Orwell Rising..Census Bureau Wants to Question Citizens About Mental Health, Psychosocial Disabilities in Mandatory Survey..

by Allen Williams

Orwell Rising..Census Bureau Wants to Question Citizens About Mental Health, Psychosocial Disabilities in Mandatory Survey..

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US Census Bureau Wants to Question Citizens About Mental Health, Psychosocial Disabilities in Mandatory Survey..

Why be surprised? What else would you expect in the coming New World Order? There is a need to manage and control the mass of humanity so there must be a convenient means of acquiring personal and vital information about people and MANDATORY government surveys fill the bill quite nicely. Never mind that the practice is unconstitutional, BIDEN is just a globalist puppet who doesn’t know where he is half or more of the time so this is coming from the ‘Committee of 300′, a consortium of NGOs who control our government through Brussels, Belgium, likely lead by Barrack Obama. [Europe as the Bible reveals is the seat of the Beast Power.]

Read this letter for yourselves since I have only reproduced two out of TEN pages here: John Whitehead letter to Census Bureau

Predator Alert: Jurors Award Maya Kowalski $220 Million in Malpractice Caseby Staff

by Staff

Jurors Award Maya Kowalski $220 Million in Malpractice Case

"On Thursday, 17-year-old Maya Kowalski was awarded $220 million in her lawsuit against the Florida-based Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital after the hospital was found liable for malpractice.

According to the New York Post, the Kowalski family sued the facility for $220 million in October 2018 after the state removed Kowalski for 85 days in 2015 when she was just ten years old. At the time, doctors accused her parents of failing symptoms for a rare condition she has known as complex regional pain syndrome.

In 2017, her mother, Beata Kowalski, took her own life inside the garage of their family home due to the depression and distress that came following her daughter’s removal."

Looks like the depopulation sector of the medical profession is in for a rough ride. Who gave these morons the right to usurp parental rights? Get this: the child was falsely imprisoned by the hospital sexually abused by staff or someone posing as a doctor. The imprisonment led to her mother committing suicide. This is the future of medical care in the United States where you are worth no more than the money they can suck out of you.

"It’s unclear who the assailant was although my client was able to identify him with great specificity in terms of height, weight, hair color, clothing – he did have a lab coat on, he did have a stethoscope around his shoulders. ‘Although we can’t make a positive ID on whether it was an employee or someone who gained access to the intensive care unit and entry into her room we are alleging in the alternative a physician or a person appearing to be a physician whether that be another level of employee or somebody who shouldn’t have been there intruded.""

The medical profession does whatever it cares to do and no one stops them – until Now. These people are animals and reminiscent of the third Reich. No 0ne is safe anywhere !!

Mike Lindell calls Eric Coomer's attorney an "ambulance-chasing asshole"

by Allen Williams

Emboldened by their lawsuit and Fox’s failure,to make a half hearted attempt to defend a defamation case against Dominion they have used law-fare to weaken Lindell and now is the time to get him because they have set up an equally bogus case against Trump. The scene opens as Mike endures Eric Coomer’s Lawyer insulting his cyber symposium as well as My-Pillow. Then he reacts and lets the lawyer have it in this brief deposition film clip.  Dominion lawyers get a well earned rough language rebuke from Lindell.

The American justice system is on full public display as these lawyers insult Mike’s products in the deposition. The corrupt judge overseeing the trial fails to recognize the retaliatory nature of the suit and grants ‘discovery’ (on what basis?) Dominion is taking full advantage of a ‘fixed outcome lawsuit’ and Mike will potentially face sanctions by this Kangaroo court as well as the worthless media for resisting the farce.

Take a good hard look because this is the new justice system in America in the New World Order. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Tucker's Andrew Tate Interview during incarceratrion for using 'Lover Boy' method to force women to make TicToc videos

by Patriot's Staff

Tucker Carlson in Romania describing a new definition of 'human trafficking' which is now defined as using the Lover Boy method convincing women to make Tic-Toc videos and then steal the girl's money.  This is the NWO way of removing people that they don't like.which promises a VERY dystopian future. Watch the Andrew Tate video.