Who does Senator Jerry Moran Represent!?

By Allen Williams

Who is this guy representing? Somebody else.. or does he just like to hear himself talk about unrelated issues?  It's clear that he either hasn't read or doesn't believe the 2020 election was stolen.  I wrote him about that very subject and documented my findings and this is the bullshit response I got.

Dear Mr. Williams:

As inflation rates continue to climb, burdening American families with higher prices at the gas station and grocery store, Congress should be focused on an enduring solution to rein in federal spending, not passing short-term proposals that kick the problem down the road.  {That's why elections have consequences and fraudulent elections have catastrophic consequences]

I voted against the Democrats’ legislation to raise the debt limit which would only facilitate their partisan, out-of-control spending measures. [They still passed it anyway and then taxpayer's will be on the hook for everything]

Our country cannot afford to foot the bill for excessive spending measures that threaten to fuel inflation and weaken the buying power of American families. {Why not? you don't seem to care that illegals have overrun the border and are busy re-colonizing the country.]

Increasing the debt limit while Democrats plan to recklessly spend multiple trillions of dollars diminishes the financial security of Americans,  and I will continue to use my voice and vote to promote the critical need for financial responsibility in Congress.  [Why haven't you flatly refused to raise the debt ceiling?]

I am grateful for the opportunity Kansans have given me to serve them in the United States Senate. If you are interested in learning more about my efforts on your behalf, [And what might those be? You can't even manage to stay on topic!]

I encourage you to visit moran.senate.gov. Please let me know if I can be of service to you or your family in the future

[You could retire because you don't represent anybody that put you in office.]

Very truly yours,
Jerry Moran