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 Like it or not, this is were we are....if the left doesn’t give you permission to defend yourself and others, permission to defend your community from people that want to loot and burn you cities and homes then you are......a racist!!!!! 
  Defund the police and then demonize anyone that doesn’t have a badge that takes a stand against tyranny.

"The Utah Citizens' Alarm is a self-styled militia that formed in response to protests for racial justice this spring. The group’s leaders claim they are trying to protect their community, but experts warn they are part of a worrying trend of Americans taking the law into their own hands."

Why not? The public has waited for government to take action for over two years and nothing was done. So now it's up to others. - ED

Texas church shooting hero shares his side of the story

Texas church shooting hero shares his side of the story

An interview with the Texas Church security leader reveals the importance of awareness, commitment and dedication to the saftey of those around you. This is one church that had it’s act together,  this man saved a lot of people’s lives that day, an example to be studied for sure.
  Knowledge is survival