Greenhouse gas effect does not exist,’ a Swiss physicist challenges global warming climate orthodoxy

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(Natural News) Thomas Allmendinger, an independent Swiss physicist, has conducted a series of experiments published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that call into question the physical principles of the greenhouse gas theory.  Thomas Allmendinger, an independent scholar educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, has dared to challenge the conventional politically correct climate dictum that CO2 is a greenhouse gas with unique global warming properties. In a series of articles published in scientific journals, Allmendinger has argued that his experimental research with the thermal absorption of infrared radiation (IR) has proved that “atmospheric trace gases such as carbon dioxide do not have any influence on the climate.”

The theory of greenhouse gases traces back to an 1827 publication by French physicist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier entitled “Mémoire sur les temperature du globe Terrestre ed de espaces planétaires,” [in English: “Memoir on the temperatures of the terrestrial globe and planetary spaces.”]  Like many metaphors in science, the greenhouse image is deceptive in that it suggests certain gases like water vapor and CO2 act as a shield preventing infrared radiation (IR) emitted by the sun and absorbed by Earth from escaping at night into outer space.

A source as supposedly authoritative as NASA still elaborates on the greenhouse gas effect as follows:

A real greenhouse is made of glass, which lets visible sunlight through from the outside. This light gets absorbed by all the materials inside, and the warmed surfaces radiate infrared light, sometimes called “heat rays,” back. But the glass, although transparent to visible light, acts as a partial shield to the infrared light.  So, some of this infrared radiation, or heat, gets trapped inside.  The result is that everything inside the greenhouse, including the air, becomes warmers.”

This NASA description is reminiscent of a gardening website that explains the complicated physics in these simplistic terms: “While the sunlight gets in, the heat cannot get out,” a description that attributes the greenhouse effect to heat convection.  But rather than blocking IR from escaping the glazed undercoating of greenhouse gas, atmospheric greenhouse gases “shield” against the escape of IR to outer space by absorbing the escaping IR energy.  Conventional IR physics going back some 200 years relies predominantly on spectrographic analysis, from which is derived the presumption that only dipole gases like water vapor or CO2 can absorb infrared radiation.  Most of the atmosphere is composed of oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2), neither of which are dipole gases.

In 2016, Allmendinger published a paper entitled “The thermal behavior of gases under the influence of infrared radiation” in the International Journal of Physical Sciences.  Here Allmendinger addressed the conventional wisdom that “any IR-activity of molecules or atoms requires a shift of the electric dipole moment, so that two-atomic homo-nuclear molecules (like O2 or N2) are always IR-active.”  Allmendinger insisted this proposition “must be regarded as a theorem and not as a principal natural law” because “numerous examples of nonpolar substances are known where an interaction with electromagnetic radiation occurs, e.g., at halogens where even colored and thus visible light is absorbed.”  What Allmendinger found surprising was physical scientists had relied almost entirely on spectrographic analysis to measure the molecular absorption of IR energy by gases.  He stressed that “apparently no thermal measurements have been made of gases in the presence of IR-radiation, particularly of sunlight,” even though the primary climate concern with greenhouse gases involves the thermal absorption of IR energy.

In 2017, Allmendinger published an article entitled “The Refutation of the Climate Greenhouse Theory: A Hopeful Alternative” in Environmental Pollution and Climate Change.  Allmendinger argued for the need to measure thermal absorption to determine if the spectrographic analysis had failed to detect molecular activity that absorbed IR energy in non-dipole atmospheric gasses.  In highly technical language, he explained:

As we know today, photometric absorption is accompanied by the (quantized) excitation of electrons being followed by a light emission, due to the back-jumping of the excited electrons into the ground state. This electronic jumping maybe–but needs not be–associated with vibrations or rotations of the nuclei in the molecule. In solid bodies, and to a certain extent also in fluid media, these vibrations or rotations are not independent but coupled. However, in gases they are widely independent since the molecules or atoms are moving around obeying statistical laws, whereby their mean kinetic translational energy is proportional to their absolute temperature.”

He continued:

Nevertheless, in the case of an electronic excitation a part of the vibration or rotation energy may be converted into kinetic energy, and thus in sensible heat, but the fractional amount of this concerted energy is not a priori theoretically derivable but must be determined experimentally. Inversely, part of the kinetic heat energy may be converted into molecular or atomic vibration energy.”

Allmendinger concluded:

“Thus, in gases two kinds of energy are involved: “internal” energy being related to intramolecular motions, and “external” energy being related to intermolecular motions. The first kind is subject of the quantum mechanics, while the second kind is subject of the kinetic gas theory. As a consequence, photometric or spectroscopic measurements cannot deliver quantitative information about the warming-up of gases due to thermal or other infrared radiation, while such measurements never have been made so far.”

Allmendinger constructed an experimental apparatus that enabled him to measure the IR thermal absorption (rather than the spectrographic light wave absorption) of atmospheric gases, including CO2, O2, N2, and argon (Ar).

In a 2018 article entitled “The Real Cause of Global Warming and Its Consequences on Climate,” published in the SciFed Journal of Global Warming, Allmendinger summed up his experimental findings.  Allmendinger’s thermal measurements concluded that “any gas absorbs IR—even noble gases do so [like Ar]— being warmed up to a limiting temperature which is achieved when the absorption power is equal to the emission power of the warmed gas.”  He continued: “It could be theoretically demonstrated that the emission power of a gas is related to the frequency of their particles (atoms or molecules) and thus to their size.”

Allmendinger’s experimental tests found no significant differences between the IR absorption capabilities of CO2, O2, N2, or Ar when thermal absorption was measured instead of spectrographic wave absorption.  “As a consequence, a ‘greenhouse effect’ does not really exist, at least not related to trace gases such as carbon dioxide.”

The global warming orthodox scientific community has rejected Allmendinger’s work as utter nonsense, arguing that he “is currently not affiliated with any reputable research institute or university.”  Yet, Thomas Kuhn, in his highly influential 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, reminded us that scientific paradigm shifts involve revolutions, in which new, competing theories appear first as “heresies.” Challenges to scientific orthodoxy must fight their way to acceptance against a legion of established opponents who have invested careers basing their global warming and climate change views on the greenhouse gas theory. Thomas Allmendinger’s argument that the CO2 greenhouse gas effect is non-existent bears serious consideration.  The global warming argument fails if CO2, a trace element in Earth’s complex atmosphere, can be proven to have no atmosphere warming abilities not equally shared by oxygen and nitrogen.

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UPDATE: Marjorie Taylor Green & Louis Gohmert Give an Eyewitness Report of the Unusually Cruel Jail Jan 6th inmates Endure in DC

by Allen Williams

I suggest the DC jail facility is a virtual soviet style Gulag intended to break those incarcerated for political 'crimes' and inculcate them with anti-American propaganda. I will provide excerpt examples to illustrate the point, [emphasis mine]  Basis:

First ..Page 2  "The purpose of the congressional visit was to inspect the conditions of the two facilities, specifically the treatment of inmates held in the CTF in relation to the events of January 6, 2021.

The November 4 tour was only accomplished after months of persistence. Representative Greene and her congressional colleagues, Reps. Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gosar, were denied entry to the jail on multiple occasions—July 29 and November 3. In July, the Deputy Warden of the facility—Ms. Kathleen Landerkin, charged a congressional delegation led by Rep. Greene with trespassing, avoided and evaded Representatives’ questions, and forcibly locked congressional members out of the facility."

Who is in charge here? Congress or these self anointed jail Marxists? Landerkin should be discharged from her position, immediately !

Page 3: "Two days earlier (November 2), the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) released a statement declaring that the CDF did not meet “minimum standards of confinement” and approximately 400 detainees would be moved to a prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (see Exhibit 1, Appendix).1 The Marshals’ November 2 statement determined that the conditions in the CTF—
the facility where inmates are being held in pre-trial custody related to alleged offenses on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol—were not sufficient to transfer January 6 inmates."

It is also important to note that the DC jail facility has an area designed for meetings between attorneys and clients with plexiglass and phones as they face each other through the glass. Use of that facility should not result in 14 days of solitary confinement simply for meeting with an attorney."

Never mind US Marshall's have determined the DC jail is not fit to house inmates.. the place is filthy and unsanitary. They need to remain there so the Jan 6 detainees can experience the maximum Orwellian treatment. Solitary confinement is PUNISHMENT for meeting with their attorney. The US constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment!!

"After a heated confrontation with the Mayor’s representative, Mr. Kinlow, and DOC staff, Representatives and staff were finally taken to see the January 6 inmates in the CTF. Congress members Greene and Gohmert refused to leave until the tour included the January 6 inmates. Notwithstanding the warm welcome from the inmates, the physical conditions in which they are held could only be described as inhumane.

For example, cells in the January 6 wing of the CTF were extremely small, composed of a single toilet, sink, and a small bed cot. The walls of the rooms had residue of human feces, bodily fluids, blood, dirt, and mold. The community showers were recently scrubbed of black mold—some of which remained. The interior walls of the common area were also freshly painted. According to the inmates, the U.S. Marshals had recently visited the area just days before, which caused a flurry of activity by guards to clean up the January 6 area while the U.S. Marshals were inspecting another area.

Inmates explained that they did not have access to their attorneys, families, or proper nutrition from the jail. Shortly after entering the January 6 wing of the CTF, inmates assembled for their daily salute to the American flag and singing of the national anthem. Following almost an hour of personal interviews with January 6 detainees, all in attendance—except the DC jail staff— gathered in a circle while Congresswoman Greene closed the group in prayer. At approximately10:15 p.m., Members and staff exited the facilities. "

What other jails in the country keep inmates incommunicado from their attorneys, family members,etc? This is what you would expect in Vietnam for captured Americans. Treatment designed to break the Jan. 6th prisoners, physically, emotionally and mentally.
Page 8.."Representatives Greene and Gohmert spoke with some of the inmates in the individual confinement cells, one of whom claimed that he had been in the cell since April and requested release on multiple occasions. Deputy Warden Landerkin contradicted that claim, stating that most inmates are not kept in these cells for longer than 30 days at a time. The stated reasoning behind keeping inmates in these cells is to safeguard the general population and DOC staff. According to Deputy Warden Landerkin, there were approximately 62 people in this first maximum-security area. Inmates are let out of their cells for 2 hours a day (remaining inside for the other 22) and only have a small door window for light and communication.

Bullshit ! We already learned inmates get 14 days solitary confinement for talking to their lawyers. So why should anyone believe Landerkin? She represents the very worst of DC corruption. Only two hours outside your cell per day is contributory to mental health problems.

Page 9.."We use PBIS: Positive Behavior Individual Support, we eliminate the punitive aspect,
and we have peers come to mentor another inmate who has been in an altercation; Growth/Progress/Support (GPS) Teams are able to work with other inmates to resolve disputes and to advocate to prison staff (e.g., Dr. Lopez) on behalf of inmates.

Very inclusive conversation in this program to show growth and that this facility really cares about us. [I] can’t speak about the others, but they really care about us.

I would like every institution in the country to be like this one. I will now allow you [Reps. Greene and Gohmert] to introduce yourselves.[Continuing to speak]

I did not and would not vote for a lot of you. But I appreciate you being here. At the end of the day, we’re all Americans and we all live in the same place. All the individuals in this room will be released from confinement one day. You all live here, or at least have
an apartment in D.C. With that being said, we appreciate you being here."

Unless you are a Jan 6th Political prisoner! Ha! Ha! This is mental conditioning not unlike what was done by the Chinese during the Korean war.

Page 11.."One of Congresswoman Greene’s staff had a prolonged conversation with a YME inmate who explained that each day the group sits to have a book club discussion. The assigned reading is a work of comparative analysis by Marc Morje Howard, a professor of Government and Law at Georgetown University. According to the book’s summary online:

At every stage of the criminal justice process - plea bargaining, sentencing, prison conditions, rehabilitation, parole, and societal reentry - the U.S. is harsher and more punitive than other comparable countries.

In Unusually Cruel, Marc Morjé Howard argues that the American criminal justice and prison systems are exceptional - in a truly shameful way. Although other scholars have focused on the internal dynamics that have produced this massive carceral system..

In summary, the curriculum foisted onto the YME’s for at least 5 hours a week includes academic studies and other books about how the United States is especially cruel relative to other developed nations and perpetuates a racial caste system."

How liberal government quack pots in conjunction with Dewey's education autocrats get their anti-American messages out to captive audiences. The education system is known for lowering SAT scores and filling jail cells but now they've partnered with the jails to give graduate study in anti-American propaganda.

Page 12.." Only after Representative Greene threatened to go to the media about the lack of access to the January 6 detainees did DOC staff allow the delegation to proceed to where the detainees were being held in the CTF.

Being careful now because the prison staff and its political affiliates are beginning to be exposed.

Page 14 3:46 PM Landerkin: Director says the tour is over.

Rep. Greene: No, the tour’s not over. The whole point of it was to see the entire place, and to
see the January 6 defendants.

Landerkin: That’s not my call. That’s the Director’s [decision].

Rep. Greene: Why though? What is the reason?

Patten: Let me say this, there is nothing to hide.

Rep. Greene: If there’s nothing to hide, we should be seeing it. It’s not about the first group
[D.C. City Council delegation].

Kinlow: Everything that the first group [D.C. City Council delegation] has seen, you have seen.

Rep. Greene: We don’t care about the first group.

Obviously, nobody knows about this illegal incarceration because the tour groups are directed away from the prisoners.f! Out of sight and out of mind. This jail needs a whole new staff

Page 16 "After two hours since the beginning of the tour and after demanding to see the January 6 detainees, the Representatives were finally taken to the area. The conversation in the hallway ended and the group proceeded down another series of hallways and elevators within the CTF until reaching a new, lower level.

January 6 Detainee Wing (8:55 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) After exiting the elevator and turning right, the delegation of approximately 15 people filed into a narrow hallway which led to a secluded area in the back of the CTF. This area was noticeably different: the January 6 detainee wing was a much older part of the jail that had not been updated in many years. One inmate claimed that this section of the jail had once been used as a psychiatric ward that had been decommissioned before the January 6 inmates were assigned

Prisoners assigned to a previous psychiatric ward.. how very much like the Soviets. This facility simply reeks of communist influence. It looks like some kind of foreign occupation. Remember readers these prisoners are ALL pretrial ! The jail is violating the US constitution's right to a speedy trial per the 6th amendment.

Page 17-18.. "Staff for Rep. Greene’s office were shown the conditions inside of cells and community showers.  Recently removed mold, dirt, and other stains were clearly visible. Inmates claimed that the Marshals Service had come through their area days before and cleaned it up, in addition to Office of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) painting the walls (or having them painted).11 Some inmates disclosed that when they arrived in  area, the cells were crawling with rats and bed bugs. The air circulation in the individual cells is so minimal that human feces and other smells begin to fester and pollute the air.

Office of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) painting the walls (or having them painted).11 Some inmates disclosed that when they arrived in the area, the cells were crawling with rats and bed bugs. The air circulation in the individual cells is so minimal that human feces and other smells begin to fester and pollute the air.

But the physical conditions of the area were just the start. Inmates were only allowed out of their cells for five hours a day, a small mercy. Prior to this relative freedom, inmates were kept in their cells similar to the maximum security inmates: 23 and 1 (23 hours in the cell, 1 hour out), 22 and 2, (21 and 3), etc. One inmate, who had been detained since February 3, 2021, explained that he had been subjected to “23 and 1” for four months, followed by two months of 22 and 2. This inmate stated that he had gone through 200 days of solitary confinement. This type of treatment is being used against inmates who are all pre-trial. They have been convicted of nothing !

Despite remaining innocent until proven guilty under the law, the January 6 inmates are allowed few, if any, basic human needs. For example, to supplement their lack of nutrition from the jail, inmates must buy food from the commissary with their own money, limited to once-a-week with a maximum of $125. Inmates cannot receive a haircut unless they are vaccinated. They cannot receive communion without being vaccinated. Many have been reduced to using Nair to chemically burn their hair off to keep themselves partially groomed. Most cannot speak to their families. Some are not even sure whether their family members know they are alive or their condition.

One elderly inmate, 71-year-old Lonnie Leroy Coffman, was in such poor condition that his lower forearm had turned purple and his thumb, black. Inmates claimed Lonnie could be in danger of losing his lower arm and has been denied medical treatment. Multiple inmates argued that if there were a way to get any inmate released, it should be Lonnie. "

Possibly, gangrene on the thumb ans leading down the arm. This jail warden needs to be sued out of his entire budget.

Page 19 "Representatives Greene and Gohmert continued to talk with the inmates, sign their Bibles and Constitutions, and listened to their stories. Staff received information from many of the inmates on the status of their cases, conditions in the January 6 detainee wing of the CTF, or requests to contact family or attorneys.

One inmate provided Representative Greene with a longer explanation of how the January 6 group of inmates were being treated in the months leading up to the visit:

They pulled us down into a random part of the jail and kept us there for 9 hours where  ere were no sinks, no bathrooms, or anything. We didn’t know what was happening to us. It was literally how you treated prisoners-of-war to keep them disoriented and not let them know where you’re going and everything – it was a travesty. They did that to us about at 8:00 in the morning to about 6:00 at night.

Another conversation involved inmates singing “God Bless America” in their cells in early June 2021, and the retaliation from jail guards:

Inmate: On June 1, 2021, we [the inmates] sang “God Bless America” at 11:45 p.m. and Corporal Holmes, who was not normally stationed there, into their area and told us to “shut the fuck up.” We replied that we were singing “God Bless America” and the guard replied, “fuck America” and then went up to one cell, turned his camera off and said he would ‘beat his ass’ (referring to the inmate). The guard came back at 4:30 a.m. on June 2 taunting and harassing us... We wrote multiple grievances about this officer, and they were all returned by the guard himself."

The guards reveal their true anti-American sentiments. If this country is so bad why don't they FIND employment in another country.?!


The congressional visit to the D.C. jail on November 4 unquestionably proved that there is a two-track justice system in the United States. This two-tiered system is not based on race, violence, or conviction of crime, but politics.

This report demonstrates that pre-trial inmates related to January 6 are treated more harshly than any other inmates in the D.C. jail, even though they have yet to be convicted of any crime. While Young Men Emerging (YME) and other convicted inmates are given access to flat screen TV’s, moot court lessons, and educational iPads, January 6 detainees are denied basic medical care,
bathrooms, exercise, religious services, haircuts, and a nutritious diet.

If that were not enough, the outright duplicity of those overseeing the jail could not be more evident. For example, DOC staff were overly conscientious about every person wearing masks in the general population area but could care less about masks or face shields when the congressional delegation interacted with the January 6 inmates in close proximity for over an

Moreover, almost every hallway of the jail was covered in advertisements encouraging inmates to register to vote while some inmates cannot see their families or contact their attorneys. Furthermore, it remains difficult to resist the conclusion that DOC staff support the dissemination of racist and anti-American propaganda to inmates, whether in the form of Nation of Islam newspapers, Critical Race Theory articles, or academic studies teaching young inmates that the United States perpetuates a racial caste system. While these materials are ubiquitous throughout the jail, many inmates cannot get Bibles or basic legal materials to aid in their case work.

The sad, but unsurprising, reality of the D.C. jail reveals that the primary programming goal was centered around access to voting and anti-American propaganda. If preponderance of the evidence is any indicator, it seems more likely that the jail staff was more concerned with inmates voting and understanding that America is racist than ensuring basic healthcare, diet, and civil liberties are preserved. While it cannot be denied that the jail does provide educational resources to some inmates, it is largely dependent on whim rather than equal access about who receives it.

While the delegation sincerely appreciates the DOC staff for providing the tour of the facility, it should not have taken three visits, one congressional letter, and a forced confrontation with the D.C. Mayor’s representative and DOC staff for Members of Congress to inspect a jail they have the constitutional duty and prerogative to oversee. As Representatives Greene and Gohmert pointed out, if there is nothing to hide, there should be no issue in seeing these inmates or their

Since the Marshals Service has already declared a portion of the facility unhospitable for more than 400 inmates, and the D.C. Mayor’s Office has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Marshals admitting that there is a need to correct certain problems, clearly more work remains to improve inmate conditions throughout the jail.