Clarifications To Michigan Speaker Wentworth's Correspondence Regarding Antrim County Election Audit

by Allen Williams

Thank you for the reply.

I'd like to take the opportunity to clarify several issues raised in your recent email. The first is your statement that over "250 audits of the 2020 election were performed in accordance with state law."  Your definition of 'audit' can't mean anymore than resolving vote tallies between ballot images and actual ballots. This procedure has NOT worked very well in the Windham, New Hampshire audit to date

None of Michigan's alleged audits looked into the machine's works to verify whether or not the components contained therein were legal. So, to clarify, the only valid Michigan audit performed to date was in Amtrim county which required a lawsuit to initiate. It has been demonstrated in the 13th circuit court Antrim county lawsuit forensic audit that there was Dominion voting machine intervention in the election.  An examination inside the voting machine revealed an unauthorized program, Microsoft SQL,a feature that permits vote manipulation. In addition judge Eisenheimer allowed the audit to cover 13 addition precincts in Antrim county where some 1060+ votes were recorded over and above Antrim county's voting population, memory traces were found inside the machine showing previous contact with Taiwan and Germany demonstrating both internet connectivity and foreign election interference. This is not an isolated incident involving voting machine fraud as there are additional incidents in Windham county, New Hampshire where Dominion is shorting the vote tallies and a separate forensic analysis is still underway in Maricopa County, AZ where key files in the EMS vote tabulator were found deleted.

The second is from my letter to Judge Eisenheimer which stated Judge Murray previously ruled that Jocelyn Benson's decision to assume the signatures on absentee ballots were inherently valid (What?), this assumption violates Michigan law which makes her complicit in the 1060+ ghost mail in ballots identified in the forensic audit. Benson was added as a defendant in Attorney Matt Deperno/s second amended complaint.  Read it at 

100 Percent Fed Up reports – In March, Attorney Matt DePerno subpoenaed 8 clerks in key counties in Michigan: Barry, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne. In his subpoenas, DePerno asked to have access to their poll tapes, ballots, logs, tally servers, election management servers, election media, spreadsheets, and canvasser notes from the 2020 election. The judge denied their requests after all 8 counties filed motions to quash his request. In Grand Traverse County, Haider Kazim and Michigan’s dishonest Democrat Secretary of State filed a joint motion to quash DePerno’s request.

The forensic evidence and the court's determination that Secretary Benson violated state law should have been more than enough to alert the Michigan legislature to at least investigate MaComb, Oakland, Wayne, and Kent counties for similar irregularities. And if found, immediate steps should have been taken to decertify the election, except that certain Republican members share culpability in advocating for and purchasing Dominion voting machines. 

Everyone makes mistakes, You would have retained much more credibility If you would have admitted mistakes and then acted to correct them, instead of doing nothing but obstructing people who were trying to get at the truth. It is your constitutional responsibility to discipline judges who prevent cases from proceeding pursuant to real evidence in order to reinforce the illusion that American elections are secure. It is your responsibility to address electoral fraud issues that have been revealed by the Antrim county forensic audit. 

THIS IS CORRUPTION at the highest levels of Michigan government.

And last: This is all part of the general movement to silence individuals who accuse state officials of corruption as has been revealed in Dr. Shiva's Massachusetts lawsuit Case 1:20-cv-11889-MLW Document 118 Filed 05/21/21 Page 1 of 7 at: where it was revealed that an official manual for silencing accusers exists entitled 'Elections Influence Operations Playbook for State and Local Officials.'

As I have stated before this issue is NOT going awayYou needn't bother creating further election legislation because without addressing the 2020 election fraud, new legislation will simply be ignored as Secretary Benson has aptly demonstrated.

Your inaction threatens the continuance of America's Representative Republic.

On 5/25/2021 1:02 PM, MI Rep. Wentworth wrote:

Hi Allen,

Thank you for reaching out to the Office of Speaker Jason Wentworth regarding your concerns about the integrity of Michigan elections. As you know, safe elections are a cornerstone of our democracy and it is essential that all Michiganders trust every election.

Our office has been listening to the voters of the 97th district and across Michigan that share your same concerns. Speaker Wentworth will continue working hard to ensure our elections are secure.

Over 250 audits were performed in accordance with state law and the Michigan Constitution. The results of the election were formally confirmed by these audits, which included hand counts from selected precincts throughout the state.

The House has also approved several reform measures this year to ensure our elections run fairly. These include plans to remove dead people from our voter rolls, require verification of a person’s birth date when their birth date is unknown before voting, and to provide more training for everyone involved in the elections process.

In the latest challenge originating in Antrim County, a circuit court judge ruled that a post-election audit hand count showed results largely consistent with the canvass totals entered by the state, and the plantiffs’ request for another audit was satisfied by the hand recount.

Michigan families deserve fair and safe elections – and Speaker Wentworth remains committed to supporting bold, common-sense reforms to do just that.

Thank you again for contacting the Office of Speaker Jason Wentworth to share your perspective. If my staff or I can be of further assistance, please call 517-373-8962 or email


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Judge Eisenheimer:

I was not really surprised by your decision to dismiss the Antrim County election lawsuit indicating an unwillingness to address the criminal fraud uncovered in the case.  But I was truly appalled at the lack of logic displayed in your reasoning. As Uncover Dc reports:

  • One, the Plaintiffs claims are moot as all requested relief has been granted and, therefore, this court lacks jurisdiction to review moot claims;
  • Two, Plaintiff lacks standing to bring its claims into court; and
  • Three, Plaintiff has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.
This is absolute nonsense. Plaintiffs claims in One are NOT moot, they have successfully demonstrated FRAUD. You have an obligation to follow the evidence trail where ever it leads, Why this concept has eluded you poses some interesting questions..

Plaintiff does not lack standing. The Michigan constitution was amended in 2018 to grant standing for any person to challenge the results of a state wide election.  The secretary of state's supposed audit is NOT a substitute for a further Antrim county audit nor does it satisfy the pleadings of Mr. Bailey since (1) Benson was included as a defendant in the amended complaint and (2) Judge Murray previously ruled that Jocelyn Benson's decision to assume the signatures on absentee ballots were inherently valid (What?) when this assumption violated Michigan law which makes her complicit in the 1060+ ghost mail in ballots identified in the forensic audit. This incredible statement by you infers that (1) you lack legal discernment OR (2) it was a direct attempt to block the audit from continuing.

Your final statement that plaintiff has failed to state a basis for which relief might be granted demonstrates a deliberate attempt to end the case rather than pursue the fraud wherever it might lead. The obvious next step would have been to investigate several other counties to see if they got similar results using the Dominion machines. Your willingness to allow other county clerks to quash subpoenas for the Dominion election evidence, when fraud had been clearly demonstrated in Antrim county, corroborates my suspicion that you have been compromised. Anyone with an ounce of gray matter has to suspect that you have either been blackmailed or threatened into rendering this decision 

The obvious takeaway here is that you had to have been surprised by Attn. Deperno's findings that a stolen school board election was only a small portion of a greater fraud to deny the American public their rightful selection of President. At this point, you must have experienced some panic as you became aware that this case would be the first to expose the wholesale fraud of the 'most secure election in American History'

Lastly, blocking further discovery, when new evidence has surfaced, confirms my suspicions and further suggests that the state legislature (if that had any collective backbone) should remove you from the bench. 

Just a reminder to you and your fellow obstructionists that this issue is NOT going away, we the people will get to the bottom of it.

Long but interesting read-Voter fraud in MI

Subject: long but interesting read

The forensic audit of election Dominion Voting System has proven Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson lied in her public statements and on her office’s official website about the integrity and certification of the state’s 2020 election.

Benson and other officials now face serious allegations of election and voting fraud charges.

Benson has been caught making false statements and faces serious allegations of election fraud.

Note: Please share (and copy if you are a serious investigator, journalist or entity concerned with election fraud) this article in the event it is censored. An actual copy of the forensic audit report appears here in redaction form.

“The allowable error rate established by the Federal Election Guidelines is 1 of 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”