Democrats Continue the Effort to steal the 2020 Election in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

by Staff

Trump has been forced to sue several states because of mail-in voter fraud.

3:10 PM: Georgia:

In the affidavit, Jessica Connarn, a member of the Michigan state bar from Bloomfield Hills, said a person counting absentee ballots in Detroit told her that workers were “changing the dates the ballots were received.”

“When I approached the poll worker, she stated to me that she was being told to change the date on ballots to reflect that the ballots were received on an earlier date,” Connarn says in the affidavit.

When Connarn tried to get additional information out of this poll worker, she was “yelled at by the other poll workers working at her table,” who then told her she needed to leave and stop talking to the poll worker.

Connarn was not the only poll watcher to get denied access to that particular polling center, as multiple poll watchers were denied access due to coronavirus restrictions, WDIV reported.

Michigan USPS Whistleblower Details Directive To Back-Date Mail-In Ballots, Nov 3

‘Separate them from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with yesterdays date’

The Trump campaign is set to make a “major announcement” in Las Vegas Thursday morning at the Clark County Election Department.

Ric Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, will hold the press conference to announce that the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit seeking to count every "legal" vote, alleging that at least 10,000 people who no longer live in the state voted, reports Fox News.

The Nevada Republican Party announced Thursday evening that its legal team has sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department regarding alleged voter fraud in the Silver State’s 2020 presidential election and predicted the number of instances of fraud will grow in the coming days.

“Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud,” the Nevada GOP’s official account wrote on Twitter. “We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.”

In a call with reporters Thursday morning, campaign manager Bill Stepien called the ruling from Fizzanno Cannon a “major victory” and said it would also allow the campaign to review counting that has already occurred.

The president had a 400,000-ballot lead in the commonwealth on Wednesday, but that has shrunk as more mail-in ballots are tabulated and he now has an edge of 135,000 votes.

“The media and the insiders in the city, they’ve been trying to count Donald Trump out for years,” Stepien told reporters on a call.

The National Guard is assisting in the tallying of thousands of absentee ballots in Wisconsin. 

Polling officials in the state’s Outagamie County have asked for at least 22 of the roughly 400 National Guardsmen activated in Wisconsin to assist with transcribing thousands of misprinted absentee ballots into clean ballots, according to a local Fox News station.

As many as 13,500 such ballots will have to be transcribed in the state's Outagamie and Calumet counties. 

The effort follows the state Supreme Court declining to issue a ruling on such ballots.