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by Patriots Staff

This should wake up everyone as to just how ‘in your face’ the 2022 election steal was. The fact that anyone could be threatened and told by the AZ secretary of State that if they vote ‘No’ they will face ‘felony’ charges is beyond belief. Here it is: “Katie Hobbs, a convicted racist, sued Cochise County for failing to certify the fraudulent results”. It was revealed yesterday by a Yavapai County Supervisor that Arizona county officials were threatened with Class 6 felony charges if they refused to certify the fraudulent election.”  is something expected in China North Korea or another banana republic. If this election stands America is finished.

Arizona Counties Threatened with Class 6 Felony Charges if They Won’t Certify the Rigged Election (VIDEO)

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1909732 2022-11-28T09:13:00Z 2022-11-28T15:13:58Z Surprise ! Links Emerge Between Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs and FTX

by Patriots Staff

On full display now is the link between ‘wokeness’, a euphemism for the anti-American party, as if anyone needs to be reminded. If the AZ election with its long lines and voting machine failures wasn’t an attempt to sabotage voters, what could ever qualify?   It’s all on the line in Arizona, if the courts fail to hear the evidence of eye-witness accounts of the voting location machines not working, running out of ballots, people turned away etc and all the extra evidence that Kari Lake has, it’s over.

You are already living under a well entrenched  dictatorship which will only intensify in the coming years. 2024 will mean nothing to anyone but the ‘Dominion selected’; others NEED NOT run.

Links Emerge Between Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs and FTX
tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1909021 2022-11-26T17:55:00Z 2022-11-26T23:40:10Z Electric cars are not emission free !..

Electric Vehicle Emissions..

Electric cars are nor emission free. Not only are owners on the hook for emissions of equipment used etc in the manufacture of batteries etc, but each time an electric car motor runs, it emits Ozone.
   Part 1

  Part 2

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1908367 2022-11-25T07:49:00Z 2022-11-27T02:48:11Z Exclusive: Mike Lindell to Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair !

by Patriots Staff

This is encouraging but Mike said he would make the final decision after the ‘Thanks-a-Thon’. But There is no body better qualified to head the RNC, certainly a dramatic improvement over Haley Barbour and Michael Steele.  If Lindell is half as dedicated to running the RNC as MyPillow, it should be very successful. He already is a big improvement over the current RNC hack Ronna McDaniel.

Best Wishes Mike!!


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1907657 2022-11-24T07:00:05Z 2022-11-24T16:05:56Z Maricopa County Roving Attorney Observations Report Nov 8, 2022

by Mark Sonnenklar

Ten to eighteen RNC attorneys were involved in monitoring the Arizona 2022 election. Below is an exact copy of this report. It has been posted on 'SCRIBE D'.  A very important report by roving RNC attorneys covering AZ voting locations in the recent election demonstrating systemic corruption. The link I've included allows you to download a copy for yourself. You are fee to circulate is as you see fit; the more the better.  The news media certainly isn't going to reveal that these voting machines are a clever way to select candidates that the elites want and that translates to NO populist candidates at anytime.

The full report is also available on the Daily Caller site: https://dailycaller.com/2022/11/21/maricopa-maricopa-tabulator-ballot-memo/ and may be down loaded. The executive summary of the 22 page report has documented unprecedented anomalies.which identify the system corruption in every segment of the process.

[Each day there is growing evidence that the 'Uniparty', consisting of both Dems and RNC people, are involved in a deep deception maintaining that machine based elections are fair. These people resist every effort to reform or correct the situation because they need the corruption to elect only those they prefer; the people's wishes no longer matter. We are rapidly moving towards a machine controlled society that Orwell warned of in his book 1984. The fact that these people use every means (legal or otherwise) by preventing the evidence from being presented in open court, denying the machines receive physical inspection (to perpetuate black box voting) reveals the true intent is fraud. The media runs an endless propaganda campaign claiming any objection to electronic voting is 'conspiracy theory' to create the false notion that nothing is amiss - ED]

Page 2

The machines need to go, paper only voting. One more fraudulent election will finish America. Revealing the 2021 election fraud is our last chance to save it. If you're too busy to resist the fraud note well that you will have no country and NO freedom.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1907933 2022-11-24T06:05:58Z 2022-11-24T06:07:16Z Mass Murder

These men will go down in history as the most corrupt mass murders in the history of mankind. With the help of our own government and the Chinese Communist Party they have succeeded in the extermination of millions of innocent people all over the globe and will be responsible for many generations to come, all in the name of population control, greed and power.



tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1907604 2022-11-23T08:19:00Z 2022-11-23T14:19:19Z The Days of Noah

by Jan Markel

Genesis 6:5 "Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

As we look around, it sure seems that the hearts and thoughts of many are evil continually! Are people hoping that America can be great again? The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. History is repeating itself, and very few are paying attention. The churches are silent, and the protests are few, even to protect those innocent who can't speak for themselves.

In the post-mid-term election, we saw ominous bills passed in states like California, Vermont, and Michigan. They truly tell us what time it is.  I think Pastor Jack Hibbs said it the best:

“Perhaps more than anything, the loss of Proposition 1 is a revelation of just how irrelevant the church at-large is in California. This reality is due to the lack of pastors understanding what the calling to the pulpit means. We must not only preach the gospel to the lost, but sadly there’s a profound disconnect at making disciples. Jesus said, 'Let your light so shine before the world,' and we did not. The California Christian community failed to show up to defend the unborn child, but for the few who did—their consciences are clear before the Lord.”

--Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

We know from scripture that God will again destroy the earth, this time by fire. We continue to see the lawlessness and evil thoughts of man increase in intensity.

The mid-term elections showed the heart of America. America does not want God or His principles to rule the land. We are in a very dangerous position, and we should expect to see darkness increase.

Don't be weary, and don't give up! Paul said in Hebrews, "let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."

Don't grow weary, don't give up. Let us stand for righteousness and bring Him glory!

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1907065 2022-11-22T19:55:00Z 2022-11-22T13:55:40Z Kari Lake Calls For Election Do-Over After 70 Voting Machines Failed in Maricopa Count

By Pamela Geller

Aizona elections were conducted like something out of Woody Allen’s banana republic spoof, “Bananas”. But this is real world America and the implications of the Democrat corruption of our elections are catastrophic.

Related: Berlin to Redo Their Fraudulent Elections Following Long Lines, No Ballots, Voter Suppression – Berlin High Court Throws out Results

Arizona’s Election Must Be Redone: Here Are At Least Three Provable Constitutional Violations That Render the Results Uncertifiable

Article two, section twenty one of the Arizona Constitution states, “All elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.” It is a fact that over seventy voting locations in Maricopa County had issues with ballot tabulator machines not being able to read voters ballots.

In addition, there were also reports of printers having configuration issues, and even ink settings being improperly set rendering ballots unreadable. All of these issues, whether purposeful or not violate Article two, Section twenty one’s first sentence which states, “all elections shall be free and equal.” Having over seventy locations, which is roughly thirty percent of all of Maricopa Counties voting centers compromised, not working, or inoperable violates the Arizona Constitution. This election was not “fair or equal” in access to voting rights and these damages were indeed outcome determinative.

What happened on Election Day in Maricopa County was a violation of voters Equal Protection rights, their First Amendment rights, and their voting rights.

Moreover, Maricopa County Election Officials lied to voters when they instructed them to “check out” and “check back in” at another polling location to vote. Nowhere in the Arizona Elections manual does it say this is an option or a solution. In fact, once someone “checks in” whether they voted or not they can’t leave and go to another polling location because it would be considered “double voting” as there is no way to determine if the voter didn’t vote at two different polling locations. For this reason alone, this Election should be annulled and redone.

If this was not bad enough, it has been revealed that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Bill Gates, along with the Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer started a Political Action Committee (PAC) on November seventeenth of 2021 called “The Pro Democracy Republicans of Arizona” which was designed specifically to recruit, train, and run candidates that do not question the validity of the previous election in 2020. This is a huge conflict of interest at the least and shows a clear bias against all candidates that hold an opposing view. Imagine that, those tasked with conducting free and fair non biased elections were overseeing the election of candidates whom they publicly disapproved of and active sought to defeat?

So how do we fix this and get a new election?

When it comes to election cases, most judges shy away from them because they don’t want to be seen as meddlesome or subject themselves to being the person who decides elections. This is why they rarely get involved in these types of cases. Typically judges will refuse to take the case or dismissed it on the grounds that those filing the case do not have “legal standing” to do so. Even when there is ample amounts of evidence of malfeasance or fraud, as was the case in many of the lawsuits filed in 2020, most judges just simply refused to even see the evidence. If these campaigns decide to file lawsuits, which they most certainly should do, they need to get past the “standing” objection that President Trump and his legal team in 2020 had difficulty doing. Hopefully these campaigns have learned the lessons of 2020 but if not here is EXACTLY how to do it.

The key to post election litigation must be argued based on violation of laws, violation of rights, and violation of equal protections under those laws. The way to do this is through signed affidavits from at least 30,000 voters in Maricopa County. The amount of signed affidavits (under penalty of perjury) must exceed the unofficial margin of victory in each race contested. Without these affidavits from the voters who had their rights violated, judges will not be able to see the full impact of what occurred on Election Day. These affidavits must be filled out immediately and must be complete with full descriptions of what voters experienced, coupled with screen shots, images, videos, witnesses, etc. Time is of the essence here and we only get one crack at this so we better make it count. If you are a voter in Maricopa County and you experienced difficulty voting, we NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW. Don’t wait or hesitate because it could be too late. Please go to www.saveaznow.com and file your affidavit today!!!

Please note, all affidavits must also be notarized so that are official and will hold up in a court of law.


Kari Lake calls for a do-over election after 70 voting machines failed in Maricopa Count

BY: American Military News, TPG, November 17, 2022:

Republican candidate Kari Lake is calling for a partial do-over in Arizona’s governor election. It’s the most high-profile dispute yet to emerge in a midterm cycle that handed defeats to Lake and other candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Lake’s race was called in favor of her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs on Monday. Hobbs’ victory was narrow: with 98 percent of votes counted on Thursday, she leads Lake by only 17,200 votes, according to NBC News.

While no formal challenge to the election has been made yet, the Lake campaign has pointed to tabulation machines that malfunctioned on Election Day across Maricopa County – where most of Arizona’s population lives – as evidence that Republican voters were disenfranchised.

“Imagine if the tabulators had worked in primarily red districts!” Lake’s campaign tweeted Wednesday, adding that the election had been “irreparably compromised.” “The appropriate thing to do would be to let Maricopa County cast their votes again.”

The problem stemmed from too-light printer ink and affected 70 of 223 polling places in the county, with no particular bias against Republican-leaning precincts, according to a Washington Post analysis. But the problem took voters’ time and drew suspicion, as they were asked to leave their unreadable ballots so they could be counted elsewhere.

The campaign has continued questioning the election results, retweeting videos that appear to show glitching tabulation machines and comments alleging political interference

Source:  https://gellerreport.com/2022/11/kari-lake-calls-for-election-do-over-after-70-voting-machines-failed-in-maricopa-count.html/?lctg=148053577

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1906690 2022-11-21T17:31:00Z 2022-11-21T17:32:11Z Waaa! Waaa! South Pole Hits Record Cold..Looks like the Polar Ice caps aren't melting - Narrative Fails

by Allen Williams

South Pole Hits Record Cold November Temperatures

Extreme cold records continue to tumble at the South Pole. Three recent days – November 16th, 17th and 18th – have recorded a daily record, with the 18th plunging to –45.2°C, compared with –44.7°C on the same day in 1987. The records follow the six-month winter of 2020-21, which was the coldest since records began in 1957. Inexplicably, all these facts and trends have escaped reporting in the mainstream media. The excuse might be that it is just weather, and temperatures have always moved up and down. But the excuse doesn’t seem to apply to the July 19th U.K. high of 40.3°C at RAF Coningsby, recorded at the side of the runway used by after-burning Typhoon jets. This record high has barely been out of the Net Zero headlines ever since.

In fact, anything getting colder barely gets a look-in these days. Arctic sea ice is making a significant, near silent comeback. Summer ice at the end of September covered 4.92 million square kilometres, which was 1.35 million sq kms higher than the 2012 low. Over on land, the Greenland ice sheet may have increased in size over the last year to August 2022. Meanwhile, the zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford has reported that this is the fifth year out of the last seven that enough sea ice has formed along the west coast of Hudson Bay by mid-November for hunting polar bears to be able to head out to the ice, “just as it did in the 1980s”. Of course, it has been a very bad year for climate 'catastrophists' all round. Coral is growing on the Great Barrier Reef with a vengeance, just a few years after journalists and their ‘experts’ warned it was likely to disappear.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1906117 2022-11-20T08:40:00Z 2022-11-20T14:40:27Z Arizona AG opens probe, demands answers from Maricopa…

by the Patriots

Arizona AG opens probe, demands answers from Maricopa…

Assistant DA Jennifer Wright Letter demanding answers to Maricopa election irregularities to County attorney.

"...Wright says: 'These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.'"

Page two of AZ attn Gen

Page 3 of AZ Attn Gen letter:

Wright wrote to Thomas Liddy civil division chief at the Maricopa Countys Attorneys Office asking for answers before the states results are certified on November 28

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1905235 2022-11-18T08:40:00Z 2022-11-18T14:40:34Z AZ Patriot exposes Maricopa County election fraud during a supervisor board meeting

by Patriots staff

Arizona patriot obliterates the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors today!!!

Maricopa county, AZ has obviously orchestrated this steal. How can we prevent Kari from winning the governor's race when the vast majority votes in person? Easy, we just get the county technician to make a few changes so that the machine adjudication rate greatly increases, then we can ‘fix’ the ballot correctly to reflect a democrat vote. Next, see how many votes are needed to keep Hobbs on top by maintaining her lead ratio, (60 to 55 or whatever it was) Then dip into the adjudication bin and do another ballot and another…etc. It’s why the tally took an additional week.

The only way the county could elect Hobbs with all the in person voting was to set the machines to adjudicate more ballots. Time to Lawyer Up Kari.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1904334 2022-11-16T21:05:00Z 2022-11-16T15:06:21Z Suspicious activity at Scottsdale AZ voting center

by Patriots Staff

Arizona Midterms:..wonder why Kari Lake couldn’t catch up in a densely populated Republican district?  It appears  that a ‘county-dominion’ technician made some changes to the voting system to increase the adjudication rate which enabled the ballot curing team to steal the election.

Scottsdale Poll Watcher explains what he witnessed on election day. ‘Tabulator voter suppression issues started shortly after a county technician arrived to check our equipment. Everything was working fine until then.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1904300 2022-11-16T07:42:00Z 2022-11-16T13:41:32Z Stand Off Looms Over Arizona Certification Over Irregularities, Voter Suppression, And Election Tally

by 12 news

PHOENIX — The two Republicans who control the elected board in a rural Arizona county have sued their own elections director to force her to conduct a greatly expanded hand count of ballots cast in the Nov. 8 election, a standoff that could affect certification of the results.

They want Cochise County Elections Director Lisa Marra to hand over the roughly 12,000 ballots cast on Election Day to the county recorder, an elected Republican. The county’s attorney warned the private lawyers representing the two GOP board members that taking ballots without authorization could subject their clients to felony charges.

At a raucous board meeting Tuesday, several members of the public berated the two Republicans on the three-member board for pursuing the hand count. One called a board member a “demagogue” who is “making a disgusting sham” of the democratic process.

The push to hand-count ballots in the Republican-heavy county, which borders Mexico in the state’s southeast corner and is home to the iconic Old West town of Tombstone, is prompted by unfounded claims of widespread fraud and voting machine conspiracy theories in the last presidential election pushed by former President Donald Trump and his allies. There has been no evidence of widespread fraud or manipulation of voting machines in 2020 or during this year’s midterm elections.

Republicans in Arizona lost the major races in this year’s election, including for U.S. Senate, governor and secretary of state. Arizona’s evolution into a political battleground has angered many conservatives in a state that has traditionally been staunchly Republican. In Cochise County, the Republican candidates for those posts won by wide margins.

The Republicans’ lawsuit, filed late Monday, comes a week after a judge blocked the board from hand-counting all ballots cast during early voting but also gave them space to pursue a wider hand count. The judge said state law allows the county to expand the small hand count used for the official audit that is designed to confirm the accuracy of vote-counting machines, if it’s done randomly

After the ruling, Republican board member board Peggy Judd proposed an expansion of the hand count to as many as 99% of the Election Day ballots, although that proposal has now been slightly trimmed. The lawsuit filed by attorneys for Judd and the other GOP board member, Tom Crosby, said they hope to hand count four races on all ballots from 16 of the county’s 17 vote centers.

Their lawsuit against the county elections director says she refused their order to either do the expanded count herself or hand the ballots over to Republican county Recorder David Stevens so he can do the tally. It seeks an order compelling her to turn over the ballots.

Upping the stakes, the lawsuit contends the Republican board members have concluded that the expanded hand count is “necessary to ensure completeness and accuracy before certifying the election.” The county’s certified results must be received by the secretary of state no later than Nov. 28.

That means time is short to get a court ruling, pull about 12,000 Election Day ballots from the director’s possession and gather the more than 200 volunteers Stevens has said he has ready to do the hand count. Another 32,000 ballots were cast early.

If the county misses the certification deadline, the secretary of state’s office or a candidate could go to court and ask a judge to force the board to certify the results. The deadline is in state law, and election rules based on that law say county officials must certify and cannot change the results.

The lawsuit also says County Attorney Brian McIntyre “has made clear that he will prosecute any attempt by the Board and Recorder to exercise their lawful authority to take custody of the ballots to complete an expanded hand count themselves.”

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1903821 2022-11-15T15:14:00Z 2022-11-16T13:02:57Z Dominion Voting Machine Algorithms Steal another Critical Election

by Patriots Staff

Voting machines FAILING in Maricopa County amid heavy Republican turnout… every attempt is being made by Dems to DENY or DELAY Kari Lake’s victor

“Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

This should be obvious to everyone now as the ‘irregularities’ begin to flip the election. Voting machines sending ballots to ‘adjudication’, machines not accepting ballots, sending votes through a dozen times, 2 and 3 hour wait times, all designed to disenfranchize the voters and raise ‘adjudication’ claims. This is how you steal an election in America.

The courts will dismiss the bevy of lawsuits ‘under no standing claims’ and other ‘imaginary irregularities’ they manufacture because they are an important closing agent for the swamp.

The parasitic news media will characterize everyone who protests this charade as an ‘election denier’..the same bullshit  they always promote.  Look at the plots of Returns by hour and ballot party AND percent of voters by ballot party then explain how less THAN 20% (on avg) of democrats managed over 50% of election day totals. THE ONLY WAY IS TO USE A MACHINE ALGORITHM.  Does anyone still believe that machine run elections can guarantee the Republic is NOT LOST/

Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1901209 2022-11-09T15:27:00Z 2022-11-20T17:16:33Z Evidence of further Fraud in the 2022 midterm Election (Update 3)

by The Patriots

Third Update: Yet more voter ballot manipulation in Otereo County House midterms. Notice the three suspicious voter dumps in (green circles) that always coincide with the republican vote but are larger and highly suspicious. Next the 4th green loop again shows a machine correction for two many votes but notice that both candidates were corrected downwards which contrasts with the 2nd update showing only the democrat vote adjusted downward. How do both candidates lose votes? These can't be fraudulent votes for both candidates, they have to be going elsewhere, maybe to another county race?  The last green circle shows both candidate vote totals adjusted below the 100,000 mark. Did the machine suddenly discover that the current vote totals were exceeding the county's population or eligible voter data base?

These anomalies suggest that Dominion or some other electronic voting machine was not only controlling the vote totals but was again implementing a candidate win loss ratio to make the selection process appear as a very tight race.  Watch Clint Curtis, the democrat inventor of the theft algorithm employing a 51/49 ratio to steal an election.

'Clint Curtis, Democrat Whistleblower Exposes The Truth About How He Created The Machine Algorithm 51-49 https://frankspeech.com/video/clint-curtis-democrat-whistleblower-exposes-truth-about-how-he-created-machine-algorithm-51

Second Update. There is still record fraud in the 2022 midterms happening around the country. This latest report from the Gateway Pundit on Otereo, New Mexico's governor race. Note the two early dumps in the governor's race which just happen to eclipse the Republican vote. Especially note the drop in democrat votes in the third circle. The democrat vote losses are just a partial of the earlier gain. How do you lose votes in an election? This looks to be a machine correction in the data to align the winning ratio to a preset ratio.

Here is another voting record issue involving Hershel Walker's vote tally as presented yesterday on the Mike Lindell program. In the following graph Hershel Walker was forced into a 2022 election runoff in December by the antics of corrupt Maricopa County which had 20% to 30% of their voting precincts experience a Dominion voting machine Font failure.These machines checked out fine the day before so how 'accidental' was this glitch? Note how as Hershel takes the lead (about the midpoint of the chart) a sudden vote dump drops him behind Warnock. Where are these ballots coming from? Remember the printer problem? Everyone of those ballots went into adjudication and so are not immediately counted but dropped into another box which permits a drop of 'mail-in' ballots or another vote source to come into play. It's very suspicious that ALL the votes were 100% for Raphael Warnock. What's the probability of that occurrence? Note there is NO apparent partial uptake for Hershel to perpetuate the illusion that the election is close.

Warnock's election graph corroborates the event with better clarity (again mid point of the chart). You can see exactly the point when the dump occurred just after Warnock lost the lead.

As expected there was widespread election fraud involving the electronic voting system. The following cases were depicted on Mike Lindell's program as election crimes.  Here are three recent examples of machine fraud.

(1) Minnesota Election showing the impact of front end loading almost 1,000,000 in the election results.  Notice both the Republican and Democrat candidates receive comparable vote dumps. Not credible.

(2)Michigan principally uses the Dominion voting machine although all the major machine vendors act the same.. Matt Deperno election results. Notice the last quarter of the chart as Deperno continues to move ahead just before a dominion machine voter dump of 350,000 votes puts Dana Nessel in the lead and then gives her the win. How convenient and fortuitous that a massive vote dump occurs just then and WITH NO votes for Deperno.

(3) Tammy Duckworth Illinois Democrat first receives then loses 1 million votes.   The clearest evidence yet of fraud, How do you gain and then lose a million votes while your opponent's tally stays the same? AP then calls the race for Duckworth.
Electronic voting machines must go as they are a clear and present danger to the existence of the American Republic.  these are three examples of 'selection' NOT election.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1900386 2022-11-07T16:39:00Z 2022-11-07T16:39:39Z Rodeway a Declining Hotel Chain with Serious Occupancy Problems

by A. Williams

I recently went to Rapid City, South Dakota located at 1313 N. Lacrosse St in Rapid City to attend a fall festival in October. The location was wonderful and it was still comfortably warm in the Black hills area. I had Selected the Rodeway inn because it had the most favorable rates. I planned to stay eight days and made my reservations by debit/credit card accordingly by phone. I was given a reservation number for confirmation. Several months before the event was to take place I gave them a call to be certain everything was in order and it was.

However, upon arrival, no one could find my reservation. I checked my cell phone while standing in line at the front desk for any messages from Rodeway.  Sure enough, there was one the VERY day of my arrival indicating that my reservation couldn't be confirmed because my card had been declined and to give them a call. What? Why would it have taken until arrival time to discover this? There wasn't anything wrong with my card, I had just used it several times the week before to buy some items and I didn't have any past due balances or shortage of funds. Why wait until check-in time to alert me to a potential problem?

I was concerned because during my stay there was to be some 30,000 Indians in town for a tribal POW -WOW and the recent problem with my card made me think that I wouldn't be able to secure a room.  I told the manager that I had just used the card the week before and then paid cash for my stay.  He didn't respond but just gave me the first batch of forms to sign and initial. The manager must have either been a lawyer or was following corporate policy because I had to initial and sign more forms than usual as well as pay an addition $150.00 damage deposit because my card had been declined. And providing me copies of the forms I signed were declined because their copy machine wasn't working at the time.  As it turned out this was just the beginning of my problems for the week.

The second floor room was nice and accessibility was good. After the first full day my room trash can was starting to fill as I had a refrigerator and microwave for snacks etc but by the next day it had been emptied. However after two successive days of it not being serviced, I had to place it outside the room with a note in the trash (easily visible on top) in the hallway to see if it would be emptied. During one of those two days the maid had knocked and tried to enter my room but the safety lock prevented her.  I opened the door and answered her question that the trash can sitting in the hallway was from my room.

Next I discovered a problem with the room refrigerator leaking water from the freezer section. A number of my snacks were sopping wet so I emptied the unit and rearranged items to diminish the problem, finally settling down to relax by watching a little TV.

Somewhere after an hour or so, as I was watching the screen, it suddenly went completely blank returning for a few more minutes before repeating the cycle.  After about 10 minutes of this nonsense I went downstairs to talk to the manager.  Someone else was at the front desk. I told him the problem with the TV and he agreed to come and look at it. When I left the room to go downstairs the TV was completely dark although still on but miraculously was playing perfectly by the time we got back to the room.  The desk man asked if I had had the window open which I did not, so much for a temperature problem.  The desk man checked the TV power and internet connections and I realized then that he didn't have a clue as to the problem.

I asked for a replacement TV or another room so I could finish watching TV and he agreed to  assign me room #111right next door to 212. But when I went back upstairs and tried to get into #111 the electronic key didn't work. And now original electronic door key didn't work either so I had to go back down and get the desk man to reconfigure it. This happened to me twice during the week of my stay. These keys are supposed to be valid for the length of a person's stay but obviously weren't.

It was then that I decided to look into the TV problem in #212 myself which I quickly traced to a digital converter box connection to the internet. Resetting the box and even rebooting the device indicated that it had developed some internal flaw. Since I would be very busy the following day and wouldn't have time to watch TV, I turned it off and read a book instead.

With now only a day to go before checkout, I decided to just make the best of it and watch what I could on the TV. Checkout day came and I was told that the hotel couldn't reach me so they had to deduct another day's charge from my security deposit for Oct 18th. Couldn't reach me? What nonsense is this?  I am about 35 feet from the front desk on the ONLY upper floor, ever heard of taping a note to the door or stopping by the room? This isn't done simply so enough time passes so one can't dispute the charge.

Checkout time at the Rodeway is obviously before 7:00 am (See the time listed on the weekly itemized list of the stay) because from the evening of Oct 9th until the morning of October 18th is EIGHT days so I should have had until 10:00 or 11:00am on the 18th to check out BEFORE incurring a ninth day charge. Amazingly as I was checking out their copying machine suddenly was working so I received a copy of my damage deposit receipt. I let them know about the faulty TV converter box and expressed my general dissatisfaction with their room service since I had to go down and tell them specifically that the room had no Kleenex or replacement hand soap. I was accustomed to trash being emptied and soap provided automatically during hotel stays. I was told since the Covid epidemic that this had been discontinued.

The hotel does not qualify as a 'choice' hotel in my estimation and is staffed by questionable people who take advantage of travelers at will. They are inhospitable, deceptive, incompetent and sullen. The hotel manager is simply an ass and I will be providing a copy of my Sitejabber complaint to their corporate office. I definitely would not recommend the Rodeway to anyone given the 97 complaints shown on their site: https://corporateofficeheadquarters.com/rodeway-inn-corporate-office/

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1899497 2022-11-05T22:46:16Z 2022-11-05T22:48:57Z Dr. Anthony Fauci's lies exposed

Megyn Kelly dismantles Fauci 


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1898131 2022-11-02T09:44:00Z 2022-11-02T14:44:56Z California police stole $17,000 from these sisters !!!

by Hannah Cox & Brad Polumbo

Civil asset forfeiture is so unethical that most people won’t believe it’s true.

Did you know police steal more from Americans every year than burglars do?

Civil asset forfeiture (CAF) is a legal practice so bad and so unethical that most people won’t believe it’s true until they read up on it. But under this system, police are allowed to take your property if they even just suspect you of a crime (No, not charge you with a crime. No, not convict you for a crime. Suspect). And they basically just get to keep it unless you have the ability (i.e. the funds) to challenge them in court and prove your innocence.

It’s a total perversion of our Constitution, which is supposed to ensure individuals are innocent until proven guilty and which places the burden of that proof on the accuser (the state).

Recently, Vera and Apollonia Ward had a run-in with the CAF system. The women run a successful dog-breeding business and sent $17,500 via Fedex to purchase two additional dogs. But the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office seized the funds and accused the women of drug-trafficking. Never mind the fact that they had all the documentation needed to back-up their story, never mind the fact that police had no evidence whatsoever of their involvement in the drug-market.

“To me, it felt like being treated like a criminal, even though you’re not, it makes you question everything,” Vera said. “They tried their hardest to intimidate us, and to say that we’re basically putting our freedom on the line: ‘Give us this money, we’ll make it go away—or put your freedom on the line for it,” Vera continued.

But the women wanted to fight. Fortunately, they got in touch with pro-bono, constitutional litigators at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona who agreed to take on their case. And within a few months, the government had to return the money.

But this is their game. Police regularly use CAF to bully people out of their money and other property, and they mostly get away with it because (without pro-bono attorneys) the average person can’t afford to fight the government. The government has endless, tax-payer funded resources at its disposal, and its attorneys can easily run up the clock for those attempting to pay a defense attorney by the hour to get their money back. Police then get to keep these funds and add them to their budget much of the time.

CAF is not only a disgustingly unconstitutional law, it also leads to really corrupt police behavior. When police get to profit off the property they discover on people just because they merely suspect them of a crime, they are far more apt to behave like road pirates—targeting and profiling certain kinds of cars and finding reasons to search people and their cars. They should be focusing their time on solving and preventing violent crimes, but instead, we see a vast amount of their resources go to these endeavors instead.

All of this, unsurprisingly, traces back to the War on Drugs. Politicians and police argue that police need this authority to stop high-profile drug lords and their drug trafficking operations. It’s a bogus argument of course. The vast majority of these seizures were for less than $1000 and against people who were never even charged with a crime.

Bottom line, police should never be able to take a person’s property until they have been convicted of a crime. There’s really no ethical or constitutional if, ands, or buts about it. CAF needs to be outlawed at both the federal and state level, and you should pay close attention to the police, District Attorneys, and other politicians that benefit from this system working to keep it in place.

Litigators at places like The GoldWater Institute are heroes fighting the bad guys. Ironically, that’s what we pay the police to do.

Bottom line, police should never be able to take a person’s property until they have been convicted of a crime. There’s really no ethical or constitutional if, ands, or buts about it. CAF needs to be outlawed at both the federal and state level, and you should pay close attention to the police, District Attorneys, and other politicians that benefit from this system working to keep it in place.

Litigators at places like The GoldWater Institute are heroes fighting the bad guys. Ironically, that’s what we pay the police to do.

Hannah Coxhttp://based-politics.com

Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer and co-founder of BASEDPolitics. She's also the host of the BASEDPolitics podcast and an experienced political activist.
Hannah Cox

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1896330 2022-10-28T12:59:00Z 2022-10-28T12:59:31Z Johnson County FIRST!

by Charlotte O'Hara

Here we are in the final days of our campaign and the choice is EXTREMELY clear for the good people of Johnson County: do we want regionalism on steroids decimating our property rights? Or do we want Johnson County to remain the jewel of the U.S.A. with single family neighborhoods being the foundation of our success?

 My opponent, endorsed by the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, is heavily influenced by its power brokers. Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA and yes, they want the empty buses to continue running around Johnson County) is one of those.

 KCATA has “found” in our 1966 Bi-State Compact the authority to come to Kansas (read Johnson County) and use eminent domain to transfer private property to private developers to build high density apartment projects along transit routes and to issue bonds for these projects with terms of up to 30 years. AND these projects will be property tax EXEMPT for the term of the bonds, again up to 30 years!!! While YOU will shoulder the costs of providing services for these projects through HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES.

 In the 2022 Kansas Legislative session SB338 (see footnote) was carried by Senator Mike Thompson, at my request, to stop the KCATA in their tracks from implementing their land grabbing scheme here in Johnson County. However, it did not get out of committee. Senator

Thompson and I will be back in the 2023 session to get this important piece of legislation passed to protect single family neighborhoods in Johnson County.

 The question is would my opponent stand and fight against KCATA’s land grab for high density apartment projects? Absolutely not!!! MY OPPONENT is the Chairman of Climate Action KC and his agenda and vision is REGIONALISM with both stack and pack apartment projects and transit as the centerpiece, putting as many of us as possible in apartments and out of our cars by 2050.

 I will fight for OUR VISION for Johnson County, tree lined residential streets interspersed with retail and office buildings and areas set aside for other commercial development, not stack and pack apartment and heavy industrial Panasonic type projects both subsidized with forever tax incentives.

 You don’t believe it can happen? Go talk to the good folks in Prairie Village who are currently fighting to maintain single family zoning for their neighborhoods. Racist is what they are being called. Why? because they are standing strong for their property rights.

 Abolishing R-1 single family zoning is simply another step in the process of transforming our county. It has happened in California and it is beginning to happen here in Johnson County.

 The time to fight is now. Vote for Charlotte O’Hara, I will stand strong with YOU and I will put Johnson County FIRST.

Listen to my current radio ad on 980, 710 and Bott Radio


SB 338 | Bills and Resolutions | Kansas State Legislature

Restricting property and sales tax exemptions on property leased by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to a private developer.

Listen to My Radio Ad

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1895989 2022-10-27T19:34:00Z 2022-10-27T19:34:42Z Report: Woke PayPal REINSTATES $2,500 Fine for Spreading 'Inaccurate' Information

by Patriots Staff

"A private company now gets to decide to take your money if you say something they disagree with. Insanity." -David Marcus, a former president of PayPal

[ToddStarnes.com] PayPal has reinstated a controversial punishment for users who spread what they consider to be inaccurate or misleading information. (Image: Pexels)

Anyone who violates the policy faces a $2,500 fine—per violation.

PayPal "says it can hold ALL the money in your accounts for up to six months 'if reasonably needed to protect against the risk of liability or if you have violated our Acceptable Use Policy,'" Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said.

PayPal had originally announced the policy a few weeks ago leading to a mass exodus of users.

Their stock plunged six percent in one day—down 55 percent for the year.

In response PayPal reversed course and apologized.

So lots of folks are very confused as to why they have reversed course again.

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1894942 2022-10-24T20:04:00Z 2022-10-24T21:59:21Z U.S. Supreme Court Gives Police the Green Light To Pre-emptively Shoot and Kill Drivers They Fear Could Pose a Danger to Others With Their Car

by Patriots Staff

The Supreme Court has let stand the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that granted qualified immunity to a Michigan police officer who shot and killed a man in a drive-thru lane at a White Castle after observing the driver make a series of traffic violations that nearly caused collisions. Although Antonino Gordon had not caused an accident or injured anyone while being observed or followed in his car by the police officer for almost 30 minutes, the Sixth Circuit concluded that police can use excessive force preemptively against a driver if they fear he might endanger others.

Cops who feel empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner are not making America any safer,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “This is yet another chilling reminder that in the American police state, ‘we the people’ are at the mercy of police officers who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with those they were appointed to protect.”

We are now entering a very dangerous era in American Law Enforcement. The police may kill you if they believe you pose a danger to other Drivers. WHAT? Killed for a Potential Thought crime?. So if the guy the cops just shot kills another innocent motorist by crashing into his or her car after being shot what has the decision prevented? This is depopulation ! If this isn’t a license for the cops to kill anyone for any reason, what could ever qualify?  This policy WILL BE ABUSED, you can bank on it! This is both unconstitutional and CRAZY !!  And this is a what a police state looks like

U.S. Supreme Court Gives Police the Green Light To Preemptively Shoot and Kill Drivers They Fear Could Pose a Danger to Others With Their Car


The Sixth Circuit’s decision in Gordon v. Bierenga 

Commentary on the dangers of traffic stops: “America’s Death Squads: When Police Become Judge, Jury and Executioner

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1893588 2022-10-21T18:14:25Z 2022-10-21T18:14:25Z COMMUNIST POLICE DEPT IN THE U.S.

Obama Holdovers Allowed the

 Chinese Communist Party’s

    Subversion of America:

         Alex Newman


tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1893165 2022-10-20T19:40:00Z 2022-10-20T20:28:36Z One in Every 500 Small Children Who Receive the Pfizer Vaccine are Hospitalised By It, Study Finds

By Daily Sceptic

Time for a reality dose. At what level of failure does a medical procedure become something else?

One in every 500 children under five years who received the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine were hospitalized with a vaccine injury, and one in 200 had symptoms ongoing for weeks or months afterwards, a study has found

It concluded that the symptoms reported after Pfizer vaccination were “comparable overall” to those for other vaccines. Let’s see..
  • Any symptoms: 62% higher
  • Musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) symptoms: 155% higher
  • Dermatologic (skin) symptoms: 118% higher
  • Otolaryngologic (ears, nose and throat) symptoms: 537% higher
  • Cardiovascular (heart etc.): 36% higher
  • Gastrointestinal (stomach etc.): 54% higher

The results suggest that this is not intended for the general population’s health. DUH!

One in Every 500 Small Children Who Receive the Pfizer Vaccine are Hospitalized by It

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1888028 2022-10-07T23:32:00Z 2022-10-07T16:32:14Z Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, "soft actuators" and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles

By Health Ranger 

Few people have conducted as much research into the mRNA injections -- dare not call them "vaccines" -- as Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst who previously conducted contract work for Pfizer, J&J, Thermo Fisher and other corporations. In a bombshell interview that features key screen shots of patents, science journal articles and corporate documents, Karen Kingston lays out the argument for mRNA covid "vaccine" injections actually being exotic technology implantations that can be used to achieve global enslavement and/or genocide. Our full one-hour interview is posted below. This interview features video screen shots of several key documents.

Magnetic hydrogels, tissue engineering and remote control

Far from being a conspiracy theory, remote control of magnetic hydrogels -- and "tissue engineering" -- is well documented in the scientific literature. Here's one published paper in ACS Nano that describes this exact thing:

Source:   https://citizens.news/663687.html]]>
tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1886830 2022-10-04T16:57:00Z 2022-10-04T16:57:39Z Federal Reserve goes authoritarian, set to force banks to adopt ‘social score’ system for customers similar to Communist China

by: JD Heyes

Image Federal Reserve goes authoritarian set to force banks to adopt social score system for customers similar to Communist China

(Natural News) Our governing systems continue their hard-left, anti-freedom, Marxist shift, which is leading to the development of a parallel system that conservatives are flocking to.

For decades, the federal government — at every level — has been infiltrated by left-wing ideologues who are authoritarian by their very nature, and now the Federal Reserve is joining the fray.

As reported by investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel on his Substack, the Fed “has taken a major step in the direction of facilitating an ESG compliant monetary network that effectively acts as a parallel system to that of the Chinese Communist Party’s infamous social credit scoring system.”

ESG — which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance in investing — “refers to a set of standards for a company’s behavior used by socially conscious investors to screen potential investments,” according to Investopedia. What that means in practice, of course, is that regardless of the potential for earning profits for shareholders, which banks and corporations are beholden by law to always strive for, these institutions instead only invest in “politically correct” industries and sectors. No fossil fuels, for instance, as oil and gas are so early 2000s; no big tobacco; and nothing that has anything to do with Israel, just to name a few (because the hard left is comprised of true bigots and racists).

“Six of the nation’s largest banks will participate in a pilot climate scenario analysis exercise designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks,” the Fed noted in a statement last week. “Scenario analysis—in which the resilience of financial institutions is assessed under different hypothetical climate scenarios—is an emerging tool to assess climate-related financial risks, and there will be no capital or supervisory implications from the pilot.”

In short, Schachtel said, the Federal Reserve “is working with the big banks to monitor their ability to comply with the ruling class’s preferred enviro statist technocratic tyranny.”

He goes on to say that the unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats at the Fed who are responsible for this new exercise claim it is only “exploratory in nature and does not have capital consequences.” The statement from the nation’s money printer also said that the “scenario analysis can assist firms and supervisors in understanding how climate-related financial risks may manifest and differ from historical experience.”

Then, why bother with this exercise at all? What’s the real purpose behind it? As Schachtel explains, there is always a statist purpose behind everything the American deep state does:

The Fed is clearly leaning in to the climate hoax narrative, or the pseudoscientific idea that humans are catastrophically impacting the climate, but not because they somehow care about the environment. The climate narrative is the chief rhetorical facilitator for the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) movement.

Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-03-federal-reserve-set-to-force-banks-adopt-social-score-system.html

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1886212 2022-10-03T08:59:00Z 2022-10-03T13:59:34Z GMO Mosquitoes Now Secretly Vaccinating People Without their Consent

by The Patriots Staff

New research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals that Big Pharma is now using insects to deliver “vaccines” to humans without their knowledge or consent. For their trial, researchers artificially furnished 200 mosquitoes with live, malaria-causing plasmodium parasites that had been genetically modified (GMO) to inject a malaria vaccine into the arms of arms of human test subjects.

Think about this for a moment; enough people aren’t dead or dying from traditional vaccines so they need help from the natural world to depopulate the planet. Bill Gates and company know informed consent implies deference to the feelings of the governed and this is definitely not a factor among the elites.The Lords of globalism have decreed that you are not necessary for the planet’s ECO and economic system to survive. Expect new GMOs and other biological weapons to be developed to continue to taint the food supply and support the depopulation agenda of the DAVOS crowd. 

Remember it was the mosquito that brought yellow fever epidemics to the US (1793-1905). It’s a natural disease carrier, Why not make further use of it with our advanced technologies to reduce population of deplorables?  

Starting in 2020, a two-year, Bill Gates-backed project began releasing more than 750 million GMO mosquitoes throughout the Florida Keys.)  “We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” bragged Dr. Sean Murphy, a Seattle physician and scientist, and lead author of the paper, which was published on August 24.

Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-30-gmo-mosquitoes-secretly-vaccinating-people-without-consent.html

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1885780 2022-10-03T08:47:00Z 2022-10-03T13:46:35Z Dominion Voting Machine Scanner FAILS to corectly Tabulate the Votes Matching the Williamson Error

Dominion Voting Machine Scanner FAILS to corectly Tabulate the Votes Matching the Williamson Error

So, what’s the Williamson error? It’s a case where electronic voting machines FAIL to count all the votes.  What’s interesting is the Dominion system apparently did not give any audible sounds or alarms other than in a log file.  In Gwinnett County, Georgia the Williamson error was repeated 84 times. Winning elections by whatever means necessary is the only thing that really counts.

The EAC, Dominion, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance reported the cause was “inconclusive”. About a month later, Dominion informed the Government that the cause was an error in the scanner’s software. The Government asked Dominion to fix the error and the patch was made.”

Of course, no one asked to inspect the software or check the machine’s algorithms. We’ll just take Dominion’s word for it just like you would the salesman of the used car you are buying. Does anybody still believe that electronic voting machine elections are secure and fair?

You can bet the failure to count all the votes is a common trait among these machines. The 2020 election evidence isn’t getting out to the public because judges are dismissing cases for lack of standing. However, the public can inspect extensive evidence at Frankspeech.com. 

But in this case machine manufacturer Dominion is being sued for ‘breach of contract’ i.e. failing to do what the purchase contract stipulates, so it will be interesting to see how they slither out of this one..

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1885011 2022-09-30T16:58:04Z 2022-09-30T17:01:34Z HOW TO DESTROY A NATION FROM WITHIN


  Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis

America’s border crisis is not organic. Behind the nearly 4.9 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States since President Joe Biden took office are criminal cartels, orchestration from the United Nations, and financing from the U.S. government. And while taxpayers are being told that local law enforcement and the National Guard are working to resolve the crisis, in reality, they’re being used to funnel migrants to networks of non-governmental organizations, who then traffic them for resettlement throughout the country.


https://www.theepochtimes.com/border-deception-how-the-us-and-un-are-quietly-running-the-border-crisis_4751511.html?utm_source=Enews&utm_campaign=etv-2022-09-30&utm_medium=email&est=jB7%2B%2BPxQ2VrsNW%2FqsGn2Lz%2Ft4Vj73DvtOMja58q8jrKr8HJgL btMhO4K1LUUN6s%3D

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1884932 2022-09-30T08:36:00Z 2022-09-30T13:35:58Z TWA Flight 800 author reveals U.S. Navy shot down airliner in late 90s, families now filing suit

(Natural News) A noted investigative journalist who has spent years probing the disastrous crash of TWA Flight 800 off the Atlantic coast in the late 1990s said in an interview posted this week that he's certain the U.S. Navy accidentally shot down the Boeing 747.

At the time, dozens of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen what appeared to be a missile streaking skyward before the airliner exploded in a massive fireball, leading many Americans at the time to conclude that it was likely a terrorist attack. But investigators at the time claimed otherwise.… [Read More...]

tag:newpatriotsblog.com,2013:Post/1883742 2022-09-27T16:10:08Z 2022-09-27T16:12:14Z plandemic, famine and war, bad time ahead

This is one everyone needs to take in. We need to prepare like we have never prepared before. Michael Yon doesn’t blow smoke and he has been predicting this for the last three years or longer. We are about to enter some really bad times, globally as well as domestically.

   When Europe falls, and it is going to fail, it is going to take down the rest of the industrial NATO nations with it, from our currency to food production and energy. Watch the video, there is a lot going on that isn’t known to the general public, and this isn’t an accident. There are forces that are making this happen and it’s not just our own government, it’s global.

   Knowledge is survival, it’s not just a slogan, it truly is survival.


ANALYSIS: Europe to become “ECONOMIC WASTELAND” as industry dies, banks fail and food production plunges