POLICE ABUSES ..excessive force or raiding wrong homes

35 Capitol Police Officers Under Investigation, 6 Suspended for Letting Protesters inside US Capitol — The Same Protesters Who Were Later Arrested for Entering US Capitol

WATCH: Woman Awarded $325K after Cops Beat her on Beach for not Providing Name.

Chicago Police Raided Wrong House, Terrorized Innocent, Naked Woman—and Hid the Body Cam Footage

Abuse of Force: Body camera video shows man tased 11 times by Glendale officers

Federal Law Enforcement Arrested for Trading in Child Rape

Fox Bombshell: Peter Strzok’s FBI Mistress Lisa Page Worked for Clinton, According to Text Messages

Cop Costs Taxpayers $60,000 And One (1) Drug Bust After Lying About Almost Everything Related To The Traffic Stop

Multiple Cops Indicted for Policy of Framing Innocent Black People to Make Dept Look Good

Pennsylvania Cops Abusing A Bad Law To Arrest People For Saying Angry Things To Them

Police falsely accuse man of smoking... illegally detain him..

Cops Tell woman she can't pray in her own home

Dirty Cop Rosenstein Won’t Allow Grassley to Interview Agent Pientka Who Knows DOJ Likely Altered Mike Flynn’s Testimony

Cop Mistakes Autism for Drug Use, Beats Innocent Child on Video—Taxpayers to Be Held Liable

AZ Cops Caught on Camera Beating Man for Refusing to Sit on Ground

Clear Violation of Policy’: Footage of Miami Cop Brutally Kicking Man in Head Goes Viral (Video)

Drunk Cop Assaults Couple, Then Sues City Citing ‘Violation Of Rights’

Man Shot by Texas Cops for Burglarizing Own Truck Shot Again After Resisting Anal Search

Federal Judge Says St. Louis Police Targeted Protesters for Retaliation

Rutherford Institute Sues Police Over 'Broken Taillight' Traffic Stop That Resulted in Driver Being Punched, Beaten, Arrested and Hospitalized

Police Kick Off Program to Warrantlessly Test Saliva to Check for “Drugged Driving”

Michigan State Police have begun a year-long pilot program, being held in five Michigan counties, to warrantlessly test the saliva of drivers…

WATCH: Cops Respond to Bank Robber by Shooting His Hostage 9 Times

Since 2016, Cops have Killed 3 Times as Many Citizens Than 4 Decades of Mass Shootings COMBINED

Don’t Call the Cops If You’re Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old

Disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers.