Wisconsin County Takes Election Control Away From Dominion But still using Their Software. How Does this Help secure Anything?

by Patriot's Staff

This is a first start but major questions still remain. (1) Will your machine have an updated voter role sans the dead, nonresidents, minors, etc? (2) Taking control MEANS that you will NOT use dominion software or you are just deceiving residents. A manual vote count will NOT catch machine manipulations; so who is going to warch the programmer to ensure he isn’t the one flipping votes, etc?  The article term used suggests this is the LITE version of Dominion software. Do you have access to inspect it? If not, how stupid is this? What’s the difference if Domimion or county officials run the machines?  What tolerances will you allow on the differences between what the machine tabulated and your hand tallies?

The machine is stealing the election and can do so regardless of the operator. What’s the difference in hand counting the ballots with a machine you are running and simply hand counting a manual ballot election? NONE. And you save $70,000 in machine software upgrades.  (3) How is all of this staying ahead of potential fraud?

The only SAFE election method is to use paper ballots and hand counts. Checking other’s programming operations is just a variation of 3-Card Monte.

Source: Huge” Wisconsin County Takes Control Away rom Dominion – Approves Hand Recount of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator Race in November Election