Six FBI Agents Accused of Soliciting Prostitution, Trafficking Drugs While on Overseas Assignments

Six FBI agents have been accused of criminal activities related to overseas assignments, including drug trafficking, soliciting prostitutes, and failure to report interactions on behalf of foreign nationals, according to CNN.

The allegations come from the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General, which released a report on Tuesday accusing four agents of directly engaging in prostitution while they were on official business in another country, and subsequently lying about it. A fifth agent is also accused of having “solicited commercial sex overseas,” while a sixth is accused of having knowledge of this misconduct but failing to report it.

One of the agents in question is additionally accused of giving another agent a package containing “approximately 100 white pills,” with instructions to deliver them to a foreign law enforcement officer.

Over the course of the Inspector General’s investigation, two of the agents in question resigned, another two retired, and one was removed from their position.