Rev 13 Becoming Reality as EU Parliament votes Vaccine Passport, watch for 'VAX to Vote' as Condition in US.

by Allen Williams

The Telegraph has an explosive story that places the Covid-19 Wuhan virus squarely in the hands of the Communist Chinese.

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"COVID-19 is an "unrestricted bio-weapon" that slipped from a Wuhan facility. This claim was according to a Chinese virologist who fled to the United States after claiming that China covered up the coronavirus epidemic.

Dr. Li Meng-Yan, a whistleblower, claims that a trove of Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails backs up her assertions. In an interview with Newsmax, the Chinese whistleblower said she had emailed Dr. Anthony Fauci about her theory and "discovery."

Dr. Li published research on her claims and discoveries on COVID-19's origins in the Wuhan bio lab last year. A Chinese virologist was one of the researchers who looked at it. Science Times reported that her studies were shut down and removed. It forced her to flee for her safety. Dr. Yan has been barred from social media since then for "misinformation."  -

Despite Boris Johnson's assurances that Britain would have no vaccine passport, it has now become a reality. "Wow" — that's what one MP exclaimed when the vote on vaccine passports was declared." A new era of warfare is exploding on the scene to set up the biblical scenario described in the bible using the concept of biological weapons where people will accept loss of freedom for supposed safety from engineered harm.

"There should now be no doubt that China has had an active and extensive biological warfare program of which COVID-19 was one of its “biotechnological weapons”

You can see a World government coming from Daniel 2, Daniel 7 and the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 and Revelation 13 which predicts a one world global government in which bread alone will cost a day's wages.

Expect that a unique program of only 'the vaccinated may vote' to soon emerge in the United States, perhaps as early as 2022, as the puppet BIden Administration will need to 'guarantee' the next election from the exposed 2020 machine and other fraud. Of course, this would never be considered as voter disenfranchisement'. 

What more effective means under a never ending virus threat could ensure a globalist victory?