Attention Trump Campaign: Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Won Groundbreaking Case in October — Gives Campaign Right to Examine Voting Machine Source Code

By Jim Hoft

Let’s hope this makes it to the Trump Campaign.

On October 30, 2020 2016 Green Party Candidate Jill Stein FINALLY won her groundbreaking case that gave her campaign the right to examine voting machine source code in Wisconsin.

It took Jill Stein four years to win this court case.

After witnessing the historic level of fraud in this year’s election it makes us all question the numbers in past elections.

In 2016 Libertarian voters kept Donald Trump from adding New Hampshire, Minnesota and Maine to his electoral haul. Were those actual Libertarian votes in 2016 or were they switched from Trump to Gary Johnson to prevent him from winning those states?

Dr. Jill Stein celebrated this win with a string of tweets on October 30th.

The Trump campaign should take notice.

Confiscating the voting machines in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada may be crucial to exposing the fraud in this year’s election.


So sad but, TRUE!!!!!


If you think it's OK for a person to ensure that 20 per cent of America's uranium would go to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars flowing into that person's foundation, you might be a democrat.

If you agree that suicide bombers should have a nuclear deal thereby allowing Russia to supply American uranium for their nuclear program, you might be a democrat.

If you support the withholding of American financial aid from a foreign country until such time that that country fired their prosecutor that was investigating criminal activity, you might be a democrat.

If you support eliminating America First agenda and think that America should be run by globalists in a New World Order, you might be a democrat.

If you support people from Somalia or other such countries being flown into America as fast as planes can carry them, you might be a democrat.

If you support eliminating tax cuts when filling out your 1040 Form, you might be a democrat.

If you support price increases you pay for products manufactured in America by corporations because of increased taxes laid on those corporations, you might be a democrat.

If you like seeing more manufacturing plants and jobs moving to China and Mexico because of high taxes laid on corporations in the United States, you might be a democrat.

If you want to pay higher prices for gasoline because certain oil drilling in America is halted, you might be a democrat.

If you support a Green New Deal but you continue to fly on jet planes to any place you like, you might be a democrat.

If you want open borders so illegal aliens can easily enter America, you might be a democrat.

If people of your party built "cages" used for illegal aliens and then blame the subsequent party for building them when a new administration takes over, you might be a democrat.

If you support higher taxes to pay for food stamps, social security, and other welfare for aliens entering the U.S. illegally, you might be a democrat.

If you support higher taxes for "medicare for all," to which illegal aliens are included, you might be a democrat.

If you want U.S. citizenship for all illegal aliens entering the U.S. so your political party can garner more votes in elections, you might be a democrat.

If you believe the mother's womb should be the most dangerous place in America, you might be a democrat.

If you want to pay more taxes so funds can be given to organizations that make the mother's womb the most dangerous place in America, you might be a democrat.

If you believe that armed people, who absolutely did not injure anybody, should be subjected to criminal prosecution for standing in front of their house to stop rioters from burning it to the ground, you might be a democrat.

If you want to use a health crisis as a political tool to advance your agenda, you might be a democrat.

If you want to quarantine all healthy Americans but compel persons infected with COVID-19 into nursing homes, you might be a democrat.

If you support packing the Supreme Court with justices that will destroy the meaning of the Constitution and will pay no attention to the Original Intent of the the Framers of the Constitution, you might be a democrat.

If you hate individual liberty and want everyone to be compelled to adhere to your wishes, you might be a democrat.

If you hate the Constitution that is intended to chain down the government with prohibitions as the supreme law of the land and you want to first abolish the Second Amendment, you might be a democrat.

If you sometimes think about "blowing up the White House" because the person you supported for president did not win the election, you might be a democrat.

If you support a photograph with a bloody beheaded president that was duly elected, you might be a democrat.

If you lie that you have irrefutable evidence of Russia collusion but have absolutely no such evidence, you might be a democrat.

If you were involved with a "deeply flawed' dirty dossier to overthrow a sitting president, you might be a democrat.

If you support impeachment of a sitting president with no evidence to sustain impeachment, you might be a democrat.

If you think a fraudulent election should not be reexamined because the person you supported was shown to be the winner in that election, you might be a democrat.

If you believe it is OK for public offices to be used to enhance private family wealth by whatever means possible, you might be a democrat.

If you believe that no globalist in America that promotes a globalist agenda should be hung for treason against the 50 states, regardless of that personl's acts, you might be a democrat.

If you think it is OK for someone to say, "What difference does it make?" after Americans were tortured to death at Benghazi, you might be a democrat.

If you think total communism should be imposed on every American, you might be a democrat.



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The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

How it works, in detail: Who chooses the President of the United States?


 The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

 By Gary Gindler

American Thinker

November 13, 2020


Who chooses the President of the United States?


This question is by no means rhetorical. For example, the mass disinformation media has chosen Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. Many people liked this news, but I must disappoint them – the television broadcasters have, according to the U.S. Constitution, nothing to do with who will live in the White House for the next four years.

Maybe the Supreme Court chooses the President? No, the Constitution does not provide for this. Could it be that the citizens of America choose their President? Following the U.S. Constitution, no. So, who then chooses the President?

Before answering this question, let us note that, contrary to popular misconception, the President of the United States is not a representative of the American people. State legislators and governors are representatives of the people, and at the federal level so are the members of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress. (Currently, senators are also representatives of the people, but before the ratification of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution in 1913, they were appointed by state legislators). So, who does the President of America represent?

The President of the United States of America, according to the Constitution, represents state legislators' interests and no one else.

 In general, the federal government's structure in America reflects the numerous attempts of the Founding Fathers of the United States to introduce a system of effective state control over the federal government. The fact is that the main difference between our country and all other countries, without exception, is that it was organized "from the bottom up," that is, individual colonies voluntarily united against a common enemy – the British Empire. All other "republics" on the planet were created "from the top down," when the already existing provinces were graciously granted some independence by the already existing central government.

In building the American state, the fundamental principle was state control over the newly created federal power structure. Therefore, from the Founding Fathers' point of view, the federal government in Washington should consist of both representatives of the people (congressmen) and representatives of the state leadership – the federal President and senators. This is how the institution of the Electoral College was invented and implemented. The electors are appointed by the state legislatures, and they are the ones who elect the President of the country.

 So why do American citizens need to participate in the presidential elections? Well, strictly speaking, it is not necessary. It is just that there is a long tradition in America – state legislators appoint electors in such a way that these appointments correspond to the mood of the people (in some states, this is even enshrined by law). This is a tradition, but according to the U.S. Constitution, the participation of the people in presidential elections, generally speaking, is not required. According to the Constitution, the people participate in the direct elections of their legislators, which is quite enough.

There is nothing reprehensible in this – after all, the President of America is not the representative of the American people. He is the representative of state legislators. From the point of view of the states, the President (and pre-1913, two senators from each state) are the "overseers" of the federal government. In other words, the President, from the point of view of state legislators, is "our man in Havana" (that is, in Washington), who is responsible for the observance of state rights by the federal government.

 Thus, under the Constitution, state legislators have the right to generally ignore the results of the voting of citizens of their state and appoint those who they deem necessary to the Electoral College. Why did the Founding Fathers of the United States give state legislators such unprecedented power? Because most of the Founding Fathers were geniuses with impressive foresight. They did not know precisely when this would happen, but they knew it would eventually happen: the election's published results would have nothing to do with how the citizens voted.

 This is exactly what happened in 2020.

 Of course, there have been falsifications in the counting of votes in America before. However, in 2020, the Democrats went all-in with a scam, and for the first time in American history, they were close to success. Actually, they simply had no other choice. They knew very well that another Trump term would be enough to crush the American left to its core. (However, even if Trump does not manage to stay in the White House, his departure from politics will be such that the left will not be envied.)

Now, more than a week after the elections, it is already clear what the Trump team is doing. They are working in two directions.

First, they sue in states where there was a clear violation of the electoral law. Violations include the counting of votes that came after polling stations closed, turnout of more than 100%, the use of computer systems that were systematically "wrong," always in favor of Biden, the thousands of Pennsylvania voters born on January 1, 1900 (or even on January 1, 1800), and much more.

For example, election results in some Democrat-controlled states violate fundamental laws of both mathematics and physics. The votes cast for Biden do not comply with the statistical law of distribution of digits (Benford's Law), while the ballots cast for Trump do adhere to this law. Thousands of mailed ballots were received even before they were officially sent. Thus, the 2020 election showed compelling evidence of the possibility of time travel.

Secondly, the Trump team calls on state legislators to use their constitutional powers to rectify the local executive authority's criminal actions to the point of completely ignoring the falsified voting results.

These are the expected steps. Any presidential candidate would and should take such measures. Al Gore did the same in 2000, but then the case concerned only the state of Florida. In 2000, the country did not know the name of the winner for 35 days, and in 2020 we should not expect a faster resolution of the issue because now we are talking about at least six "problem" states.

Only now is the reason for the frenzy with which the Democrats attacked the three Trump-nominated Supreme Court justices is becoming clear. The fact is that the Trump-nominated current U.S. Supreme Court justices – Gorsuch, Kavanagh, and Barrett – were on Bush's legal team that secured the Supreme Court case in favor of Bush in 2000.

But the main difference between the 2020 elections and the 2000 elections is the involvement of the federal government's apparatus in investigating violations. The investigation is carried out by both prosecutors of the Department of Justice and FBI agents.

According to the Constitution, all courts and all other voting problems must be resolved by the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December, which falls on December 14 this year. If on December 14, the Electoral College fails to elect a president, then the Constitution also provides for this scenario. Per the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, in this case, the President and Vice President will be elected by the House of Representatives (however, if for some reason the Vice President cannot be elected by the House of Representatives, then the right of his choice is transferred to the Senate.)

In the House of Representatives, state delegations will be voting, not the individual congressmen themselves. Now in the House of Representatives, the majority of delegations – 26 – belong to Republicans. In the Senate, the Republicans also have an advantage. So, the only reason Trump can lose the election now, a week after the election, is his own admission of defeat. But such a strange decision by Trump is unlikely – this guy is from Queens, and if he gets involved in a fight, he will see it through to the end.

It is also unlikely that Trump does not understand that if the chronic vote-rigging by Democrats is not stopped now, America will end. The Trump team is well aware that such an opportunity to end the creeping socialist revolution may no longer be presented.

As a result, Democrats will likely not recover from this fraud. The disinformation media (which Fox News joined on the election night) will not recover from deliberately covering up this fraud, this attempted coup. If the Democrats went for broke, then Trump could, most likely, also go for broke.

Trump may have already destroyed the Democratic National Committee, but they just do not know it yet.

In military terms, Trump's team conducted careful reconnaissance and intelligence on the enemy for a week. They collected numerous affidavits about the electoral fraud of Democrats, witnesses who confirm their testimony under oath. But on the evening of November 10, the reconnaissance was completed, and massive artillery bombardment began in the form of lawsuits in several key states and the initiation of criminal investigations into violations by the Department of Justice. If this does not help, Trump will bring into the battle the strategic reserves available only to the President of the American state apparatus – for example, in the form of a complete declassification of Obamagate. In any case, our country is by no means at the end; we are at the very beginning of this process.

From a legal perspective, Biden is an impostor, a false president, at least until December 14 of this year. If Biden can declare himself President-elect without any legal basis, then any other American citizen can also declare himself President-elect.

Therefore, I am forced to repeat my advice once again – to survive in this leftist madhouse, turn off the TV and start thinking for yourself. If you have read the article so far, you will definitely succeed. And remember – if the laws in our country are still observed, then the chances of the Harris-Biden administration (in this order) are practically zero. If the laws in America are not followed, then the great American political experiment will unfortunately end.

 Gary Gindler, Ph.D., is a conservative columnist at Gary Gindler Chronicles and the founder of a new science: Politiphysics.


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