Did Biden Just say My Butt's been Wiped?

by Red Paper News

It’s no secret that Joe Biden had a terrible, very bad, no good week.

First, his CNN town hall was a complete flop, both in terms of his performance and the ratings.

Next, a former White House doctor went public.

He predicted that Biden will be forcibly removed from office through the 25th Amendment.


Biden’s week ended even worse.

You see, Biden just arrived back at the White House.

But before he went inside, he talked briefly with the press corps.

And he appeared to say:

My butt’s been wiped!

The video is just now beginning to go viral on social media.

And nearly everyone here’s the same thing:

That Biden’s admitting that his butt has been wiped…

But by whom?

So what do you hear?

Listen to the clip below: