Plastic Transgender rabbit eggs.

Plastic Transgender rabbit eggs.


   I have to wonder. I doubt that six out of ten people even know what Easter represents. We went from the Crucifixion of Christ to the Easter bunny. Now the democrats have declared Easter as ‘Transgender appreciation day’, what a coincidence. They don’t even use real eggs in the easter egg hunts anymore so I am left to wonder, can anyone explain to me how they have converted the Crucifixion of Christ to the equivalent of plastic transgender rabbit eggs.  

weaponized immigration, the NWO is winning.


    I stumbled across this tonight in my studies. I don’t think we have found anything to date that details just how complicated this whole immigration debacle is. Man, we have been sold out beyond belief, it’s even worse than I thought. Who ever is pulling the strings has put a lot of work and thought into this operation, the term weaponized immigration is a vast understatement.

 Carlson’s interview is dang good but check out the two videos below that, they are importing this third world crap beyond anything I thought possible. The scale of this operation is off the charts, the noose is tightening and every conservative in this county has their neck in it.

   It leaves one to wonder just what the end game is, but one thing I am sure of is that the useful idiots that are supporting this are going to have a rude awakening when they are no longer needed.   

OPEN TREASON ! GA Lawmaker Captures Video of Illegal Aliens Tucked Away in Hidden Room Under Military Protection at Atlanta Airport

by Allen Williams

Georgia Lawmaker Captures Video of Illegal Aliens Tucked Away in Hidden Room Under Military Protection at Atlanta Airport

Wow ! Treason being committed in the Open and in Broad Daylight should give you an idea of how much collective power the globalists have amassed in the country.

"The Daily Caller obtained an exclusive video of illegal aliens being held in a secret room at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Republican Georgia State Senator Colton Moore on Tuesday captured video of illegal aliens tucked away hidden under military guard at the Atlanta airport.  The Georgia lawmaker learned about the hidden illegals from a whistleblower who works at the airport."

Now you can see why the military NEVER intervened when corruption was uncovered in the 2020 election because the globalists have gotten control of them long before. I’m suggesting it was some time prior to the beginning of the Vietnam war an after Kennedy’s assassination.

"A video exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation appears to show a U.S. service member guarding a room chock-full of illegal immigrants at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport.  Republican state Sen. Colton Moore, who is the vice chairman of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, took the video Tuesday night and told the DCNF that he learned of the hidden room full of migrants through a “whistleblower” at Atlanta’s airport, who noticed an influx of illegal migrants coming through the facility in recent months. In the video, there appears to be a uniformed soldier guarding a room full of migrants and volunteers with a group called Team Libertad, which boasts of helping migrants travel on its social media accounts... Brian Kemp, Joe Biden this is a total dereliction of your duty and breach of public trust onto Georgians. GA Borders are Breached. TREASON!” the Georgia lawmaker said."

If this film is accurate, then we have the US military along with one or more NGOs assisting the globalists in the takeover invasion of this country and to be honest, who knows what else these people might be up to like human trafficking. NGO personnel of ‘Team Libertad’ actually blocked Senator Colton Moore from further filming and physically ejected him from the room. One thing is certain these NGOs are filling the states with questionable individuals who not only will turn the country blue but may also bring REAL terrorism into reality. Expect this to be depopulation on steroids. Say ‘Goodbye to America’, old Barrack Obama wasn’t kidding!

How is the biblical expression,”In the last days perilous times shall come‘ working out for you?