AdventHealth (formerly Shawnee Mission, KS) E. R. is a trip to Hell and a vicious Racket (Update)

by Allen Williams

AdventHealth (formerlyShawnee Mission, KS) E. R. is a trip to Hell and a vicious Racket

I reluctantly decided to share my recent healthcare experience with this Sitejabber publication so that the public may understand both the deterioration of the healthcare system itself along with an expectation of what it will be like if Biden’s deal with the World Health Organization takes affect. My experience occurred when I regrettably had a loss of vertigo accompanied by a moderate cold, a perfect opportunity for today’s predatory healthcare enterprise.

Don’t expect the ER to do anything meaningful for you as they are best suited to processing comatose or dead individuals Failure in recognizing a simple loss of vertigo didn’t inspire my confidence or relieve the angst I felt from the transport experience.  Everyone needs to recognize that personal healthcare from disinterested 3rd party services IS simply NOT possible in today’s global society.  It is an individual responsibility to know your own health condition as much as possible and trusting in God for the necessary wisdom before surrendering it to other people.

I nearly for got to mention the ambulance service, several days ago their bill showed up.. $991 dollars for a 10 or 15 minute ride to a hospital I didn't need. My challenge to them is below: