Allied Security Operations Group Audit of Michigan Dominion Voting Machines

by Allen Williams

Matt Deperno the first attorney in the nation to win a court decision to audit dominion voting machines 

Here is the actual PDF file from the Allied Security Operations Group in the court sanctioned audit of Dominion in Antrim county.
Is this fraud just limited to Michigan? I think not.

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: MI County GOP Chair and Lawyer Haider Kazim Withdraws From Antrim Co. Voter Fraud Case After Fighting Yesterday To Stop It…Called For “Ban of Dominion Voting System and Hardware” Only 5 Months Ago

by Patty McMurray

Yesterday, we reported about the hearing in the Antrim County, MI, voter fraud case, where Judge Kevin J. Elsenheimer heard arguments from Erik Grill, Assistant Attorney General, to the radical Attorney General Dana Nessel, representing  MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and Antrim County Attorney and Chair of the Grand Traverse Republican Party, Haider Kazim, who were both fighting to dismiss the election fraud lawsuit. Constitutional Attorney Matt Deperno of DePerno Law, who represents the plaintiff, William Bailey, has been fighting to expand the case.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – In March, Attorney Matt DePerno subpoenaed 8 clerks in key counties in Michigan: Barry, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne. In his subpoenas, DePerno asked to have access to their poll tapes, ballots, logs, tally servers, election management servers, election media, spreadsheets, and canvasser notes from the 2020 election. The judge denied their requests after all 8 counties filed motions to quash his request. In Grand Traverse County, Haider Kazim and Michigan’s dishonest Democrat Secretary of State filed a joint motion to quash DePerno’s request.

In our previous report, we asked why the Grand Traverse Republican Party chair would be fighting so hard in court to stop the investigation into voter fraud in Antrim County? We asked what could possibly be in it for Mr. Hazim to stop the voter fraud case from moving forward?

Less than 24 hours after we outed Mr. Kazim’s seemingly duplicitous role as the Chair of the Grand Traverse County Republican Party and the attorney fighting have the voter fraud case in Antrim County dismissed—Mr. Kazim withdrew from the case.

DePerno Denied Additional Discovery But Antrim Lawsuit Still In Play

The judge in the Antrim County lawsuit says he will not allow discovery entered late in the game, saying “discovery is closed.” Previously, DePerno had requested discovery to expand to other counties but, on Monday, DePerno requested an expansion to other townships within Antrim County. The judge stated that “the court rules require us to move precipitously…and I advised attorneys at the beginning” of that expeditious timeline. The hearing can be viewed here.

We have discovered the actual fraud and subversion in the Antrim County election. Did it occur statewide? May 10 docs:

Attorney Matt DePerno filed a supplemental brief for Monday’s hearing for the Antrim County election lawsuit with 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer.  In the brief, DePerno claims that the Mar. 26, 2021 analysis by expert Alex Halderman has been debunked by the testimony from expert witness Jeffrey Lenberg, as reported by UncoverDC on May 7....