Exclusive: Mike Lindell to Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair !

by Patriots Staff

This is encouraging but Mike said he would make the final decision after the ‘Thanks-a-Thon’. But There is no body better qualified to head the RNC, certainly a dramatic improvement over Haley Barbour and Michael Steele.  If Lindell is half as dedicated to running the RNC as MyPillow, it should be very successful. He already is a big improvement over the current RNC hack Ronna McDaniel.

Best Wishes Mike!!


Maricopa County Roving Attorney Observations Report Nov 8, 2022

by Mark Sonnenklar

Ten to eighteen RNC attorneys were involved in monitoring the Arizona 2022 election. Below is an exact copy of this report. It has been posted on 'SCRIBE D'.  A very important report by roving RNC attorneys covering AZ voting locations in the recent election demonstrating systemic corruption. The link I've included allows you to download a copy for yourself. You are fee to circulate is as you see fit; the more the better.  The news media certainly isn't going to reveal that these voting machines are a clever way to select candidates that the elites want and that translates to NO populist candidates at anytime.

The full report is also available on the Daily Caller site: https://dailycaller.com/2022/11/21/maricopa-maricopa-tabulator-ballot-memo/ and may be down loaded. The executive summary of the 22 page report has documented unprecedented anomalies.which identify the system corruption in every segment of the process.

[Each day there is growing evidence that the 'Uniparty', consisting of both Dems and RNC people, are involved in a deep deception maintaining that machine based elections are fair. These people resist every effort to reform or correct the situation because they need the corruption to elect only those they prefer; the people's wishes no longer matter. We are rapidly moving towards a machine controlled society that Orwell warned of in his book 1984. The fact that these people use every means (legal or otherwise) by preventing the evidence from being presented in open court, denying the machines receive physical inspection (to perpetuate black box voting) reveals the true intent is fraud. The media runs an endless propaganda campaign claiming any objection to electronic voting is 'conspiracy theory' to create the false notion that nothing is amiss - ED]

Page 2

The machines need to go, paper only voting. One more fraudulent election will finish America. Revealing the 2021 election fraud is our last chance to save it. If you're too busy to resist the fraud note well that you will have no country and NO freedom.

The Days of Noah

by Jan Markel

Genesis 6:5 "Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

As we look around, it sure seems that the hearts and thoughts of many are evil continually! Are people hoping that America can be great again? The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. History is repeating itself, and very few are paying attention. The churches are silent, and the protests are few, even to protect those innocent who can't speak for themselves.

In the post-mid-term election, we saw ominous bills passed in states like California, Vermont, and Michigan. They truly tell us what time it is.  I think Pastor Jack Hibbs said it the best:

“Perhaps more than anything, the loss of Proposition 1 is a revelation of just how irrelevant the church at-large is in California. This reality is due to the lack of pastors understanding what the calling to the pulpit means. We must not only preach the gospel to the lost, but sadly there’s a profound disconnect at making disciples. Jesus said, 'Let your light so shine before the world,' and we did not. The California Christian community failed to show up to defend the unborn child, but for the few who did—their consciences are clear before the Lord.”

--Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

We know from scripture that God will again destroy the earth, this time by fire. We continue to see the lawlessness and evil thoughts of man increase in intensity.

The mid-term elections showed the heart of America. America does not want God or His principles to rule the land. We are in a very dangerous position, and we should expect to see darkness increase.

Don't be weary, and don't give up! Paul said in Hebrews, "let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."

Don't grow weary, don't give up. Let us stand for righteousness and bring Him glory!