Jan. 6 committee hearing liars EDITED OUT FOOTAGE last night of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland’s death FROM KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY! See LEAKED VIDEO HERE!!

by Cara Castronuova

(Natural News) Treacherous treasonous criminals!! The UNSELECT January 6th Committee disgraced themselves and the nation on Primetime TV last night. They brought British filmmaker Nick Quested onto the stand as one of their key witnesses and presented his footage to the public EDITED in the most manipulated fashion possible to leave out the most compelling content he shot that day- THE BODIES OF UNITED STATES VETERAN ASHLI BABBITT AND ROSANNE BOYLAND!

Do they think Americans are stupid?

A more complete version of Quested’s footage was released by a source to the public this morning. It contains never-before-seen footage of Rosanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt’s bodies.

“The harder the January 6th Committee pushes their phony narrative, the more their deceit will reveal itself,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.

Please share this tweet below far and wide. It contains the footage above plus more:

The @January6thCmte edited @nickquested's footage deliberately to deceive the American public. Footage of protestors trying to save Roseanne Boyland's life and of their scolding the police for murdering Ashli Babbitt was removed because it doesn't support the official narrative.

Replying to
@elonmusk, do not let the Twitter communist take this video down. The American Public deserves to know the truth regarding January 6th!

“The January 6th Committee maliciously and deceptively edited Nick Quested’s footage,” said leading J6 Attorney Joseph McBride. “It was for the specific purpose of casting the events of that day in the worst possible light, which is exactly how the Department of Justice introduces evidence in court.”

The Unselect Committee Hearing promised “never-before-seen footage” to the public by videographer and hearing witness Nick Quested. That footage was carefully edited on last night’s broadcast to make Trump Supporters look unhinged and violent for no reason.

There was an explanation to the group of protesters’ anger during this specific West Capitol Steps sequence featured on last night’s Primetime Propaganda Special that was seen by the Unselect Misinformation Committee (yet they maliciously edited it out with the intent to manipulate the American public to fit their narrative). These outraged protestors had witnessed the beating of Rosanne Boyland by DC Metro Police with a stick and were trying to save her life as police prevented them at first from getting near her unconscious body

“They omitted footage that shows protestors coming to the aid of Rosanne Boyland,” said McBride. “These men fought to save her life, tried to resuscitate her after she lost consciousness, and watched her die. All of this speaks to the state of mind of the people in the crowd.  All of this supports the conclusion that protestors had a right to defend themselves and each other from abject police brutality.  The Committee does not want the public to know about any of this.  And that is exactly why the Committee removed these powerful scenes from their presentation.”

Mystery Surrounding Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter Deepens as Curious Details About “Capitol Police” Emerge

 by Revolver News

On January 6th, an unarmed 14-year vet and American patriot by the name of Ashli Babbitt was murdered inside the US Capitol.

Ashli was shot in the neck by a federal officer. The DC coroner listed the cause of death as a “homicide.”

And since that fateful day, Ashli’s murder has been shrouded in mystery.

Unlike other high-profile police incidents, like George Floyd and Daunte Wright, Ashli’s killer-cop has never been named. We have no idea who he is. All we officially know about this federal officer is that he will not be charged with Ashli’s murder.

During an investigation that appears to have been conducted under a cloak of extreme secrecy, it was determined there wasn’t “sufficient evidence to support criminal prosecution.”

Isn’t that convenient?

From The Wall Street Journal:

The police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol won’t face federal criminal charges in connection with her death, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

Federal prosecutors examined video footage on social media, interviewed the officer and other witnesses, gathered evidence from the scene and studied autopsy results, officials said.

“Based on that investigation, officials determined that there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution,” the Justice Department said in a statement announcing the closure of its probe.

It’s a baffling conclusion when you look at the criminal justice circus we’re watching unfold in Minneapolis with the Derek Chauvin trial. That officer is facing a murder charge involving a man who ingested enough Fentanyl to kill a herd of elephants.

The fact that we don’t know this officer’s name is concerning enough, but what’s equally concerning is that we don’t even know what agency he belongs to.

Was this officer part of the Capitol Police force?

Well, the secrecy surrounding the case would suggest that yes perhaps he was, but we’re only speculating.

Everything is a mystery when it comes to the Capitol Police because they operate under a totally different set of rules.

Thanks to their buddies in Congress, the U.S. Capitol Police do not follow the same public reporting or transparency protocols that most other major police forces do.

For example, if someone is shot outside the Capitol by a DC police officer, the department is required by law to release the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

The Capitol Police force is not required to release the names of officers involved in any shooting, and most-often times they choose to withhold that information from the public.

Not to mention, Capitol Police are also under no obligation to respond to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.