AdventHealth (formerly Shawnee Mission, KS) E. R. is a trip to Hell and a vicious Racket (Update)

by Allen Williams

AdventHealth (formerlyShawnee Mission, KS) E. R. is a trip to Hell and a vicious Racket

I reluctantly decided to share my recent healthcare experience with this Sitejabber publication so that the public may understand both the deterioration of the healthcare system itself along with an expectation of what it will be like if Biden’s deal with the World Health Organization takes affect. My experience occurred when I regrettably had a loss of vertigo accompanied by a moderate cold, a perfect opportunity for today’s predatory healthcare enterprise.

Don’t expect the ER to do anything meaningful for you as they are best suited to processing comatose or dead individuals Failure in recognizing a simple loss of vertigo didn’t inspire my confidence or relieve the angst I felt from the transport experience.  Everyone needs to recognize that personal healthcare from disinterested 3rd party services IS simply NOT possible in today’s global society.  It is an individual responsibility to know your own health condition as much as possible and trusting in God for the necessary wisdom before surrendering it to other people.

I nearly for got to mention the ambulance service, several days ago their bill showed up.. $991 dollars for a 10 or 15 minute ride to a hospital I didn't need. My challenge to them is below:

Covid Quick reference Guide..How you may be able to avoid the Hospital

Covid 19 Quick Reference Guide from Citizen's Council for Health Freedom.  Download for your own Health and Security preparedness.


Most Americans have no idea what to do to prepare for COVID-19 or how to protect themselves.This step-by-step COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide is meant to help you prepare yourself and protect your life.


1. COVID-19 is a clotting disease. COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is an inflammatory and clottingdisease. It is not a lung disease. “If you don’t stop the clotting, the patient’s dead,” says Dr. Darrell DeMello, MD, who has treated more than 6,000 patients in India, with only 35 hospitalizations and 14 deaths (all of them with diabetes). NOTE: Omicron variant may turn out to be less virulent.

2. The first seven days are critically important. “It’s just a viral disease for a week; then it’s an inflammatory disease,” said Dr. Richard Urso, MD.* He says, “People don’t die of the virus. They die of inflammation. They die of thrombosis [clotting].”1 “Covid is a 14-day disease,” says DeMello. “Week 1 leads up to the tsunami [cytokine storm]. The tsunami sets off the damage. The damage is clotting. Clotting really occurs between day 8 to day 10, and up to day 11, if you haven’t had clotting you’re pretty much on the road to recovery.” Therefore, don’t delay seeking treatment.

3. You have effective options to protect yourself: To reduce infection and death: 1) begin prophylaxis to prevent infection (e.g., ivermectin, dilute hydrogen-peroxide or povidone-iodine nasal rinses, certain antiseptic mouth washes) or 2) To stop viral replication, seek early and aggressive treatment as soon as symptoms begin, including dilute povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide nasal rinses to kill the virus where it’s replicating. If successful, this will prevent your body’s immune system from going into overdrive (inflammatory cytokine storm) and prevent clotting (microthrombosis). The Danger: Early treatment is best, preferably as early as possible, and no later than 7 days after symptoms.

However, many doctors and other practitioners are not providing early treatment and may instead ask you to go home and wait. Refuse to do so. Delay can be deadly. If the virus continues to replicate and your immune system cannot kill the virus on its own, you may end up in the hospital with difficulty breathing, the cytokine storm in full swing, and clot formation. Death may occur if the process is not reversed.

Safe, inexpensive, repurposed anti-viral, anti-inflammation, anti-clotting treatments may not be as effective if used late in the disease, yet some hospitals refuse to even try them (e.g., ivermectin, fluvoxamine). As a result, oxygen supplementation may become necessary, but mechanical ventilation should be avoided. THEREFORE, begin prophylaxis and/or pull together an Early Treatment Kit to prevent your disease fromprogressing to inflammation and clotting—and the dangers of hospitalization and mechanical ventilation.

Early treatments are effective, especially when guided by the medical management of a physician committed to early and aggressive treatment. Medications and supplements alone or in combination can prevent the dangerous cytokine storm and hospitalization. The list of potential medications includes, but is not limited to:

• ivermectin • hydroxychloroquine • fluvoxamine
• nebulized budesonide • colchicine • azithromycin
• doxycycline • statins • aspirin
• clopidogrel • fenofibrate • melatonin
• methylprednisolone • prednisone • vitamins C and D3

Federal Judge Grants Temporary Injunction to Group of Navy SEALs Seeking Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccine

by Jim Hoft

United States District Judge Reed O’Connor granted a temporary injunction to a group of Navy SEALsfrom the Biden COVID vaccine mandate based on their requested religious exemptions.

Judge O’Connor was appointed by George W. Bush in 2007.

The AP reported:

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas today issued a preliminary injunction, stopping the Department of Defense from punishing military service members who have religious objections to the vaccine mandate. First Liberty Institute filed a federal lawsuit and motion for preliminary injunction on behalf of dozens of U.S. Navy SEALs and other Naval Special Warfare personnel against the Biden Administration and the Department of Defense for their refusal to grant religious accommodations to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The court’s order can be read here.

“Forcing a service member to choose between their faith and serving their country is abhorrent to the Constitution and America’s values,” said Mike Berry, General Counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Punishing SEALs for simply asking for a religious accommodation is purely vindictive and punitive. We’re pleased that the court has acted to protect our brave warriors before more damage is done to our national security.”

Georgia hospital weaponizes Biden’s vax mandate, holds couple against their will for days

by Leo Hohmann

A petition drive may have helped save the lives of two Georgia residents who were trapped in a hospital that refused to respect their daughter’s power of attorney and release them to another medical facility that would administer critical life-saving treatments.

Joseph and Beverly Rickels were both admitted to Piedmont Hospital in Cartersville, Georgia, on Sunday, Sept. 12, diagnosed with Covid-related pneumonia. The condition of both husband and wife has now deteriorated to the point where both are receiving oxygen. Joseph is in critical condition.

LifeSite News, a conservative media organization, asked people Thursday to sign a petition requesting the governor to step in and allow the daughter to get her parents out of Piedmont Hospital and into another facility that will give the treatments they need.

Shockingly, the attending physician said that she would not release the patients to their daughter’s care unless she (the daughter) proves she is vaccinated.

See our previous article explaining how hospitals nationwide are complying with top-down CDC guidelines focused on a vaccine-exclusive approach that is actually killing people.

Word came late Friday afternoon, Sept. 17, that the petition campaign was yielding results. Officials at Piedmont Hospital had finally conceded to let the couple see any doctor of their choice who could come to the hospital and give them the treatment they requested, but that decision came days late and only after extensive public pressure had been applied on the hospital, Steve Jalsevec, president and co-founder of LifeSite News, told

“Crucial time was lost in dealing with their obstinance and denying the use of critical medications that are known to work all around the world, and then they wouldn’t release the patients to their daughter who had power of attorney, simply because she was unvaccinated,” Jalsevec said.

The LifeSite email alert sent out Thursday asked readers to “urgently CONTACT Governor Brian Kemp to intervene in this case and demand that Piedmont Hospital respect the power of attorney of their daughter, and the desire of Joseph and Beverly Rickels to be moved to another location to receive the care of their choice.”

The couple’s daughter, Courtney Rimmer, has power of attorney, which should, by law, allow her to make decisions for her parents, both of whom indicated they agree to the move.

You can still call or email the Governor’s Office to let him know your displeasure on how this hospital is failing its patients. The number is (404) 656-1776.

The Rickels have the right to receive fully-approved, known safe alternative treatments such as Ivermectin, and this hospital did not respect their duly-appointed power of attorney, as well as medical privacy, until it was possibly too late.

If Piedmont is denying critical treatment to the Rickels, they are likely doing the same to other Covid patients. This must stop.

It might also be a good idea to contact Georgia State Attorney General Chris Carr to ask that his office investigate the medical tyranny that is overtaking Georgia’s hospitals. The Attorney General’s number is: (404) 458-3600.

If this can happen to the Rickels, it can happen to anyone.

Piedmont Healthcare is a private nonprofit operating 16 hospitals and hundreds of clinics throughout Georgia.

The hospital chain claims on its website factsheet to “provide safe, compassionate, convenient, and high-quality care across 16 hospitals, 50 Piedmont Urgent Care centers, 25 QuickCare locations, 610 Piedmont Clinic physician practice locations and more than 2,770 Piedmont Clinic members.”

If Piedmont is truly interested in “high-quality, compassionate care,” it would not have delayed the administering of critical treatments to the Rickels. It would not need to receive dozens of calls and/or emails to remind them how to make such basic good-faith decisions. And it certainly would not be asking for the vaccine status of a worried daughter before honoring her wishes as power of attorney for her parents.

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