The FBI.. a Rogue Organization..NO friend of Freedom or the Rule of Law

by Patriots staff

A federal judge recently ordered the release of the Affidavit behind the raid at Trump's residence in Mar-a-Largo.  As expected it was too heavily redacted including the reasons for the raid which begs the question why release anything but a blank piece of paper? How's that for in your face?  DOJ, FBI ‘So Corrupt that They're Redacting their Reasons for Redactions’ in Released Affidavit, ‘Federalist’ CEO Mocks

An FBI agent has already pled guilty to destroying exculpatory evidence to frame a pro-Trump political prisoner demonstrating they are willing to do what it takes to advance the deep state agenda. There is further evidence that the FBI interfered with the 2020 election by pressuring Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop story. Isn't this what banana republics and totalitarian regimes do?

How many more abuses will occur before this message gets across to the lame brains that inhabit Congress?  Do you enjoy being spied on by the deep state uniparty ruling Hunta?  The FBI is an out-of-control rogue agency that doesn't work for anything more that the administrative state's desire to intimidate and suppress truth.When will our 'so-called' Congress deal with reality rather than the endless psychoses that they live out each and every day?

Obviously Congress must have refried beans maquerading as brains in their cranial cavaties. The public had better think about where the country is headed. How many more Randy Weaver and/ or WACO incidents will there be before everyone wakes up to the realization that the FBI's charter is not to arrest criminals or stop terrorists but to neutralize political opposition to the administrative state. If they can do this to a former president, they don't like.. what will they do to regular conservatives? When the FBI raids your home as they did in Mesa County Colorado, busting in Tina Peters' front door with a battering ram and in the case of Shironna Bishop, making her sixteen-year-old daughter stand outside their home's front door in her underwear. Don't anybody give me crap about how professional this rat bin is. Cause it ain't!

Following in the footsteps of the late J. Edgar Hoover the agency very likely has real blackmail evidence on every member of Congress, including the known slimy ones. This FBI caper against the former president puts us very close to a full-blown police state. It's time for the loudmouth fools who inhabit government to start taking steps to END the FBI because the corruption is too deep to reform it.

Doing nothing will only embolden Chris Wray et All to commit greater abuses until you won't be able to end it. The TIME to act is NOW!!

HUGE: Federal Judge Begins Process to Appoint Special Master to Review Items Taken From Mar-a-Lago During Jackbooted FBI Raid