Update 72 Hour Cyber Symposium on 2020 election August 10, 11, 12 !

Cyber Forensics Symposium Aug, 10, 11 & 12 Live on Lindelltv.com

                                72 hour continuous telecast, all free!

ATOM BOMB: Expert Cyber Team CONFIRMS Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas in Run-Up to Lindell Symposium


News Media, Govt. Officials from (Update: 9/5/21 30 now 41) states (aiming for all 50), and 1100 80 cyber experts from the US and around the world will dissect and report on the 2020 election P-caps recorded by Patriots the night of November 3rd.

The experts will translate the raw P-cap data from the 2020 election and participants can select any state at random and see the REAL votes the candidates actually received on Nov. 3rd.
In another room, mock elections will be held showing how the Dominion, ES&S & HART machines can use existing software to flip votes. Cyber experts will be in an adjacent room capturing the mock elections with p-cap software and then revealing the true winner after the mock election concludes without seeing any of the normal election results, using ONLY their p-cap software..

On the last day, a new voting system will be unveiled that doesn't use machines and allows everyone to check their vote online. 

Mike Lindell (mypillow.com) is offering a 5 million prize if any of the cyber experts can show the p-cap information presented is either not for the 2020 election results or that it is false data.