Gubernatioral Candidiate Kari Lake and SOS Mark Finchem File AZ Lawsuit to remove Electronic Voting Machines

by Summer Lane

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a fearless advocate for election integrity, discussed the historic preliminary injunction filed yesterday in Arizona to eliminate digital voting machines during an interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn.

“Yesterday was [a] historic day in the history of America,” Lindell shared, standing near a line of excited rallygoers in Delaware, Ohio, ahead of Saturday night’s scheduled Save America rally event.

“We filed our first preliminary injunction in the state of Arizona to get rid of the machines once and for all. That’s the first of many, many,” he continued.

The injunction plaintiffs include Kari Lake, the Republican and Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona governor, and Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Ariz., candidate for Arizona Secretary of State. If successful, the injunction will remove the Dominion voting machines from being used in the upcoming midterm election.

“In the 2020 election,” Lindell said, all the stuff that these states did…who was supposed to stop them? Their attorney generals.” He added that only one attorney general in the United States stood up: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Lindell further revealed that election integrity advocates will file more preliminary injunctions across the nation to remove the voting machines, including in South Dakota, Alabama, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio.

Additionally, Ohio, which President Trump won twice, was not immune to election fraud, Lindell claims. The MyPillow CEO says that Trump actually won Ohio in 2020 with 3,400,000 votes, which is an additional 500,000 more votes than what was officially tallied.

"What I see happening is the machines are gonna be gone,” Lindell continued. “We’ve already got forty-some counties gone…and then I believe we’re gonna have the biggest turnout in history for a midterm, ever.”

In fact, Lindell says there are plans to do preliminary injunctions in all fifty states. “All machines have to go,” he said firmly.