Texas Electors Place Their Votes for President Trump and Then Vote to Condemn Supreme Court for Throwing Out Texas Lawsuit

By Joe Hoft

Texas shows its stuff.

Texas delegates for the 2020 election voted yesterday for President Trump then they approved a resolution to condemn the lack of action by the Supreme Court for throwing out the recent Texas lawsuit:

During Monday’s meeting of the Texas members of the electoral college, the state’s electors approved a resolution by a vote of 34 to 4 to “condemn the lack of action by United State Supreme Court” for tossing out the lawsuit, which was filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The resolution was introduced by Congressional District 10’s Mark Ramsey, of Spring.

Titled “Defending the Integrity of Our Constitution, Our Elections and These United States,” the resolution called on the members of the Electoral College for the state legislatures of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, George and Michigan—the states at the center of Paxton’s lawsuit—to “convene and appoint their electors in accordance with the true constitutional vote of the people, or if undeterminable by appointing their electors directly.