"It accelerates cancerous cell growth. It's very deadly."

How to get Americans to comply and kill themselves by buying into the vaccine lies. They used behavioral insights in partnership with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD], including Harvard Business at the helm of it, to know how to psychologically, mentally and emotionally manipulate Americans to do something that had no benefit to them, and then to cover it up."