Comatose People to be Declared Dead for Use as Organ Donors..What could possibly go wrong?

by Allen Williams

Comatose People to be Declared Dead for Use as Organ Donors..What could possibly go wrong?

Uh Oh! What about hospital induced comas? Once you’re in one, nobody is going to care or investigate the situation. Do we Really WANT TO GO DOWN THIS ROAD? This is a perfect opportunity for the American Mengele clinics to sell your organs to the highest bidder. This will rapidly become a way of disposing of criminal and political opponents very much like what the Chinese do now. Nobody’s life will be worth a plugged nickel !

There will be a whole new trafficking industry created around it if this law passes with abortions dropping off. This is a direct assault on God and believe me it won’t bode well for any of us. So Rock on Dr. Strangelove…hell isn’t even half full yet!

[American Thinker] — The law that redefined death in 1981, referred to as the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA), is being revised. The UDDA states that death by neurologic criteria must consist of “irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brainstem.” (Image: Pixabay)


In the interest of preventing lawsuits, the AAN is asking that the neurologic criteria of death be loosened even further and standardized across the United States. The revised UDDA is referred to as the RUDDAThe term “permanent” is being defined to mean that physicians do not intend to act to reverse the patient’s condition. Thus, people in a coma whose prognosis is death will be declared dead under this new standard…

And this statement infers a death diagnosis WITHOUT a second OPINION. The more likely you possess a rare blood typo with good organs could mean a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) FORM is added to your medical chart. And anybody in the medical profession can add it if you are worth more dead than alive. Think about it.. it’s already occurred in hospitals during the Covid Pandemic