KCC Represents a Global consortium of Profiteering Utilities (Update)

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by Allen Williams

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Evergy's rate increases invite some interesting questions. I thought it expedient to publish some of my comments since the public wont get any meaningful information from the press. Evergy Executives are Raking in Millions of Dollars, While the People are Struggling to Keep the Lights On

How is it that Evergy is seeking a $218 million rate rate increase while paying 524 million in 'Dividends' ?

Evergy Pays $534 Million in Dividends While Requesting a $218 Million Rate Increase ! 

So rate payers can expect to pay more for the Sierra club's carbon neutrality programs and Evergy's failure to increase it's green energy investments. This is to the company's credit but perhaps you can explain just what green energy program will permit the rapid deployment of power on the grid? In the meantime the rate payers can pay DIVIDENDS TO STOCKHOLDERS !  The Evergy CEO was compensated over $6.8 MILLION in 2022, Board of Director salaries averaged over $333,000, and stockholders received over $534 MILLION in total dividends paid?

How will the commitment to electric cars be met by new Wind Turbines (wind speed below 33 mph) and solar power which produces nothing at night? This will simply be exacerbated once charging stations begin to proliferate through out the state. The lunacy continues as Evergy buys additional wind power from Oklahoma: "Over the next 10 years, Evergy plans to add more than 3,500 MW of renewable energy and retire more than 1,900 MW of coal-based fossil generation. Evergy has set a goal of 70% carbon reduction by 2030 (relative to 2005 levels) and a target to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2045."

As you decrease fossil fuel base loading you enter the risky alternative energy possibilities of brownouts and just energy unavailability.

Equally concerning to residents should be the funding of political campaigns. Lobbying & Campaign Contributions – Should a State-Regulated Monopoly be Allowed to Financially Influence State Campaigns? Funding these campaigns ensures certain company economic objectives are met.  I submit this is moe akin to profiteering than ensuring fair and equitable rates.

But the biggest concern of Kansans by far is how a three member regulatory board can manage meaningful rates for the state?  Rate Increase Wars:The KCC – Can a 3-Member Utility Commission Honestly Represent 3 Million Kansans?

The article states its case well: "The Board would need to have many more participants in order to lessen the possibility of lobbyists, special interests, and bad actors somehow being powerful enough to tip the scales. Local planning and zoning boards typically have 7-11 members for this very reason. Even the National committees with NARUC, which two of these commissioners serve on, have over 30 members on each committee. "

The KCC, as currently under staffed, is not able to regulate the state' s obligations other than in a perfunctory manner which will lead to higher consumer rates and increasing failures of the power grid and  a lower standard of living

Evergy Executives are Raking in Millions of Dollars, While the People are Struggling to Keep the Lights On

by Jennifer Williams

This is part 3 of a 5 part series on key issues creating ethical concerns on the government-allowed utility monopoly.

As Evergy is continuing to request increases in rates, is the public aware of how their current budget is being spent? Do they know that the Evergy CEO was compensated over $6.8 MILLION in 2022, Board of Director salaries averaged over $333,000, and stockholders received over $534 MILLION in total dividends paid? Are they aware that executives are rewarded for implementing the global ESG plan, including Evergy’s adherence to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, or that Evergy spends countless hours and dollars in lobbying and campaign donations?

Has the public read Evergy’s company policies that govern their practices? Most likely not.

Below are 5 areas of concern with Evergy’s current business practices that should make anyone, including Kansas legislators, question if the utility monopoly model is still an appropriate method or if it is becoming a method of forcing the public to pay for failing systems that are making executives and investors rich; while leaving the tab with those struggling just to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Perhaps it is time for another approach to be explored.

This is part 3 of a 5-part Series to address the major concerns in the following categories that are affecting customer rates and the future of our monopolistic public utility.

Hefty Dividend Payments to Shareholders
ESG & “Renewable” Programs
Executive Salaries
Campaign Contributions

Great Plains Energy plan for business and residential Energy Efficiency programs is: 'You Will Pay For a Carbon Credit Management System'

“Evergy, the largest electric utility in Kansas, needed to make a plan because the Kansas Supreme Court shot down a previous solar rate. Meantime, the utility insists it needs to recover the cost of having electricity on demand for solar-equipped homes that don’t buy many kilowatts.”

Then gas stations should receive a subsidy for gasoline NOT sold. What this statement says is that you DO NOT have freedom to choose LESS consumption. Here is the real reason for the new Evergy efficient plan:“The state’s largest utility wants to charge customers with solar panels about $25 a month, even if their homes pull almost no electricity off the grid.”

Great Plains is utilizing the basic principles of socialism in their offering where a system's users pay for what someone else doesn’t use.  https://eu.cjonline.com/story/news/politics/state/2020/11/01/evergy-wants-to-charge-everyone-to-collect-more-from-solar-users/114603258/  “Graham has had solar panels on his house since about 2015. He said it’s unfair that Evergy would make him pay more money for reducing demand on the company’s system. He also said the constant rate changes make him want to disconnect from the grid entirely.”

This is likely what it will take, people getting off the grid to keep the globalist utility barons from bankrupting everyone. Remember you  WILL HAVE NO SAY once this plan passes the KCC.

“The electric utility, which serves 1.2 million customers in Kansas and Missouri, filed a plan with Kansas regulators last week to invest in a host of energy efficiency programs for business and residential customers. “Evergy’s plan would add to the fees on customers’ bills to offer programs such as weatherization for low-income residents, energy audits to educate customers about their usage, and rebates to encourage customers to invest in more energy-efficient water heaters and air conditioners…Their bills would go up slightly in the coming years....Programs such as financing improvements through residents’ energy bills, offering incentives for local plumbers and hardware stores to stock energy-efficient appliances, and giving out smart thermostats are commonly offered by utility companies. Evergy has a slate of programs for Missouri customers, but its Kansas offerings are far more limited.”

Kansas doesn't have the population base that Missouri has so more creative means of how to distribute costs are required.Really? And Isn't this an individual decison rather than a collective one? How is it my responsibility to pay for someone elses's Non energy usage, choice of appliances to sell or energy use education? These brainless autocrons operating large utility systems have no concept of how the free market functions; they can only devise authoritarian and collective methods of garnering revenue and then coerce politicians and regulators into complying. Slightly increase? Solar panels would be $3.00 per kilowatt installed. If you have 10 kilowatts of solar panels installed that would amount to another $30 per month in fees. What sense does this make?  “Bradley Lutz, Evergy’s director of regulatory affairs, said in testimony filed at the KCC that if the company can’t charge solar customers exclusively, then everyone will have to pay the difference.” This is certainly an innovative approach, penalizing customers who devise mehods of reducing utility demand. Does anyone still believe this is about energy conservation or reducing global warming?

Look at one of Evergy’s typical bills; it’s already full of fees, taxes and incidental charges. Here are a few examples FROM MY own monthly BILL:

Customer charge:              $ 14.25      (what’s this fee for except being continuously connected?)
Energy charge:                  $ 14.48
ECA charge (3-3-2022)                        (Oh Yes, they back charge you for their cost overruns.
KwH  at .02002 per KWh    $  0.24       (energy cost adjustment may involve ‘future fuel costs’)
ECA charge (4-1-2022)
K wH at .02168 PER kwH  $ 3.62
EER charge                       $  .02        (Energy environmental charge, you pay for  programs they must meet.
KwH at .0001 per kWh        
PTS charge                      $ .21          (Property tax surcharge)
kWh at 0.0017per kWh
TDC charge                                       (Transmitting electric to your home charge)
kWh at .0626 per kWh     $ 1.12
franchise Fee                  $ 1.02
County Sales Tax            $  .52     
City sales tax                  $  .39

Before Great Plains, a global power consortium, bought KCPL and created EVERGY, there was just KCPL. Read about their earlier SMART” energy saver plan in my sitejabber report at https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/kcpl.com#1 and find out how Missouri Public Service has accepted KCPL’s smart device spy plan and not only is an extension of the original five year plan, but will also roll in new features.And Don’t think government will be idle: “Smart” thermostats in Texas being remotely controlled by government to limit energy usage.  And this is the end of free choice, "...But, I only agreed to a four hour shutoff." No you agreed to let them have COMPLETE control of your home temperature and you will swelter so they can improve their unit profitability.

Utility energy programs are designed to keep one constantly upgrading his or her home and is part of the UN’s sustainable development program. This plan will simply increase existing charges plus add new ones. Notice that this plan has no opt out feature and you will pay more until you comply. Your bill helps provide remuneration for utility investors. Expect the bill to also include anticipated carbon footprint costs, a backdoor for implementing the failed EPA carbon credits program. After all, you really don’t own your home, you have government and other special interests defining what your home environment may be and what you can have and do.

A smart thermostat is the kind enabling the utility to control your AC or heating system, not a good idea under the best of circumstances. And rest assured this will involve reducing your carbon footprint as defined by the utility.  “KCPL is already committed to reducing its footprint. Evergy is already on a path to reduce its carbon footprint. he company plans to retire all coal operations at the Lawrence Energy Center by the end of 2023 and expects to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045.”

Once you eliminate fossil fuels, costs will go sky high. Keep in mind that if Evergy were truly offering choices they wouldn’t be going to the KCC for approval. Zero emissions means there must be added (low yield) green energy programs to supplement retired fossil plants. And remember weather is an important factor, wind turbines were inoperable in the cold that decended on Texas. The fact is we don’t have an environmental crisis, climate change is an absolute hoax; it’s just an elaborate plan to implement economic control with a social credit system all for the benefit of global investors. None of their dooms day predictions were accurate. Climate Experts are Zero out of 41 doomsday global warming predictions !

The utility programs are designed to keep one constantly adjusting his or her home upwards and are part of the UN’s sustainable development program.  This plan will simply increase charges plus add new ones.  Your bill will essentially become a penalty (along with inflation) until you comply.  Expect the bill to reflect your anticipated carbon credits, a backdoor for implementing the failed EPA carbon credits program.  After all, you really don’t own your home, you have other interests regulating your environment and what you may have and do.

This is a social credit plan like what the Chinese communist party used for forcing consumers to comply with their lopsided  agenda. Either upgrade your system or pay penalties in the form of higher rates until you meet their standards.

Evergy is supposedly in business to sell power at affordable prices, not micromanaging consumers to support their global environmental policies and implement carbon controls.


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