Johnson County FIRST!

by Charlotte O'Hara

Here we are in the final days of our campaign and the choice is EXTREMELY clear for the good people of Johnson County: do we want regionalism on steroids decimating our property rights? Or do we want Johnson County to remain the jewel of the U.S.A. with single family neighborhoods being the foundation of our success?

 My opponent, endorsed by the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, is heavily influenced by its power brokers. Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA and yes, they want the empty buses to continue running around Johnson County) is one of those.

 KCATA has “found” in our 1966 Bi-State Compact the authority to come to Kansas (read Johnson County) and use eminent domain to transfer private property to private developers to build high density apartment projects along transit routes and to issue bonds for these projects with terms of up to 30 years. AND these projects will be property tax EXEMPT for the term of the bonds, again up to 30 years!!! While YOU will shoulder the costs of providing services for these projects through HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES.

 In the 2022 Kansas Legislative session SB338 (see footnote) was carried by Senator Mike Thompson, at my request, to stop the KCATA in their tracks from implementing their land grabbing scheme here in Johnson County. However, it did not get out of committee. Senator

Thompson and I will be back in the 2023 session to get this important piece of legislation passed to protect single family neighborhoods in Johnson County.

 The question is would my opponent stand and fight against KCATA’s land grab for high density apartment projects? Absolutely not!!! MY OPPONENT is the Chairman of Climate Action KC and his agenda and vision is REGIONALISM with both stack and pack apartment projects and transit as the centerpiece, putting as many of us as possible in apartments and out of our cars by 2050.

 I will fight for OUR VISION for Johnson County, tree lined residential streets interspersed with retail and office buildings and areas set aside for other commercial development, not stack and pack apartment and heavy industrial Panasonic type projects both subsidized with forever tax incentives.

 You don’t believe it can happen? Go talk to the good folks in Prairie Village who are currently fighting to maintain single family zoning for their neighborhoods. Racist is what they are being called. Why? because they are standing strong for their property rights.

 Abolishing R-1 single family zoning is simply another step in the process of transforming our county. It has happened in California and it is beginning to happen here in Johnson County.

 The time to fight is now. Vote for Charlotte O’Hara, I will stand strong with YOU and I will put Johnson County FIRST.

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SB 338 | Bills and Resolutions | Kansas State Legislature

Restricting property and sales tax exemptions on property leased by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to a private developer.

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