The Debt Ceiling SCAM leads to the Bankrupting of America!

by Allen Williams

A film warning documentary that explains the prosperity destroying aspects of inflation like we will ‘lock-in’ with the current debt limit negotiations between McCarthy and the White House. This Debt will primarily.BE ON YOUR CHILDREN. This is a UNIPARTY operation. If you buy into this ‘Ponzi’ scheme because, with a continuing resolution [funding], you HAVE LOST lost all ability to constrain any future spending.

What happens when you spend money you don’t have? Everyone knows the answer to that question. But what happens when the government does it on an unprecedented scale? Sooner or later, all debts have to be repaid. The question is, who’s going to foot the bill? Economist Stephen Moore has the answer.

ANS: Your Children. Better think about this because if this Congress passes this debt limit ceiling bill as it stands, AMERICA IS DONE.  NO DEBT increase without MAJOR SPENDING CUTS !!

Total Farce: Real Spending Under Debt Ceiling Deal Actually Goes Up Next Year

There Are 99 Pages Of Details In The Debt-Ceiling Deal, And A Big Trap On Republicans