Woke Oberlin College is hit with FOUR MILLION DOLLARS in interest charges for dragging its heels in paying $36m defamation damages to family-run bakery over false racism claims

By Andrea Cavallier and Natasha Anderson For Dailymail.Com
  • Oberlin College has been hit with $4 million in interest fees for refusing to pay the $36 million it owes to a family-run bakery  
  • Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio is struggling to survive after Oberlin College students and faculty member Meredith Raimondo accused its staff of racism 
  • Despite the allegations being proven false, students continue to boycott
  • The 137 year-old bakery continues to struggle financially because of the incident
  • Owner Allyn Gibson and his son, David Gibson, have since passed while the family awaits a $33million settlement from Oberlin College
A woke Ohio college now faces paying $4 million in interest on top of $36 million in damages to a family-run bakery it almost destroyed with false racism allegations.

Oberlin College was last month told it must pay the additional fee - equivalent to around $4,000-a-day for each of the 1,000 days it has refused to pony up - to Gibson's Bakery, The Chronicle reported. 

Oberlin College led by one of its disgraced ex-deans, Meredith Raimondo, lied that the bakery's staff had racially-profiled three black students in 2016, despite the trio later admitting shoplifting.

That sparked a boycott and protests - led by a bullhorn-waving Raimondo - that almost destroyed Gibson's, who successfully won a defamation payout in 2019. 

But Oberlin has refused to pay up, and asked for another stay in paying the Gibsons what they're owed because of a pending appeal against the ruling against them.

That appeal is set to be heard by the Ohio Supreme Court, after two lower courts rejected Oberlin's attempts to slither out of paying the Gibsons. 

Lawyers for the Gibson family say Oberlin failed to file the correct paperwork to justify their latest delaying tactic, and must pay up. The legal stalemate continues for now.  

The Gibson family, who owns the 137 year-old bakery, won damages after a jury found they suffered horrific stress as a result of Oberlin's lies and involvement in the boycotting of the business. 

Family-run Gibsons Bakery is struggling to hold on after a woke Ohio college pushed a false narrative of racism encouraged the community to boycott the establishment and ceased its food contracts with the shopimg img alt Facebook`
Gibson's Bakery was quiet during a visit by DailyMail.com in April 2022. Family members were too upset to discuss their ordeal at the hands of Oberlin, but their lawyer said it had cost them business and forced them to lay-off staff 

Former Dean of Students and Vice President Meredith Raimondo stoked protests against Gibson's Bakery following the shoplifting incident, even though the claims were found to be totally false. She has since been blamed for much of the behavior that has seen Oberlin ordered to pay $35 million for defamation, with Raimondo since moving to a college in Atlanta