Bombshell Report Proves State and Federal Election Crimes Were Committed – Colorado County Commissioner Leaks to Press Instead of Reporting Crimes

by  US Election Integrity

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters in good faith delivered an initial forensic cybersecurity report covering election machine analysis to County Commissioners. The report proves destruction of evidence. One or more Commissioners misrepresent report to the press -fail to report crimes.

[Mesa County Colorado, September 21, 2021] – Tina Peters hand-delivered an initial peer-reviewed forensic cybersecurity report prior to the late Friday evening filing of her official defense pleading alerting County Commissioners of crimes. The extensive report vindicated citizens’ concerns about 2020 election malfeasance, justifies Peters preservation of election records obligated by federal and state law, and proves crimes were committed by others – not Peters.  Instead of submitting the report to the authorities which is their civic duty, one or more of the Commissioners forwarded the report to the press.  There is no question the Commissioner(s) leaked the confidential document given the version of the report was initial, lacking some detail which the official report included.

The expert-generated forensic cybersecurity report signed by cyber-expert Doug Gould, detailed a pattern of systematic destruction of election records in Colorado voting systems by the Secretary of State’s staff and voting system vendor during the “Trusted Build” updates that took place in Colorado over the summer. It’s expected the report will become a part of several pending investigations and lawsuits.  Additional legal questions are now raised regarding premeditation and conspiracy.

Peters commissioned the detailed forensic examination by court-recognized expert cybersecurity witnesses including Gould as part of her duties as Clerk and Recorder. The report now supports her legal defense against Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s legal accusations.

The report proves a simple storyline of events and subsequent implications
  1. The Destruction of evidence. Destruction of election records, election-related data that’s required to be preserved under federal and state law.
  2. Thousands of election records were destroyed.
  3. Secretary of State Griswold and the vendor deleted the election records.
    1. Through the “Trusted Build” hardware and software election systems update.
    1. By way of Griswold’s approved procedures for the updates.
    1. Due to Griswold’s certified election system configuration. Configurations directed by the Secretary of State were designed to automatically overwrite election data.
  4. The election system was illegally certified. The report stops short of stating Griswold’s certification of the voting systems complete with an election record-destroying configuration was illegal. However, Colorado statute is explicit that the Federal Voting System Standards are mandatory. The SecState’s certification allowed the use of a non-compliant voting system in Colorado elections.
  5. The deleted election records eliminate the possibility of a complete forensic election audit. The type of audit SecState Griswold has sought to prohibit by her controversial election rules which were rubber-stamped into law through CO Attorney General Phil Weiser.

It is unclear whether the Mesa County DA has sole responsibility to investigate the criminal violations. Alternatives include whether the matter must be referred to Federal authorities, the Colorado Attorney General, or every state jurisdiction affected by the technical discovery. The next outstanding question is whether Mesa County Commissioners have any liability for failing to investigate and submit the report’s findings to the authorities as required by§ 18-8-105.

Mesa County Commissioner Rowland now faces a dilemma. On one hand, she is on the record interrogating Mesa County citizens in a hearing where the Commissioners apparently invited both press and anti-election integrity industry insiders.  During the hearing, Rowland aggressively pressed why citizens didn’t “bring the proof [of fraud] to the authorities.” At the time, citizens explained that the production of the evidence Rowland was demanding required an investigation of the machines, which citizens had previously requested.  On the other hand, at the time of Rowland’s irrational demands, she knew access to the voting machines was impossible, given the equipment was sequestered. 

In the County Commissioner’s public hearing on September 20th McInnes stepped into the breach (~25:00) claiming Peters’ report was “anonymous” insinuating there was no official report author. Instead of McInnes successfully bashing the report that clearly is proof of criminal activity, McInnes showed he didn’t completely read; or grasp the contents of the report. McInnes beclowned himself by claiming the “goal posts have been moved” as damning election malfeasance evidence piled-up in succession over months. It appears McInnes lost the plot, or doesn’t care.

In a final attempt to disparage Peters, McInnes repeated false accusations by Secretary of State Jena Griswold.  The false claim is Peters leaked passwords during her legal back up of election systems. McInnes is weak on the facts.  It was Griswold who was in sole custody of the BIOS passwords in question; she bears the responsibility to prove she or her office didn’t lose control of their passwords.  Mesa County Commissioners continue to show their fecklessness, dishonesty, and lack of understanding given the report Peters delivered was a courtesy initial version.  The official report filed in Peters defense pleadings is complete with any information Rowland, McInnes or Davis claim falsely, to be missing.

Since May, citizens across Colorado have been asking Clerks to delay the “Trusted Build” to preserve election records and afford citizens the opportunity to conduct an independent forensic audit. But the shadow emerged of a coordinated campaign by the Secretary of State and the Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA) leadership, to deprive citizens of knowledge of the “Trusted Build” schedule, and to cajole and coerce reluctant Clerks El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman and Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes, the President of the CCCA. Both claimed in meetings with citizens that the Secretary of State’s and the Colorado Attorney General’s Offices issued formal warnings to them advising against allowing citizen access election records for audits, including electronic records generating from the Dominion voting systems; or they would be “sued.”

The result of forensic analysis of Mesa County’s system backups completely upends the accusations against Peters.  It’s now clear Griswold’s and the media’s initial characterization of Peters was patently false.  Peters acted in good faith, despite immense pressure from Griswold’s false accusations in what appears to be intentional attempts to coerce and intimidate her.

Also destroyed are current and former Secretaries of State Wayne Williams, and Griswold’s claims to “Gold Standard” security for Colorado elections. The expert report proves serious crimes were committed by Peters’ accusers and may save or implicate other Colorado County Clerks. Given this proof, County Clerks across Colorado are at risk of being responsible for election crimes simply for trusting Matt Crane the Executive Director of the CCCA, The Secretary of State Jena Griswold, and electronic voting machine vendors.

The report bears serious legal implications beyond Peters’ defense case and Griswold’s motivations to focus law enforcement resources on Peters. Now voting system vendors, the voting system testing lab, and U.S. Election Assistance Commission officials may have some explaining to do.

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UPDATE: Mesa County Colorado Forensic Image of Dominion Machine Reveals Election Files Were illegally Deleted

by Allen Williams

Some real fallout from Secretary of state Jena Griswold's raid of the Mesa county Clerk's office headed by Tina Peters. The law requires Griswold and company to provide a list of any items removed during the secretary of state raid on Tina Peter's office during the Aug. 10th incident but her office has nothing from the SOS that I'm aware of.

Griswold claims in a Salon article that Tina Peters leaked voting system passwords to a 'far-right' blog. Really? I thought elections were to be transparent so what other agenda is Griswold advocating?

Jena, I don't think you have any credibility as an elected official when you wait until Peters is en-route to Mike Lindell's Cyber symposium where it was revealed in the late afternoon of the second day that Images of the Mesa county Dominion voting machine had election files deleted. Files that are required to be kept by federal law for 22 months after any election.

UPDATE 8/23/21: Yesterday on Mike Lindell's 6:00 pm report he suggested to Colorado residents that they can request email copies of any correspondence between the Secretary of state and Dominion voting systems (including forensic images of the machines themselves) and proposals such as the 'Trusted Build' under the state's CORA statue (Colorado Open Records Act). Within hours Tina reported back that the Secretary was telling the state's clerks how they could avoid providing this information.

Tina also related that two of her assistants were sent home (placed under administrative leave) pending a criminal investigation. The only way to remove Tina is to charge her with some crime(s) or implicate one of her assistants.  What the hell kind of S.O.S. is this Jena Griswold? Why isn't she being investigated? END Update

The media is all over this, as usual doing damage control and making more of the usual meaningless accusations such as the clerk being a Trump supporter. As If everyone is supposed to believe that is relevant to anything.

In the picture below, Dr.Douglas Frank  reveals deletion of data logs from the County's election machine on the 2nd day of the symposium. Unfortunately, my screen capture photos are not very readable. 

Symposium *Left-side screen display showing Dominion files before the "Trusted Build' update

Symposium *Right-side screen display showing Dominion files after the 'Trusted Build' update. You either have to be a total moron or a 'trusted useful idiot' to believe there is any valid reason for deletion of election software from a voting machine for other than covering up fraud that's already been perpetrated or to thwart a forensic audit.

Original SCR Shot

Improved Screen Shot from a 2nd Lindell Mesa Country Dominion presentation. What to look for..The photo below shows in better detail what the Dominion 'Trusted Build' did. Look on the left side of the Windows image for the directory "Documents and Settings". Then look down about 5 directories until you see "Logs'. Then move down just a few more sub directories until you see a blue highlighted directory. Now everything on the right hand side of the bar are the files contained in this directory before the 'upgrade' Looks like quite a few.  Now move to the right hand side of the same photo where the two log directoris are horizontally aligned. Then observe that the 'Trusted Build' deleted everything but six files in the directory database! This is a violation of federal law.

Same Cyber Symposium screen shot (better detail) showing the Windows based Dominion system 'Trusted Build" upgrade deleting a lot of log files. The number I heard was at least a hundred some of these were from the last three election years. So now we can't know if there was evidence of fraud before Nov. 3, 2020

In the symposium screen shot below Dr. Douglas Frank points out all the files that were deleted in the 'trusted update'

Another interesting slide below from the after 'Trusted build' update by Dominion shows the existence of IPv6 remote log files demonstrating outside or remote access via the internet. Remember in every case where Dominion is asked, they claim their machines are not connected to the Internet.The Cyber experts showed that three years worth of log files were deleted in the 'Trusted update'. WHY?

What's more important. determining whether fair and valid elections are or were held in Colorado or pumping out bullshit about the Clerk releasing passwords that only the secretary of state has? Why has Jena issued a series of emails telling the state's clerks that there are to be NO audits in any of the Colorado counties? Maybe because Jena is afraid of exactly what happened at Lindell's symposium might be confirmed in other counties. Maybe Griswold should talk to Dominion's Mellissa Carone who witnessed real Dominion fraud in Michigan's election and filed an affidavit to that effect.

Why isn't anyone asking the secretary about the plan to implement 'ranked choice' or fractional voting (weighted Gregory method)?  In this method you get some percent of your own vote while somebody else gets the rest of it under social justice or other status themes.  This is a hack attempt to rid the country of one person one award votes based on social criteria which is UN-American..

Tina still has not received a list of what the S.O.S. took when they raided her office when she wason the way to Mike Lindell's cyber symposium.

The Colorado secretary of state needs to be removed from office.