Public awakening as Mel K and Patriot Michael Jaco Discuss Deep State Lies and manipulation

MEL K joins Michael Jaco for a discussion on the deep state great awakening. Mel K enjoins the great patriot hero Michael Jaco to expose the Deep State
lies and their manipulation of human consciousness. A no holds barred truth telling session every to hear, dig into, and expose. This
one needs to hear. is the second American Revolution… Positively informative!

The Anatomy of a Stolen Election - The Fraud Cannot Stand

By Larry Johnson

With each passing day the evidence of electoral fraud in the Presidential election mounts. Other than the excellent reporting by the Gateway Pundit team, most of the media—both print and electronic—are engaged in a full blown propaganda campaign to try to persuade the American public that claims of fraud are debunked conspiracy theories. Not since the bad old days of the Soviet Union have we witnessed such contemptible lying. Compared to Baghdad Bob’s denial that US tanks had overrun Iraq—the equivalent of a grenade exploding–the current campaign of falsehoods is comparable to a fleet of B52s dropping hydrogen bombs.

The Democrat plan to steal the election went beyond the old tactics of voting the graveyard. This time it included manufactured ballots with only old Joe Biden’s name attached and voting machines that would count those ballots in multiples while counting Donald Trump votes as less than one. All of these machines had a software backdoor that was accessed by Democrat operatives and their Silicon Valley helpers as well as the Chinese.

Using this combination of manufactured ballots and machine manipulation, the results in six key states are fraudulent and more than sufficient to prove that the Fraudulent votes exceeded Biden’s alleged margin of victory in each of these states:

PENNSYLVANIA (20 Electoral votes)

Biden + 81,000 votes

Fraudulent: 121,000 votes

(10 Electoral votes)

Biden + 20,000 votes

Fraudulent 200,000 votes

(11 Electoral votes)

Biden 10,000 votes


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