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                                                             UPS GOES FULL WOKE

                                                 UPS announces it will assist government in

                                          unconstitutional confiscation, destroying of gun parts




tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1850871 2022-07-04T10:08:00Z 2022-07-04T15:08:14Z The Globalist News Cartel – Understanding M.O.R.O.N.

by PatriotsStaff

It's become common practice today for the media to claim something contrary to what everyone else witnesses. For example, the media calls the protests against pregnancy centers “Leftists Firebomb Pregnancy Centers and Burn Churches to the Ground, Media Calls Them “ Mostly Peaceful”. Then there’s Liz Cheney, chair of the infamous J6 ‘sideshow’ and her latest witness who claims Trump grabbed the steering wheel of the Presidential Limo and when the agent blocked his hand he assaulted him was proven false in less than two hours. J6 is a freak show to allow the media a platform to report accusations that would prevent Trump from ever running again. The media mission is not to report the news but to create the necessary narratives that condition the public mind to accept a globalist agenda. You are probably thinking, what’s there to understand about M.O.R O. N?

 M.O.R.O.N. stands for Media Originated Reports Outside Normalcy, reduced to its acronym. It’s origin resides in the CIA and a ‘conspiracy theorist’ mind control program used to marginalize opposing truth narratives as we have witnessed in the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings when Christine Blacey Ford accused him of attempted rape. But here’s the more likely scenario: “Natural News) (h/t to The Gateway Pundit for the initial lead). In another stunning bombshell about the hoax accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, we’ve now learned and confirmed that Christine Blasey Ford co-authored a science paper that involves her carrying out mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of a mind control program that cites methods to “create artificial situations.”  

The above quote appears on Metabunk.org and the reader should keep in mind that this site exists to validate Blasey Ford because there are no challenging questions from any of its readers; all are busy attacking Mike Adam’s statements.  Amazing that no one questions Ford’s veracity.  But women are perfect for this kind of political operation because they are viewed as low threat, very emotional in testimony, so it must be true and immediately garner credibility.  But remember Anita Hill tried a similar sexual strategy against Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas when he was nominated to the high court that didn’t work. The hope is that repeating the same lie often enough causes people to believe it.. doesn’t always work especially when there is something more plausible available.

Be suspicious of websites that constantly claim’ objections are’ bunk’ or ’conspiracy theory’.  The sudden appearance of serious charges involving potential criminal activity when someone is up for confirmation is more than coincidence. It’s planned validation of the accusation. Public universities pioneered this concept by setting up their student justice programs based on emotion and mere accusation without DUE Process, i.e. the right to confront one’s accusers. Indoctrination has been public education’s goal for decades.

We are already under siege today in America by various federal agencies because of an illegitimate president and his ‘weaponization’ of these agencies that began in Obama’s term resulting in a present day two tier justice system.

Remember the news media has a long standing relationship with the CIA beginning in the era of Allen Dulles and reflected by the CIAs media assets.  Fake news and disinformation perform a valuable ‘damage’ control operation for agency objectives: “The Washington Post has already joined the disinformation campaign with their latest narrative that Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say.. ”Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of websites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers.

Nonsense. Remember, in 'MORON' you must obfuscate normal understanding by redefining word definitions as necessary, in order to prevent the reader from thinking or reasoning anything logical out of what was written. It's why the definition of 'freedom' has been redefined as 'freedom from want, responsibility and God, not individual liberty.'

The Washington Post laid the groundwork for the public perception that Russia interfered in our elections to give Trump the win and detract from the fact that it was stolen domestically by people who have global aspirations. Thus a basis was established for ignoring evidence of election fraud because the ‘thought’ has been created that Trump wasn’t legitimate in his 2016 win. BUT.. UNcoverDC reports:Approximately 406,972 of the over 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County were “of a predetermined origin” because of the use of algorithms. 38 percent of the mail-in ballots for Biden were found to be of a predetermined nature. 33 percent of the Trump ballots on Election Day were predetermined. After removing the fraudulently cast ballots, Trump got 59% of the votes. To find that “true vote,” Pulitzer removed the ballots contributing to the predetermined outcome. Biden only got 41 percent with the removal of the predetermined ballots.”

So now you can appreciate the beauty and relative ease with which a machine algorithm can manage an election.  How many votes would you like to win by? And it provides some insight as to why the courts would order a seal on a Dominion voting machine deficiency report. The report by J. Alex Halderman was filed under seal in July in federal court in Atlanta as part of a long-running lawsuit challenging Georgia’s voting machines. Halderman spent 12 weeks examining the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Georgia and more than a dozen other states and identified “multiple severe security flaws” that would allow attackers to install malicious software, he wrote in a sworn declaration filed in the case.”

O.K., now find a tin hat to wear so you can get on the same frequency as the News Media. Ready?

The Media claim that the 2020 election fraud is baseless is mind control misinformation as reality is continuously recreated: “While Trump has most notably spent the last 18 months denying his 2020 election defeat, despite clear evidence he lost, he’s not the only one. During this election cycle, candidates across the country have refused to concede – even in races that are not remotely close… While Trump has most notably spent the last 18 months denying his 2020 election defeat, despite clear evidence he lost, he’s not the only one. During this election cycle, candidates across the country have refused to concede – even in races that are not remotely close.”

Maybe Trump’s failure to concede is driven by analytical investigations demonstrating real fraud as presented in depth on Frankspeech.com. The media claim that deficiencies found by Halderman have not been taken advantage of is classic MORON.  The definition of fraud has been changed to “as determined in a court of law so it doesn’t exist unless a court finds it. Colorado’s recent election data still doesn’t support the media’s assertions: “NPR reports:” This week, a Colorado county clerk indicted on charges including election tampering finished last in the GOP Secretary of State race, refused to acknowledge her loss and accused officials of cheating…“We didn’t lose. We just found more fraud,” Mesa County clerk Tina Peters told supporters at an Election Night party.”

The clear evidence claimed by the media doesn’t involve machine fraud where phantom voters and machine algorithms massage and switch numbers to alter an election. This isn’t our first rodeo involving Dominion; View the extensive Dominion fraud obtained from Plaintiff Matt Deperno in his Antrim County election lawsuit.  Never mind Dominion won’t allow anyone to look inside their’ black box, Tina Peters has already done it for this voting machine and why Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold was determined not to let her be elected. Look at the 2000 mule documentary tracking election mules stuffing drop ballot boxes through out the swing states at https://www.bitchute.com/video/oUxVva4yWsuu/ and decide for yourself.

Apparently some states understand the message about the dangers of electronic voting machines and are dumping them for paper ballots: New Missouri law bans use of electronic voting machines  What’s that old saying. ‘If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT”S a DUCK ! ‘

The courts have already confirmed that the 'compelling interest' of the state trumps constitutional rights and selecting candidates is better than allowing the people to elect their representatives.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1849487 2022-07-01T05:53:00Z 2022-07-01T10:52:36Z Supreme Court Delivers Massive Blow To Biden’s Climate Agenda

by Josh Hypes

The US Supreme Court Issues Opinions

  • The Supreme Court dealt a critical blow to the Biden administration’s wide-ranging climate goals Thursday, limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. 
  • “Congress did not grant EPA in Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act the authority to devise emissions caps based on the generation shifting approach the Agency took in the Clean Power Plan,” Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion.
  • The case was centered around a 2015 Obama-era EPA climate rule known as the Clean Air Act, which sought to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 32% by 2030.
The Supreme Court delivered a massive blow to the Biden administration’s climate change plan Thursday, severely limiting the power of federal agencies.

The Court, in a 6-3 decision on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), limited the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases from power plants, significantly curtailing the power of the federal agency. The decision restricts the agency to regulating individual power plants and not the entire power sector. (RELATED: Jen Psaki Says US Needs To Move Away From Crude Oil Altogether Amid Ukraine Crisis)

“Congress did not grant EPA in Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act the authority to devise emissions caps based on the generation shifting approach the Agency took in the Clean Power Plan,” Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion.

The case stems from an Obama-era EPA climate rule and addresses the scope of Congress’s ability to delegate legislative authority to executive agencies.

In August 2015, the EPA adopted the Clean Power Plan that sought to cut carbon emissions by 32% from power plants by 2030.

However, in early 2016, the Supreme Court blocked the plan’s implementation in a 5-4 vote. Plaintiffs successfully argued that the EPA had exceeded its congressional mandate under the 1970 Clean Air Act, which broadly authorizes the agency to issue the “best system of emission reduction.”

The Trump administration repealed the Clean Power Plan and created the Affordable Clean Energy Rule, which included looser restrictions and allowed states to regulate their standards.

“Unlike the Clean Power Plan, ACE adheres to the Clean Air Act and gives states the regulatory certainty they need to continue to reduce emissions and provide a dependable, diverse supply of electricity that all Americans can afford,” former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement at the time.

Hillsdale College Associate Professor of Politics Joseph Postell said the case has to do with the EPA’s authority to regulate major sources of air pollution that are stationary, like smokestacks.

“Does the statute allow the Obama administration to force the state of West Virginia to put more clean power into its energy grid as a means of reducing carbon emissions or does the Clean Air Act force the states to implement technology controls at the actual existing plants?” Postell said.

Postell said the new Trump rules regulated only the existing sources of air pollution rather than requiring new energy generation from sources like wind and solar.

“The Trump administration basically advanced version of what is now known as the major questions doctrine,” Postell said. “When there is a question of major importance or a major question. It has to be resolved by Congress and cannot be kicked over to the agency.”

In 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia vacated everything the day before Biden’s inauguration, according to SCOTUSblog. While the Biden Administration could reinstate the Clean Power Plan, it has instead chosen to draft alternate power plant emissions rules.

The Biden administration was awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling before releasing its plan, The Washington Post reported.

Following the repeal, West Virginia led a coalition of 20 other Republican states and coal companies to file an appeal asking the Supreme Court to challenge the appeals court decision.

The plaintiffs argued that the appeals court wrongly grants “an agency unbridled power—functionally ‘no limits’—to decide whether and how to decarbonize almost any sector of the economy.” They asked the Supreme Court to preemptively intervene before the EPA issues additional emissions reduction plans or rules using this authority.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1849014 2022-06-30T10:43:00Z 2022-06-30T17:17:08Z Naomi Wolf: We are at the final stage before tyrannical leaders ‘crush democracy’
by Joseph Mercola

According to Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to the Clinton administration, there are 10 steps every tyrannical government has followed. We are now at step 10, and once it locks into place, there will be no going back. Find out how you can help keep that from happening.

Featured Image
Naomi Wolf on Steve Bannon's 'War Room'

Story at-a-glance

  • There are 10 steps that leaders who want to crush a democracy will always take. We are now in Step 10, and traitors are dissolving the boundaries and sovereignty of the United States. The same is also taking place in other nations
  • The COVID pandemic was used to strip us of our liberties and to conceptually terraform America into being ready to accept a CCP-style World Economic Forum-guided post-humane and post-constitutional world
  • We are at war, and the federal government, institutions and agencies of various kinds, and the media, have all been weaponized against the public
  • Hopelessness leads to inaction, and without action, we’re guaranteed to lose everything. The one thing the technocrats’ technology cannot compete with is the analog world — analog devices and in-person relationships — so that’s where our greatest strength lies
  • General guidance on how to prepare for near-future events, and what is needed for survival and success in the long term are addressed

(Mercola) – Repeat guest Naomi Wolf is the author of “The End of America,” published in 2007, and “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human,” which was released at the end of May 2022. In our previous interview, we discussed how “The End of America” dovetailed with current pandemic events. (You can download the first and last chapters for free on the publisher’s website, chelseagreen.com)

Here, we review what lies ahead if we don’t challenge and stand firm against the global control agenda. It’s really important to realize that the progression toward tyranny and loss of freedom is neither new nor accidental — and really has nothing to do with COVID or biosecurity per se.

These are just convenient justifications for the unjustifiable. No, this is a comprehensive plan for a global takeover that’s been in the works for many decades. What we’re seeing now is just the final implementation.

“I wrote ‘The End of America’ when I saw that issues around terrorism and the terror threat post-9/11 were being used in such a way as to hype fear and strip us of our civil liberties,” Wolf says. “There are 10 steps to fascism that leaders who want to crush a democracy will always take. They’re the same 10 steps whether the leaders are on the left or on the right. It really doesn’t matter.”

So, I looked at history at different times and places in which a robust democracy was crushed. You start with invoking a terrifying threat. It can be a real threat, but it’s hyped. You go on to surveil citizens. You create militia groups unaccountable to the rule of law.

You create a Gulag. You start to demonize whistleblowers and critics. You start to call dissent, treason or espionage or subversion. And then you get to Step 10, which is martial law, declaring emergency law. Well, here we are at Step 10.”

The race toward a post-humane world

In the summer of 2020, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared residents could not have more than six people in their homes. As noted by Wolf, this is a massive and very clear violation of the First and Fourth Amendments — the right to privacy and the right to assembly.

That was the moment when Wolf knew for sure that the lockdowns had nothing to do with a public health emergency. That’s when she knew we were right smack dab in the middle of Step 10.

“We were seeing a wholesale race to exploit what was messaged as a global pandemic in such a way as to strip us of our remaining liberties and to terraform America, conceptually, into being ready to accept a CCP-style World Economic Forum-guided post-humane and post-constitutional world,” she says.

And that’s only escalated. So, [in ‘The Bodies of Others’] I walk the reader through the money flow. I show how bad actors ranging from the World Economic Forum, to the Chinese Communist Party, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and of course, to big tech companies, massaged pandemic policy in various ways to suit their ends.

I show how millions are flowing to big tech companies especially, as a result of completely medically unnecessary pandemic policies. And finally, I explain — speaking as a tech CEO, which I am now — that what the tech companies are driven by is that human beings in human space, having human conversations with human smiles and touch, are a competition that they cannot compete with.

So, a lot of the policies that were rolled out, as related to a public health emergency, really serve to kill off that human advantage and transfer assets to big tech companies.

Yes, we are at war

Part of Step 10 is the proposed World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty, which would give the WHO unbridled privilege to declare an emergency and then have total authority to dictate the global response, even if that response contradicts the constitutional rights of a member state. And, while it may not strike most people as an act of war, it is in fact part of the global war effort against the public, the citizens of the world.

Watch and Listen to Naomi's conversations on global tyranny.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1848290 2022-06-28T23:50:16Z 2022-06-29T00:04:10Z Ukraine Leadership

    This is the guy we are sending billions of our tax dollars to.

 FREEDOM GAY FETISH DANCE - with President Zelensky

This is a satirical dance video with the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

 It was created before he became the President of Ukraine.

Before he became a World wide HERO for the free world.



tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1848032 2022-06-28T09:29:00Z 2022-06-28T14:31:33Z The Global War on Economy and Free Thought

by the Patriots

We incessantly hear how desirable it is to have a global economy. But why? Well, the answer is simple.  So a select few companies can control everything you buy. Henry Kissinger has said: Whoever controls the food supply controls the People and this will be implemented to the fullest in the Great Reset. Hungry people are easier to control but in order to realize it some societal re-education is required.

Public education exists not to prepare its students to compete for good jobs but to condition them to be tools of the state, to hate freedom, democracy, truth and to conform and obey.  Parents have no right to question the state education system concerning their children.  Parents who choose not to conform will have their children removed as in CPS Seizes 7-Year-Old After Parents Dispute ADHD Diagnosis.

Education leaders teach students sedition and violence as in ANTIFA GOONS PANIC After Masked Professor Who Bludgeoned Trump Supporter with Bike Lock Is IDENTIFIED & EXPOSED Education is intended for its charges to become part of the system and nothing more because Truth and Free speech are only practiced by homophobes, racists and bigots.  This educational philosophy isn’t left to the successes or failures of the free market; it’s being forced by lobbyists, treaties and backroom deals. But by whom, you might ask? 

The billionaires of the new world order will determine when you must be vaccinated, what your personal health plan will contain and what you will be allowed to purchase.

Education’s psychological conditioning will indoctrinate in all aspects of the new order including approved ecological products as in the EPA’s Energy Star program; “ The ENERGY STAR mandate served as a Pay To Play toll-booth for all government contracting and services for decades…Built entirely on myth, fraudulent scientific research and bogus technical reports promoted by the media, this secretive program has been mired in scandal and controversy since day one…EPA’s ENERGY STAR brand is mandated for use in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the European Union, but not in communist China where the bulk of ENERGY STAR products are produced.”

It’s not hard to see How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement.  This club is better known as the Committee of 300, a consortium of financial elites involving the Club of Rome, Bilderburg, the CFR, media  and others who benefit by using government to mandate authorization and manufacture of products. The ‘official energy brand’ is one such item required for electronic manufacturers with the exception of the Chinese who make them.  It’s a great con. Use the threat of climate change to de-industrialize North America, manufacture your product in countries with slave labor, then force the people from whom you took the jobs to buy your merchandize. Electronic voting machines will insure that only the globalist hierarchy may be ‘elected’. There will be NO manufacturing allowed in the United States.

Drugs and sex trafficking are big business and necessary to subjugate and manage a population. Exposes of abuses are managed: “.. news anchors begin the story by explaining that the station had to go to court just to get permission to air their investigative report, because the State of Kentucky attempted to censor their report from the public.” 

The CIA managing the Drug trade is a good example of how the global war on the economy operates.  If you whistle blow on the CIA, expose the money cartel corruption or are in a position to derail their agenda, expect to be murdered as was Dorothy Kilgallen, Gary Webb, Seth Rich, Senator Nancy Schaefer, Terrance Yeakey. Phil Haney and others.

Globalism promotes tyranny that destroys democracy, laws, individuality, gender and free thought.  Its adherents seize new powers by acting as all three branches of government to impose its will as in Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms.

Remember only 6 corporations control 90% of America's news outlets, so don’t think they’re going to reveal anything meaningful or that you’ll get justice in their writings.  Reality is manufactured to manipulate thoughts and emotions. The CIA and media exchange personnel to build the false narratives that drive the world. The media’s job is to control what you have access to, think or speak as in “MEDIA: Our Job is control Exactly What people Think”

Now you know the true role that media and its allies play in mind shaping. The CIA and news media work in consort to discredit and destroy populist political opponents with fake news labeling objectors as ‘conspiracy theorists ‘and lies disguised as news. The big business of globalism manipulates and demeans people, facts, countries and resources for profit for the chosen. “The CIA, which neither anticipated the collapse of the Soviet Union or the “terrorist attack” of 9/11 all-too-often gets things wrong. Its operations around the world have gone far beyond the scope of its charter. The agency exists to protect the secrets of the global money masters and their quest for one world government which of course places them in charge’. Doubt that?  Then ask yourself what reason is there for the CIA building tunnels for ISIS to hide in?  Might it be that we need global threats like climate change and terror to convince the general populace that there is a need for global government to combat them? The CIA doesn’t exist to protect America from foreign threats; it exists to protect the elite and their money cartel from the public and those who threaten their monopolies.  

Historically world governance ultimately descends to a fascist dictatorship where there are no rights for anyone except the state.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1847609 2022-06-27T09:17:00Z 2022-06-27T14:19:55Z Project Veritas Exposes Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Who Wanted “Secret Sleepers” to Run as Republicans

J.D. Rucker

Think about the worst thing a U.S. Senate candidate could say on a recorded conversation with a prison inmate. Whatever you thought of, the things Krystle Matthews said were worse and Project Veritas delivered the audio just two days before her runoff to represent Democrats as their U.S. Senate candidate in South Carolina.

“We need some secret sleepers,” she said. “Like you need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. And we need them to win. We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. This is the only way you’re gonna change the dynamics in South Carolina.”


BREAKING — New Project Veritas video shows Democrat candidate trying to recruit “sleepers” from prison inmates. In the clip she claims she’s “a n*gger at heart” but that she knows “when to turn it off and turn it on”. What the hell…
Read the full conversation on Twitter and Lissen to the audio here: https://thelibertydaily.com/project-veritas-exposes-democrat-u-s-senate-candidate-who-wanted-secret-sleepers-to-run-as-republicans/

The Gateway Pundit reported more of what she said:

“And I still gotta struggle to raise money for my campaign?” she said. “Where the f*ck is my black people with money? I don’t care about no dope money! Give me that dope boy money!” she said. “Where the duffel bag boys?”

Matthews complained about black people in South Carolina: “Honestly, these ain’t the same type of black people that I grew up around. I don’t recognize these black people.”

She continued, “Listen, I can’ move in all kind of circles buy I’m a n***** at heart…. I’m very much a n***** in a lot of ways, but I know how to turn it off and turn it on.”


Yikes indeed.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1846931 2022-06-25T21:28:39Z 2022-06-25T21:28:39Z 'It's Genocide'

‘Death Protocols’

Todd Callender, an international lawyer with Disabled Rights Advocates and legal counsel to Truth for Health Foundation, previously told The Epoch Times that the “death protocols” being enacted in hospitals are passed down hierarchically from the World Health Organization to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health, using the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act and Health and Human Services authorization to release funding for the declared pandemic that sets the protocols in motion.


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1846342 2022-06-24T10:21:00Z 2022-06-29T06:35:38Z BREAKING! Texas & Arizona Decertify 2020 Election! The First Dominos Have Fallen! From 2000 Mules in 2020 to 2500 Sheriffs in 2022!

by Christian Patriot News

The Report:


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845861 2022-06-24T08:00:00Z 2022-06-24T13:17:35Z Outside conservative groups bring fight over 'critical race theory' to Johnson County school board races

by  Roxie Hammill

Three candidates running for school board in the Blue Valley School District have appeared together on door hangers and campaign signs In a letter to some voters the candidates  Kaety Bowers Jim McMullen and Christine White  have said theyre running together as conservative Republicans for the normally nonpartisan school board seats

Three candidates running for school board in the Blue Valley School District have appeared together on door hangers and campaign signs. In a letter to some voters, the candidates — Kaety Bowers, Jim McMullen and Christine White — have said they're running together as "conservative Republicans" for the normally nonpartisan school board seats.

In Blue Valley and other districts, school board races that previously were tame affairs are increasingly lit up by hot-button national issues, including schools’ efforts at addressing race and diversity. 

Party politics, usually under the radar in local non-partisan elections, is coming out into the open this year as school board candidates in Johnson County make their final push for votes in the Nov. 2 election.

  • A flyer in circulation promotes the candidacy of Christine White for Blue Valley school board even though she announced last month that she is withdrawing from the race. The flyer blames “cancel culture bullies” for forcing White to withdraw, calls her opponent Gina Knapp a “radical leftist” and says voters should still select White so that a “like-minded” person can be appointed in her stead.
  • Door hangers in circulation in Blue Valley advertise White and two other candidates, Kaety Bowers and Jim McMullen, as a “slate” aimed at ensuring representation on the school board by conservative Republicans.
  • national political action committee opposed to “critical race theory” curriculum in schools recently endorsed ten candidates in the Kansas City suburbs, including the same three Blue Valley candidates, along with three in Olathe and one in the Shawnee Mission district, Brian Neilson.
  • A recent fundraiser for Neilson was recently promoted by the Johnson County GOP. The invitation for the Oct. 3 event was sent out by the party with the RSVP asked to be sent to party officials. Neilson said he didn’t coordinate with the party on planning the fundraiser but welcomed its support.

The 1776 Project PAC

The campaign against “critical race theory” has driven heated school board contests around the U.S.

Critical race theory is an academic study that examines how racism is interwoven into society. It is usually taught at college level, and the Kansas state school board says it is not taught in public schools. But so-called “critical race theory” has become a talking point among right wing politicians and media hosts and has been welcomed as a campaign issue among certain Republicans.

[Critical Race Theory is INDOCTRINATION in Markism, it has nothing to do with right wing anything. People are tired of the globalists attempt at conditioning their children for a totalitarian society. It's why they concentrate exclusively on kids because they lack the mental development and experience to recognise baloney and why the public education system must be destroyed as it cannot be reformed. Home Schooling is the only viable means of eliminating the indoctrination. - ED]

One political action group, in particular, is making it their central plank in supporting candidates for school board across the country this year.

The 1776 Project PAC, based in Shirley, N.Y., was formed in April with opposition to “critical race theory” at its heart.

According to Federal Election Commission reports, the group had raised $437,800 in the last quarter ending in September and spent roughly $297,000 for things like marketing, postage and delivery.

Two of the group’s individual donors listed on the FEC filings are from Kansas — outside of Johnson County, from Auburn and Chanute — and gave the group a combined $1,525.

On its website, the 1776 Project PAC says it is “committed to abolishing critical race theory” and sets itself up in opposition to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, a Pulitzer Prize-winning series of articles that aimed to “reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

[Oh bullshit!. You NEVER hear of the left complaining when they take money from out of state sources to defeat some conserative candidate  The 1619 project is a phony founding of America rewriting history to suit an anti-American narrative. The founding of America ideals begins with Governor William Bradford of the Massachusetts Bay coloniy where many of our bill ot rights originated, such as no Cruels and Unusual punishment and the right to be confronted by your accusers, etc. Public education's curriculum is antithetical to freedom. The mere fact that the 'supposed' prize winning articles appeared in the New York Times, a long time leftist journal should give anyone who has a mind a clue to its motives.]

The 1776 Project PAC’s involvement in local school board races got heated pushback from Stand Up Blue Valley, a public education advocacy group, which wrote on its Facebook page last month, “Despite what this New York-based PAC wants you to believe, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is NOT being taught in Blue Valley Schools.”

“NO East-Coast PAC should have ANY say in our kids’ education and we know our members will agree,” Stand Up Blue Valley’s message continued. “So it’s our job to Get Out The Vote and send a clear message to outside special interests eyeing our School Board races: 'You are not welcome here and the Blue Valley School Board is NOT for sale.'”

[This is nothing but the free flow of ideas in the global marketplace where the best ideologies win unless they are artificially suppressed by yellow journalism and other media activists. - ED]

Endorsements and impact

The 1776 Project PAC has endorsed the three Blue Valley candidates plus Brian Neilson, who is running against Heather Ousley for a spot on the Shawnee Mission school board.

However, no contributions from the PAC were listed on any school board candidates’ Sept. 2 finance reports. The candidates endorsed in Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission said they have so far not seen any contributions from the PAC.

Candidates varied on how much of an effect the endorsement is having on their races.

Ousley said people who bring it up are usually more accusatory than inquiring. The incumbent school board member and current board president said the district has worked hard to be more welcoming and inclusive in its policies.

Neilson, her opponent, said he would have to investigate the details of the PAC.

“I don’t know what they are all about. They endorsed me without talking to me,” he told the Post. “I’ve been told campaigners and PACs should stay as far away as possible and I’m taking that advice.”

McMullen in Blue Valley said he doesn’t get asked often about what party he’s from, but acknowledges Republicans would generally agree more with his views.

“I’m a pretty outspoken conservative but the thing is you try to win over everybody. I even try to win over die-hard liberals,” he said.

People do ask about the district’s curriculum regarding issues of race and diversity, and McMullen said he takes a more nuanced approach in looking at board policies that might fall under that description.

Andrew Van Der Laan, another candidate in Blue Valley not endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC, said he hasn’t heard many questions about partisanship from voters but noticed a lot from groups and social media.

Bowers, his opponent, didn’t respond to a request for comment on the PAC but did say in an earlier interview that “honesty and integrity are important at all levels.”

Running as a ‘slate’

Meanwhile, the three Blue Valley school board candidates endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC are also doing something unusual: running together, though one of them has announced she is dropping out of the race.

Christine White, a Johnson County pediatrician who had advocated for the easing of local COVID-19 restrictions and mask rules in schools, was one of three candidates, along with Bowers and McMullen, who have appeared together on door hangers in the district.

In an explanatory letter that accompanied the door hangers sent to some homes, the candidates pitch for voters’ support. The letter explains that the three did not know each other before the campaign, but decided to run as a “slate.”

“We would like to have three of (the seats) filled by us – conservative Republicans,” the letter said. “We will then have a much better chance to make the needed changes in our district.”

The candidates want to make sure students get an education without “unwanted ideologies being forced on them,” the letter continued.

One example they gave was “critical race theory,” which the candidates say they would like removed from being taught either “officially or unofficially.”

The letter also says the district should “get back to basics and teach reading using phonics, not with sight words.” It also says the candidates want to “improve academic excellence” and lower class sizes.

The letter cites the district’s diversity, equity and inclusion as the umbrella under which critical race theory exists. In particular, it mentioned the district’s strategic priorities and professional development.

Like many districts in recent years, Blue Valley has been accelerating its efforts at diversity, equity and inclusion.

[Nonsense. Diversity, equity and inclusion are ALL social justice themes with no place in a good education system. This is why students have such low reading skills, can't write a simple sentence with subject, verb and object or do simple math. - ED}.

A district-wide committee made up of staff, students and community members has recommended a number of things, including the hiring a district diversity leader, establishing a system for reporting and responding to incidents and establishing diversity and inclusion groups at every school.

[How stupid is this! The system for 'reporting incidents' is a euphenisism for the elimination of due process and confronting one's accuser(s) to prove the charges being made. Without that you have nothing but mob rule. Why aren't the fundamentals of the American judicial system and government being taught? - ED]

McMullen said in an email the flyer was created in June or July with three candidates, then redone with just himself and Bowers when White pulled out.

There are three seats up for contention on the Blue Valley school board this November.

Van Der Laan and Bowers are competing for the seat currently held by board vice president Michele Benjamin.

Knapp is running for the seat being vacated by Stacy Obringer-Varhall, with White’s name also appearing on the ballot, though White has said she is not running any longer.

And McMullen is vying with Lindsay Weiss for the seat being vacated by Mike Seitz.

Transparency cracks

In addition, more flyers circulating for White are adding to the races’ politicization.

The origin of the mailers and who is paying for them remain a mystery.

White told the Post recently that she didn’t authorize them, but they’ve made the rounds in doors and mailboxes, along with campaign yard signs bearing White’s name that continue to crop up in the Blue Valley area.

The mailers’ text brings up the heat on the local culture war, with phrases like “cancel culture bullies” and “radical leftist.” But there’s no mention at the bottom as to who paid for it.

[One need only look ro Joe Biden and the rest of his adninistration to see what a joke 'transparency' is. Fliers are a means of getting out ideas in a free market, something the media doesn't do much less agree with. Additionally, the US Supreme court has ruled, 'money is free speech', no matter who wields it. If this were a tax referendum money would be coming from all over the country and there wouldn't be a hint of transparency or who paid for it and the media would be completely silent.. - ED]

That’s legal, say state ethics officials, because most Kansas school board races fall through a transparency crack in state campaign ethics statutes.

Campaigns for city council races in larger cities must claim ownership with names of the chair and responsible organization at the bottom of literature. That’s also true of all the bigger state and county races and even those that call for ballot questions.

The Wichita school district is the only district in the state considered large enough for its school board races to merit reporting requirements, according to state ethics laws.

But even school board campaigns in districts as large as Johnson County’s don’t have that requirement.

Such districts have different filing deadlines for financial disclosures as well. For them, reports on who donated to school board candidates fall a month after the election.

In Johnson County, candidates who did not have a primary opponent did not have to file a September financial report, meaning it will be December before the public learns who their donors were.

Even then, any potential ethics violations would be referred to local law enforcement rather than the state ethics commission.

This story was originally published on the Shawnee Mission Post.

Source:   Outside conservative groups bring fight over 'critical race theory' to Johnson County school board races | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1846182 2022-06-24T04:46:19Z 2022-06-24T14:17:38Z Lara Logan: Interview of the century


 This is the interview of the century, Lara Logan, one of the very few actual journalists left in the world of journalism.  Lara Logan is one of the most fearless women the world of journalism has ever known, this is her story and very likely one of the most intense coverages to date of past and present world events affecting us now and into the future.



tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845695 2022-06-23T04:30:09Z 2022-06-23T04:30:09Z Political attack on the 2nd amendment

Breaking Down the Senate's Gun Control Package

Final Assault on the second amendment and a list of

RINO ‘so called republicans’ that voted to disarm us.



tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845611 2022-06-22T23:25:25Z 2022-06-22T23:25:25Z Aladdin

  It is well known that Blackrock is one of the biggest players on the world stage but nothing like this.

  One can’t help but think of the movie Terminator.

This Robot Already Owns Everything (And it's just getting started) : Blackrock Aladdin


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845601 2022-06-22T22:33:30Z 2022-06-22T22:33:30Z Gary Sinise and the Dragon Lady

    Gary Sinise is very likely only exceeded by Bob Hope in his dedication  to our armed forces. He has done more for troop moral than anyone living today, a true patriot.

  This video is also a salute to all of the truly great people that make our military aviation what it is today.

 Enjoy, a truly interesting trip to say the least.



U2 Spy Plane | The Dragon Lady | Cockpit View At 70,000 Feet | Gary Sinise U2 Record


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845387 2022-06-22T15:15:28Z 2022-06-22T17:50:01Z Global Selection for Stealing Elections with Electronic Voting Machines

by Patriots Staff

We’ve all heard the scuttlebutt for the last year and a half how the 2020 election was stolen but where is the evidence? It’s about time the public learns that there is an active attempt to hide evidence the election was stolen. Look at this: Erroneous Code Present On Tennessee Dominion Election System Software After EAC Certified It !  The best example of machine fraud yet but it is denied that fraud swung the 2020 election. It is just cited as another error. How many times will we swallow that line?

There is further evidence contained in a court ordered forensic analysis of Dominion voting machines in the 2020 Antrim county lawsuit available here:  https://www.depernolaw.com/bailey-june-2021.html. One of the analysis reports listed there indicates that the Dominion machine was connected to both Germany and Taiwan during the election. Dominion has claimed their machines are not connected to the internet but they have to be to report the tabulated results.

How about the US CISA warning:  Dominion voting machines used in 16 states have ‘substantial vulnerabilities. “ An excerpt from the article states: ”The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, or CISA, said there is no evidence the flaws in the Dominion Voting Systems’ equipment have been exploited to alter election results.” Really?  How is it then that there could be contradicting evidence of fraud, not just another random error ?  Look at Georgia where a woman didn’t even receive her own vote. This happened in real time in an election; the only reason it was caught is because the candidate complained.

Update:VoterGA Continues to Cite Dominion Election Problems as Woman Who Wasn't On the Ballot Wins and Dem Primary Candidate Receives Zero Votes in Several Counties

So how does a democratic candidate get ZERO votes in her own county in which she and her husband voted without ACTIVE machine intervention?  Obviously, here is real evidence that an unknown software routine was actively working against her election but failed to provide a minimum vote. This is just a small example of what the Dominion machine really can do. It only took two elections to take down Venezuela using Dominion and globalists only need one more here to do the same. 

It’s about time the public learned that there is a coming global government, referred to as the Great Reset as expounded by Klaus Schwab, founder of the world economic forum. World government is also discussed in the book of Genesis with its first leader, Nimrod.  And you can see the various forms this government will assume in the book of Daniel through various stages of history and how it continues to develop into its final form predicted in Revelations.

Dominion has solved the problem of how to limit who can serve in the coming world government by providing the methodology for eliminating other than key personnel not interested in the world’s people or their problems. Machine tabulation is the perfect means to institute selection rather than election where a combination of machine algorithms select the candidate rather than the electorate.

Some Counties are beginning to get the message and document the fraud as was done in Mesa County, Colorado after Dominion performed a ‘trusted build'. Dominion obliterated all fraudulent evidence in the Tina Peters case in Mesas county, Colorado.  Tina had a forensic image of the Dominion machine taken before and after the dominion trusted build. Changing and eliminating election data along with wiping out system LOGs are a violation of federal law that requires election data to be saved for 22 months and renders any machine in-auditable when ever voting problems are identified.  

There are far too many Dominion election data anomalies found around the country to be mere coincidence. The anomalies support what The Daily Beast reports on computer science Professor Alex Halderman and his study on Dominion findings but his report is currently under court seal. Are we all so gullible as to believe the insipid statements that dominion vulnerabilities have not been taken advantage of? But more importantly how is it that a federal judge muzzles information concerning election vulnerabilities in a free society?

Do we really need an election system managed by Dominion personnel where the machines cannot be inspected and election results are tabulated through remote centers simply accepting their word that no fraud has occured? The French continue to vote with only paper ballots and hand counts as they have for generations. Why can’t we?

Otero County, New Mexico is convinced there was fraud by refusing to certify the 2022 primary election results but were compelled to do so by the state Supreme Court. Nowhere to be found is anyone even willing to acknowledge the possibility fraud may be involved. Instead those with concerns are character attacked with statements like being fired for non-compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures,(unwillingness to wear a mask) or citing Griffin, who was convicted last month of trespassing resulting from his prayerful rallying of rioters at the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 coup attempt. Jan 6th was a staged federal insurrection to take focus off of election integrity and the canvassing of registered voters as a “vigilante” effort that could further undermine public faith in elections. Voter confidence in elections is already undermined and getting worse. It's this attempted character assasination driving it. People in a free society have the right to choose other than electronic voting for any reason. People recognize this as a concerted effort to cover up electronic fraud concerns with no real attempt to addess the concerns.

Apparently Otero County cannot abandon the Dominion voting machine and that alone tells you something is very wrong with the system.. Hopefully, more counties will step up because we can never have another stolen election and preserve our American Republic.

Joe Biden and his nasty kid have given every one a taste of what any global government could be like with electronic voting the way to axhieve it. Why continue to use a system that can be taken advantage of and likely has already especially in critical races?

If electronic voting is NOT abandoned by the states by November of 2022, the American Republic will be finished.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1845136 2022-06-21T23:28:00Z 2022-06-22T17:52:33Z Mesa County report finds ‘illegal manipulation of tabulated vote data’ in 2020 and 2021

by WorldTribune Staff

A new report out of Mesa County, Colorado details illegal electronic “manipulation” of voting data in both the 2020 presidential election and the 2021 off-year election.

The report documents the findings of an examination of tabulated vote databases based on forensic analysis of the drive image of Mesa County’s Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) Election Management System server (EMS).

According to the report, “the findings provide evidence of unauthorized and illegal manipulation of tabulated vote data during the 2020 General Election and 2021 Grand Junction Municipal Election. Because of this evidence, which led to the vote totals for those elections being impossible to verify, the results and integrity of Mesa County’s 2020 General Election and the 2021 Grand Junction Municipal Election are in question.”

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington noted that “25,913 ballots cannot be validated,” for the 2020 election and “unauthorized election databases were created contrary to law.”

Harrington added that the report states that 10 batches of ballots were recorded as being scanned in 47 seconds, “which is physically impossible.”

The “same manipulation was discovered in the 2021 Grand Junction Municipal Election, affecting 8,540 ballots that cannot be validated,” Harrington noted.

Among the report’s findings:

• There was an unauthorized creation of new election databases during early voting in the 2020 General Election on October 21, 2020, followed by the digital reloading of 20,346 ballot records into the new election databases, making the original voter intent recorded from the ballots unknown. In addition, 5,567 ballots in 58 batches did not have their digital records copied to the new database, although the votes from the ballots in those batches were recorded in the Main election database.

• The same unauthorized creation of new election databases occurred during the 2021 Grand Junction Municipal Election on March 30, 2021, followed by the digital reloading of 2,974 ballot records, making the original voter intent recorded on those ballots unknown. In addition, 4,458 ballots in 46 batches did not have their digital records copied to the new database, although the votes from the ballots in those batches were recorded in the Main election database.

• The absence of secure hash algorithm (.sha) files for each digital ballot image makes the authenticity of each digital ballot image, and the ballot-level record for those ballots, impossible to verify.

• The true total vote count in Mesa County, Colorado cannot be accurately calculated for the 2020 General Election or the 2021 Grand Junction Municipal Election from records in the databases of the county’s voting system.

•There is no function or feature on the EMS server that could be executed inadvertently or deliberately by a local election official that
would cause this combination of events to occur, especially within the time frame that these events occurred. Given the complex sequence of data manipulations and deletions necessary to produce the digital evidence described in this report, this combination of events could not have been the result of either deliberate or inadvertent actions by those officials.

• Dominion’s installation of the Trusted Build update on the EMS in May of 2021, as ordered by the Colorado Secretary of State, destroyed all data on the EMS hard drive, including the batch and ballot records that evidenced the creation of new databases and reprocessing of ballot records described in Findings 1 and 2 above. This destruction of all data by the trusted build is described in the “Mesa County, Colorado Voting Systems Forensic Examination and Analysis Report”.

• The fact that such ballot record manipulation has been shown demonstrates a critical security failure with the DVS EMS wherever it is used. The manipulation would not be identifiable to an election official using the voting systems, nor to an observer or judge overseeing the election conduct, much less to citizens with no access to the voting systems; without both cyber and database management system expertise, and unfettered access to database records and computer log files (many of which were destroyed by the actions of the Secretary of State) from the EMS server, the manipulation would be undetectable.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1843989 2022-06-19T10:51:00Z 2022-06-19T15:53:05Z Tucker Carlson Hits Joe Biden on His Use of FBI as “Secret Police” to Bury Details of Showers With His Daughter

J.D. Rucker

Ashley Biden seems to be a broken woman and according to her diary, it’s her father who is to blame. In her diary, she claimed that Joe Biden showed with her in ways that are “probably inappropriate” and contributed to her sexual challenges later in life.

Her diary, which was found under a bed in a halfway house, goes into some details about the alleged abuse she suffered from her father. The person who found that diary is now being investigated by the FBI.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson talked about it on last night’s show:

"Tucker Carlson and Harmeet Dhillon, @pnjaban, suggest Joe Biden used the FBI “as his personal secret police” to go after Project Veritas journalists who were in possession of Ashley Biden’s diary.
To drive the point home, Carlson brought on attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who represents Project Veritas. The investigative news organization has had several past and current employees investigated and even raided for having the diary, though they chose at the time not to report on it since they couldn’t verify its validity. Nevertheless, the FBI is being used as Joe Biden’s “secret police” to cover up wrongdoing."

According to The Daily Mail, this situation has been a nightmare for everyone involved other than the man who was installed in the Oval Office:
  • Aimee Harris is under investigation for selling Ashley Biden’s diary after the president’s daughter left it behind at a Palm Beach ‘halfway house’
  • Previous reports claimed the Bidens reported it stolen in an alleged burglary, but DailyMail.com has learned Harris is not being investigated for theft
  • ‘It’s her selling of the property that could be considered a crime. And the fact Ashley is the president’s daughter kicks it to a different legal level,’ a well-placed source said
  • Harris, 39, moved into a Palm Beach home and found the diary under the mattress shortly after Ashley moved back to Philadelphia in 2020
  • She is said to have later passed the private journal around at a Republican fundraiser before selling it for $40,000 to right wing organization Project Veritas
  • The diary contained shocking and sensitive information, such as details about her chronic drug abuse, sex addiction, and being ‘hyper-sexualized’ in her youth
  • ‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate),’ she wrote in a January 2019 entry
It has been blatantly clear that Joe Biden is a creep. He has been credibly accused of sexual assault. His daughter detailed possible molestation. How did he get 81 million votes when the #MeToo movement was still a thing? Answer: He didn’t.

Here’s the clip with Dhillon from Carlson’s show:

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1842641 2022-06-16T08:25:00Z 2022-06-17T13:08:16Z Secret Documents: How Pfizer Covered Up a Flood of Adverse Events

by Stevan Looney

I am a civil trial and appellate attorney in New Mexico, with experience litigating complex matters. My prior essay for DailyClout.io regarding the Pfizer WarRoom Document Review — for which I volunteer as one of 250 attorneys — argued that the documents clearly show evidence of fraud on the part of Pfizer. The latest tranche of documents, released on April 1, 2022, show an equally dramatic revelation: Pfizer knew by February of 2021, that there were had been ‘a large number of adverse events’ in the three months prior

Pfizer also realized that these adverse events were so abundant — and they expected so many more in the months to come — that they advised the FDA that they would hire 2400 additional staffers to deal with the paperwork and data processing they expected due to the anticipated volume of adverse events!  

I reviewed the April 1, 2022, tranche of Pfizer documents the FDA produced pursuant to a federal court order. A document produced on November 17, 2021, was also produced as “reissued” on April 1, 2022. At first glance they appear identical, but they are not. Importantly, information redacted (deleted) from the document produced in the March 2022 production, was included in the April 1, 2022, production. This information is quite telling and some conclusions can be drawn.

The document produced on November 17, 2021, is titled “5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf” (November 17, 2021 (984 KB)). That same document in the April 1, 2022, production is titled “reissue_5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf”. (April 1, 2022 (958 KB)). The word “reissue” is absent in the November 2021 version. That made me curious, so I did a comparison of the two documents. Here is what one will find on page 6. (The “Bates” number in both documents in the bottom, right-hand corner is “FDA-CBER-2021-5683-0000059.”)

The lengthy paragraph on page 6 of the November 2021 document concerns adverse events reports received by Pfizer as of February 28, 2021. The third sentence of that paragraph in both documents reads: “Due to the large number of spontaneous adverse events reports received for the product [i.e., BNT162b2], the MAH [Marketing Authorization Holder] has prioritized the processing of serious cases, in order to meet expedited regulatory reporting timelines and ensure these reports are available for signal detection and evaluation activity.”

This paragraph ends: “Pfizer has also taken a [sic] multiple actions to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports.” Think about that sentence.

“This includes significant technology enhancements, and process and workflow solutions, as well as increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues. To date, Pfizer has onboarded approximately 600 additional full-time employees (FTEs). More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021 [emphasis added].”

Also on page 6, under the heading “3. RESULTS”, at “3.1.1 General Overview”, Pfizer discloses in the document produced on April 1, 2022, what it redacted from the same document produced in November of 2021. What Pfizer had produced in April 2022 to take the place of the redacted document in November 2021 document was the fact that for the three-month period beginning December 1, 2020, to February 28, 2021, Pfizer shipped “approximately 126,212,580 [emphasis added] doses of [the FDA emergency use authorized] BNT162b2″ worldwide.

The 126,212,580 figure is redacted in the document produced in November 2021 but is included in the “reissue” document of April 1, 2022.

Likewise, the new, full-time 600 and 1,800 employees, amounting to a total of 2,400 full-time employees, hired to deal with all the anticipated adverse events, are included in the document produced on April 1, 2022, but had been redacted from the same document the FDA had produced in November of 2021. Why the foregoing data were redacted, but then disclosed, we do not know, yet. We do know that the redacted information is damning. What did we learn by comparing the two documents?

First, between December 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021, a period of three months, “a large number of spontaneous adverse events reports” were made to Pfizer regarding the administration to humans of the BNT162b2 “vaccine” for which the FDA had provided emergency use authorization (EUA).

Second, by February 28, 2021, (the date of the document) Pfizer knew that by June of 2021 it would hire at least an additional 2,400 full-time employees to process the adverse events reports Pfizer was receiving. (Appendix 1 to these documents is a list of 1,290 adverse events of special interest (AESI) received in connection with the BNT162b2 “product.” Based upon my research to date, I have found no evidence that these AESI were disclosed publicly prior to November of 2021.)

Lastly, and incredibly, despite having this information, on August 23, 2021, the FDA granted continued EUA status for the BNT162b2 “vaccine” and also approved Bio-N-Tech/Pfizer’s product known as COMIRNATY. Notably, according to the FDA, both the EUA BNT162b2 and the “approved” COMIRNATY are identical and interchangeable products. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that COMIRNATY also causes “a large number of spontaneous adverse events,” including the adverse events and AESI listed in Appendix 1 to these documents.

In sum, Pfizer did not only apparently commit fraud, but they also compounded the fraud by hiring 2,400 full-time employees to deal with the flood of adverse events that they expected – and yet they told no one about this publicly.

 I will continue to issue analyses of these historic documents.

Mr. Looney is a civil trial and appellate attorney with 42 years of experience, concentrating on complex matters.  Mr. Looney is licensed in New Mexico and practices in all its courts, as well as the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, the US Tax Court and the US Supreme Court.  Mr. Looney served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman from 1970-1972, assigned to the 82nd Arbrn. Div.

Article Source: https://dailyclout.io/how-pfizer-covered-up-anticipated-adverse-events/ 

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1841968 2022-06-14T15:07:00Z 2022-06-17T11:42:45Z Jan. 6 committee hearing liars EDITED OUT FOOTAGE last night of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland’s death FROM KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY! See LEAKED VIDEO HERE!!

by Cara Castronuova

(Natural News) Treacherous treasonous criminals!! The UNSELECT January 6th Committee disgraced themselves and the nation on Primetime TV last night. They brought British filmmaker Nick Quested onto the stand as one of their key witnesses and presented his footage to the public EDITED in the most manipulated fashion possible to leave out the most compelling content he shot that day- THE BODIES OF UNITED STATES VETERAN ASHLI BABBITT AND ROSANNE BOYLAND!

Do they think Americans are stupid?

A more complete version of Quested’s footage was released by a source to the public this morning. It contains never-before-seen footage of Rosanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt’s bodies.

“The harder the January 6th Committee pushes their phony narrative, the more their deceit will reveal itself,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.

Please share this tweet below far and wide. It contains the footage above plus more:

The @January6thCmte edited @nickquested's footage deliberately to deceive the American public. Footage of protestors trying to save Roseanne Boyland's life and of their scolding the police for murdering Ashli Babbitt was removed because it doesn't support the official narrative.

Replying to
@elonmusk, do not let the Twitter communist take this video down. The American Public deserves to know the truth regarding January 6th!

“The January 6th Committee maliciously and deceptively edited Nick Quested’s footage,” said leading J6 Attorney Joseph McBride. “It was for the specific purpose of casting the events of that day in the worst possible light, which is exactly how the Department of Justice introduces evidence in court.”

The Unselect Committee Hearing promised “never-before-seen footage” to the public by videographer and hearing witness Nick Quested. That footage was carefully edited on last night’s broadcast to make Trump Supporters look unhinged and violent for no reason.

There was an explanation to the group of protesters’ anger during this specific West Capitol Steps sequence featured on last night’s Primetime Propaganda Special that was seen by the Unselect Misinformation Committee (yet they maliciously edited it out with the intent to manipulate the American public to fit their narrative). These outraged protestors had witnessed the beating of Rosanne Boyland by DC Metro Police with a stick and were trying to save her life as police prevented them at first from getting near her unconscious body

“They omitted footage that shows protestors coming to the aid of Rosanne Boyland,” said McBride. “These men fought to save her life, tried to resuscitate her after she lost consciousness, and watched her die. All of this speaks to the state of mind of the people in the crowd.  All of this supports the conclusion that protestors had a right to defend themselves and each other from abject police brutality.  The Committee does not want the public to know about any of this.  And that is exactly why the Committee removed these powerful scenes from their presentation.”

]]> tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1841559 2022-06-14T01:23:39Z 2022-06-14T01:23:40Z 10 TRAITOR Republican Senators Cut Gun Control Deal


                 10 TRAITOR Republican Senators Cut Gun Control Deal





]]> tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1841549 2022-06-14T00:50:42Z 2022-06-14T00:51:14Z Planning for the future, education

  Money well spent, investing in the future of this generation. Proof, our schools need more money for education.


New York Spent More Than $200,000 On Drag Queen Story Hours At Public Schools - Big League Politics 



According to the New York Post, over $200,000 is being spent on drag queen shows in New York public schools. This incredible amount of cash is coming at the expense of taxpayers, often without parental knowledge or consent.

In May of this year, the state gave nonprofit Drag Story Hour NYC $46,000 from city contracts for appearances at public schools, street festivals, and libraries.


“Since January, the group has organized 49 drag programs in 34 public elementary, middle, and high schools, it boasted on its website, with appearances in all five boroughs,” the New York Post reported.

The Drag Story Hour NYC organization’s website claims that all funds go towards continuing to bring free and low-cost “Drag Story Hour” programs to NYC public schools.

The New York Post continued by stating, “since 2018, the group — previously known as Drag Queen Story Hour NYC, before changing its name early this year — has received a total of $207,000 in taxpayer cash.”

“The tally includes $50,000 from New York State through its Council on the Arts, along with $157,000 from the city’s Departments of Education, Cultural Affairs, Youth and Community Development, and even the Department of Transportation, city data shows,” the outlet added.

Drag queen story hours for children have evolved into a mainstream hot button issue over the course of this year’s Pride Month, but it has been a rising trend across the nation since 2017.

Typically, they involve cross-dressed performers reading aloud from a list of books that are said to teach acceptance and inclusion. Far too often these books include many adult themes like gender transitioning and child drag.

Parents are starting to notice how damaging these books can be for children, especially when introduced at such an early age, with uproar ramping up across the nation over the inclusion of these themes in the classroom.

For example, three Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mothers have just filed a lawsuit to stop a first-grade teacher from instructing their kids about transgender transitioning and other gender identity topics.


The mothers claim that the first-grade teacher violated the Constitution, state law, and district policy by teaching gender ideology in the elementary school class by using books such as When Aiden Became a Brother and Introducing Teddy to explain and showcase how boys can transition into girls if they choose. And vise-versa.

The parents argue that the books have been aimed at children as young as six and seven years old. But other examples from other public schools in the country have indicated that these drag queen story hours have involved kids as young as three years old. As many parents have rightfully noted, none of these events have anything to do with the public school curriculum.

Per City Council member Vickie Paladino (R-Queens), “I am considering pulling funding to any school in my district that is implementing Drag Queen Story Hour.”

“We are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking New York taxpayers … to fund a program teaching little children about their gender fluidity? Not. On. My. Watch,” she added.



]]> tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1840921 2022-06-13T08:00:03Z 2022-06-13T12:54:34Z Great Plains Energy plan for business and residential Energy Efficiency programs is: 'You Will Pay For a Carbon Credit Management System'

“Evergy, the largest electric utility in Kansas, needed to make a plan because the Kansas Supreme Court shot down a previous solar rate. Meantime, the utility insists it needs to recover the cost of having electricity on demand for solar-equipped homes that don’t buy many kilowatts.”

Then gas stations should receive a subsidy for gasoline NOT sold. What this statement says is that you DO NOT have freedom to choose LESS consumption. Here is the real reason for the new Evergy efficient plan:“The state’s largest utility wants to charge customers with solar panels about $25 a month, even if their homes pull almost no electricity off the grid.”

Great Plains is utilizing the basic principles of socialism in their offering where a system's users pay for what someone else doesn’t use.  https://eu.cjonline.com/story/news/politics/state/2020/11/01/evergy-wants-to-charge-everyone-to-collect-more-from-solar-users/114603258/  “Graham has had solar panels on his house since about 2015. He said it’s unfair that Evergy would make him pay more money for reducing demand on the company’s system. He also said the constant rate changes make him want to disconnect from the grid entirely.”

This is likely what it will take, people getting off the grid to keep the globalist utility barons from bankrupting everyone. Remember you  WILL HAVE NO SAY once this plan passes the KCC.

“The electric utility, which serves 1.2 million customers in Kansas and Missouri, filed a plan with Kansas regulators last week to invest in a host of energy efficiency programs for business and residential customers. “Evergy’s plan would add to the fees on customers’ bills to offer programs such as weatherization for low-income residents, energy audits to educate customers about their usage, and rebates to encourage customers to invest in more energy-efficient water heaters and air conditioners…Their bills would go up slightly in the coming years....Programs such as financing improvements through residents’ energy bills, offering incentives for local plumbers and hardware stores to stock energy-efficient appliances, and giving out smart thermostats are commonly offered by utility companies. Evergy has a slate of programs for Missouri customers, but its Kansas offerings are far more limited.”

Kansas doesn't have the population base that Missouri has so more creative means of how to distribute costs are required.Really? And Isn't this an individual decison rather than a collective one? How is it my responsibility to pay for someone elses's Non energy usage, choice of appliances to sell or energy use education? These brainless autocrons operating large utility systems have no concept of how the free market functions; they can only devise authoritarian and collective methods of garnering revenue and then coerce politicians and regulators into complying. Slightly increase? Solar panels would be $3.00 per kilowatt installed. If you have 10 kilowatts of solar panels installed that would amount to another $30 per month in fees. What sense does this make?  “Bradley Lutz, Evergy’s director of regulatory affairs, said in testimony filed at the KCC that if the company can’t charge solar customers exclusively, then everyone will have to pay the difference.” This is certainly an innovative approach, penalizing customers who devise mehods of reducing utility demand. Does anyone still believe this is about energy conservation or reducing global warming?

Look at one of Evergy’s typical bills; it’s already full of fees, taxes and incidental charges. Here are a few examples FROM MY own monthly BILL:

Customer charge:              $ 14.25      (what’s this fee for except being continuously connected?)
Energy charge:                  $ 14.48
ECA charge (3-3-2022)                        (Oh Yes, they back charge you for their cost overruns.
KwH  at .02002 per KWh    $  0.24       (energy cost adjustment may involve ‘future fuel costs’)
ECA charge (4-1-2022)
K wH at .02168 PER kwH  $ 3.62
EER charge                       $  .02        (Energy environmental charge, you pay for  programs they must meet.
KwH at .0001 per kWh        
PTS charge                      $ .21          (Property tax surcharge)
kWh at 0.0017per kWh
TDC charge                                       (Transmitting electric to your home charge)
kWh at .0626 per kWh     $ 1.12
franchise Fee                  $ 1.02
County Sales Tax            $  .52     
City sales tax                  $  .39

Before Great Plains, a global power consortium, bought KCPL and created EVERGY, there was just KCPL. Read about their earlier SMART” energy saver plan in my sitejabber report at https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/kcpl.com#1 and find out how Missouri Public Service has accepted KCPL’s smart device spy plan and not only is an extension of the original five year plan, but will also roll in new features.And Don’t think government will be idle: “Smart” thermostats in Texas being remotely controlled by government to limit energy usage.  And this is the end of free choice, "...But, I only agreed to a four hour shutoff." No you agreed to let them have COMPLETE control of your home temperature and you will swelter so they can improve their unit profitability.

Utility energy programs are designed to keep one constantly upgrading his or her home and is part of the UN’s sustainable development program. This plan will simply increase existing charges plus add new ones. Notice that this plan has no opt out feature and you will pay more until you comply. Your bill helps provide remuneration for utility investors. Expect the bill to also include anticipated carbon footprint costs, a backdoor for implementing the failed EPA carbon credits program. After all, you really don’t own your home, you have government and other special interests defining what your home environment may be and what you can have and do.

A smart thermostat is the kind enabling the utility to control your AC or heating system, not a good idea under the best of circumstances. And rest assured this will involve reducing your carbon footprint as defined by the utility.  “KCPL is already committed to reducing its footprint. Evergy is already on a path to reduce its carbon footprint. he company plans to retire all coal operations at the Lawrence Energy Center by the end of 2023 and expects to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045.”

Once you eliminate fossil fuels, costs will go sky high. Keep in mind that if Evergy were truly offering choices they wouldn’t be going to the KCC for approval. Zero emissions means there must be added (low yield) green energy programs to supplement retired fossil plants. And remember weather is an important factor, wind turbines were inoperable in the cold that decended on Texas. The fact is we don’t have an environmental crisis, climate change is an absolute hoax; it’s just an elaborate plan to implement economic control with a social credit system all for the benefit of global investors. None of their dooms day predictions were accurate. Climate Experts are Zero out of 41 doomsday global warming predictions !

The utility programs are designed to keep one constantly adjusting his or her home upwards and are part of the UN’s sustainable development program.  This plan will simply increase charges plus add new ones.  Your bill will essentially become a penalty (along with inflation) until you comply.  Expect the bill to reflect your anticipated carbon credits, a backdoor for implementing the failed EPA carbon credits program.  After all, you really don’t own your home, you have other interests regulating your environment and what you may have and do.

This is a social credit plan like what the Chinese communist party used for forcing consumers to comply with their lopsided  agenda. Either upgrade your system or pay penalties in the form of higher rates until you meet their standards.

Evergy is supposedly in business to sell power at affordable prices, not micromanaging consumers to support their global environmental policies and implement carbon controls.


(1)  https://kansasreflector.com/2021/12/20/evergy-proposes-energy-efficiency-programs-designed-to-save-customers-42m/

(2) https://eu.cjonline.com/story/news/politics/state/2020/11/01/evergy-wants-to-charge-everyone-to-collect-more-from-solar-users/114603258/

]]> tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1840655 2022-06-12T21:08:00Z 2022-06-13T04:52:54Z BREAKING HUGE: New Mexico County Votes to Remove Dominion Voting Systems, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes, and Other Election Machines!

This is progress. Real progress. One only has to look to France — paper ballots only, no mail in voting (and mass fraud), no manipulable voting machines and they get the results in a couple of hours America takes ….. weeks and months. Scam.

Breaking Huge:

Otero County New Mexico Votes to Remove Dominion Voting Systems, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes, and Other Election Machines!

By Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, June 9, 2022:

The Otero County Commission had a long day of discussions and reports today and then they landed upon the issues with the 2020 Election.  They voted to eliminate voting machines in the county.

After a day of discussions, the Otero Commission voted on the three following items.

The commission voted to pass all three of the above motions.

These commissioners were fearless. The more flack they got the more they knew they were over the target. They wanted every legal vote to count.

Here is the full day’s presentation – this discussion occurred at the end of the day.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1840084 2022-06-09T08:22:00Z 2022-06-10T17:26:02Z Update:VoterGA Continues to Cite Dominion Election Problems as Woman Who Wasn't On the Ballot Wins and Dem Primary Candidate Receives Zero Votes in Several Counties

by Staff

Here is an interesting election twist, Linda Arnold who wasn't on the Fulton County, GA Fistrict 7 School Board Primary Ballot Garners the most votes as reported by Garland Favorito of VoterGA on FrankSpeech.com. But readers should note that there continues to be no evidence of election fraud according to GA election Officials.

Frank Speech down battot results

In futher News coming out of Georgia. More bad news for Dominion.. the machine allowing candidates to be selected NOT elected. A local county commssioner race in DeKlab County, where one of the candidates received zero votes in several counties, led to complaints for a recount of election results where it was discovered the Dominion Machine counts were thousands of votes LESS than the actual count ! 

Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger subsequently admitted to a programming error in the Dominion software leading to this discrepancy.

Dominion finally exposed. Join our Frank Speech reporter as we talk about the biggest bombshells coming out of the election fraud investigation. The evidence is definitive and clear, especially in the wake of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) admitting to serious and several vulnerabilities with Dominion Machines. 

How does DeKlab County's hand recount connect to all of this? Tune in to find out!  https://cdn.frankspeech.com/DOMINIONISBUSTEDGeorgiaHandCou/mp4/DOMINIONISBUSTEDGeorgiaHandCou_audio.mp3


The good news in the recently completed General Assembly session is that we were successful at stopping Brad Raffensperger’s attempt to lift the ban on private money and eliminate non-partisan poll watching. The bad news is that Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan blocked the SB89 election integrity bill just before it became law.

Primary Dominion
tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1839880 2022-06-08T13:52:16Z 2022-06-08T13:58:21Z Clinton Body Count: Suicide of Clinton advisor starts to look fishy…

by  Ben Ashford and Daniel Bates For Dailymail.com

EXCLUSIVE: Family of Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast at a ranch 30 miles from his home

  • Top Clinton advisor Mark Middleton died by suicide at the age of 59 on May 7, the Perry County Sheriff's Office in Arkansas confirmed 
  • Middleton was President Bill Clinton's special advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House seven of the at least 17 times the pedophile visited
  • The married father-of-two, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, shot himself at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, 30 miles away from his home
  • DailyMail.com can now reveal Middleton's father Larry and his widow Rhea are fighting to keep photos and 'other illustrative content' of his death sealed 
  • The two filed for an injunction arguing that blocking the release of the footage would halt a proliferation of 'unsubstantiated conspiracy theories'
  • The lawsuit claims the family 'has been harassed by outlandish, hurtful, unsupported and offensive online articles' regarding Middleton and his death  
  • Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery said Middleton was discovered hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to his chest
  • After the petition was filed, Montgomery denied DailyMail.com's FOIA request for any of his paperwork on the case

The family of a top advisor to Bill Clinton who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House multiple times during his presidency is pulling out all the stops to keep details of his mysterious death becoming public.

They have petitioned a judge to prevent pictures of Mark Middleton's death scene being released under the Freedom of Information Act.

And now the local Arkansas sheriff is interpreting that to mean he can't talk or release any details of Middleton's May 7 suicide.

'The investigation is still open. I can't say anything more,' Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery told DailyMail.com. 

Middleton, who served as special assistant to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, died at the age of 59, his family announced last month. 

His death adds to the number of close associates of the former president and first lady who have died unexpectedly, many in small plane crashes. The phenomenon has led to a conspiracy theory called Clinton Body Count which even has its own Wikipedia page.

Middleton's family did not disclose the cause of death at the time but authorities later confirmed the former White House official took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot at an urban farm in Perryville, Arkansas.

In a lawsuit filed on May 23, the family admits Middleton committed suicide, and says they have 'a privacy interest' in preventing any 'photographs, videos, sketches (or) other illustrative content' from the death scene being released.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1839657 2022-06-07T09:17:00Z 2022-06-10T17:28:10Z J6 Fedsurrection, An FBI Sponsored Insurrection That Never Was – Arrests, Ashli Babbitt Murder & FBI Persecution [VIDEO]

Some truth before Pelosi's Committee lies...

By Alex Sheppard

Watch Alex Sheppard’s exclusive interview with Dr. Alan Keyes to discuss his experience in the Capitol building on January 6th, being present during the Ashli Babbitt murder, and the persecution he experienced as a result of protesting the Stolen Election.

Dr. Alan Keyes is a Harvard and Cornell graduate who worked as an ambassador for the Reagan administration. He is a former presidential candidate and Senate candidate who ran against Barack Obama in the state of Illinois, famously filing the lawsuit that brought his birth certificate into question. Now he runs an excellent show on brighteon.tv, which is where this interview officially aired.

Alex Sheppard is a young entrepreneur and now journalist from Ohio who became politically involved in 2020 when he became outspoken against lockdowns, mask mandates, and other unconstitutional measures that were being implemented. He saw and shared massive amounts of viral evidence of Election Fraud from November 3rd, 2020, and the following months, being banned from social media platforms countless times in the process.

MORE NEWS: War On The Traditional Family,

On January 6th, 2020, Alex went to peacefully protest in Washington, D.C. Because of his patriotism and because he walked into a trap, the FBI arrested him, raided his home with guns drawn, seized thousands of dollars of his property, and charged him with five misdemeanors and one felony. He is currently still fighting those charges.

This interview was originally aired on 12/17/2021 on “Let’s Talk America,” but it is being uploaded to Rumble and Red Voice Media for the first time now to combat the lies that will be told in Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming January 6th Committee hearing.

More including the film interview

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1839162 2022-06-06T09:08:00Z 2022-06-06T14:08:08Z Uvalde Mom Who Broke into School Speaks Out

by Citizen Free Press

The mom that ran in and saved her kids after being handcuffed in Uvalde finally spoke out.


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1838531 2022-06-05T02:07:00Z 2022-06-05T22:28:27Z 666 the anti-christ DeJesus cult.. Our end time age of deceit

by Staff

Jack Van Impe clears up some biblical distortion on who the anti-Christ really is. Biblical prophesy strongly suggests that the Ant-Christ will appear in our time because 'the tree long dead has bloomed again' (which refers to Israel's rebirth in 1948 as a nation some 1900+ years after God removed them from their land. 

The mark of the beast will appear in the end times when the long prophesied global government comes into existence.

REV 13:1: "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. " ; [This is the now developing European Union. - ED]

 Rev 13:4 "And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? "

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Rev 13:17  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Rev 13:18  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. [666]

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1837842 2022-06-03T15:27:09Z 2022-06-03T15:27:09Z Why we need gun control

   This is the best argument for gun control I’ve ever heard.

  We really do need to ban all guns, what could go wrong



tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1837896 2022-06-03T12:25:00Z 2022-06-03T22:37:34Z Biden Admin Threatens to Take Away Lunch Money for Kids if Schools Don't Allow Boys in Girls' Restrooms

by CBN News

Adobe stock image

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has now officially embraced President Joe Biden's transgender agenda and is taking steps to ensure schools comply. If schools don't adopt transgender bathroom policies, the Biden administration reportedly plans to withhold food funds intended for needy children. [This is nothing but Government extortion ! - ED]

Earlier this month, the department's Food and Nutrition Service announced it will interpret the prohibition on discrimination based on sex found in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and in the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

The department said its action is in line with President Biden's Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation and is consistent with the Supreme Court's decision in Bostock v. Clayton County which prohibits discrimination along those lines.

The Federalist reports what all that legal jargon means is that K-12 schools will have to allow transgender boys into girls' bathrooms, showers, and sleeping quarters to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks. 

A U.S. Department of Education spokesman told the news outlet there will be press releases from several agencies within the Biden administration announcing this policy, followed by formal rulemaking in June.

"It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate," John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said in a phone interview with The Federalist. "Because if a school feels like they cannot participate because it's in conflict with their mission or values if a religious exemption is not granted, you're taking away a program that's feeding low-income kids."

The National School Lunch Program on average, provided low-cost or free lunches to 29.6 million children each school day in nearly 100,000 public and nonprofit private schools (grades PK-12) and residential child care institutions in 2019 at a total cost of $14.2 billion, according to the USDA. The following year, 76.9 percent of all NSLP meals were served free or at a reduced price. 

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Greg Baylor told The Federalist that religious institutions, however, qualify for a waiver exempting them from these requirements. According to the 1972 Title IX law, he said, religious institutions don't have to file any paperwork to be exempt, although they can if they wish.

But government schools will not be exempted. 

Trans Bathroom Policies Can Put Girls at Risk

As CBN News reported, outrage over a student, who was charged with bathroom-related sexual assault at two different school campuses, prompted parents to speak out against Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) making questionable accommodations for transgender students.

A teenage girl was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Stonebridge High School back in May of 2021 after a boy wearing a skirt entered the girls' bathroom.

The transgender teen was later found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to remain on supervised probation in a locked juvenile treatment facility until his 18th birthday.