Internet Censorship at Webnode Real (Updated)

by Allen Williams

I've had a Webnode site since April of 2012. The last two years, 2017, and 2018 I've experienced many site performance problems. I suspect that I've been sabotaged and I have the film evidence to back up the allegation.

Read my linkedin article and watch the two films below that I made detailing how Webnode limits the user's ability to convey information. The first film opens with a display of an existing Webnode Text block.

Follow the pointer to watch my entrance into edit mode.and prepare space in the block to receive the new photo and headline. Note that this is an existing block that already contains a photograph and external link.

Next I add the new photo, resize it and adjust the supporting text. Follow the pointer to where I save the new information and VOILA - It's not there!  Interestingly enough, when confronted Webnode tried to blame the Firefox browser. But, I have used version 48.0.2 well before the time of these mysterious failures to incorporate edit changes and I never experienced a problem. Besides the same text block works properly everywhere else on the site except the editorial page where I filmed this event. Next they claim it's an HTML 'source code' problem': Their response

"We have looked at what you mentioned and what would be best would be to send us a copy of the source code in a .txt file so that we can see what is happening with that. Our thinking is that something in there is causing the issue. We have not upgraded the editing system in over 1 year as we have moved to our newer system. This means that any issues that come up are due to updates in Firefox."

Really? Do they block access to the editor block's source code as well? Watch the second film as I enter a Webnode text block and attempt to access the Source code, something I have done successfully everywhere else.

I was able to successfully access the source code everywhere else on site. Never have I experienced a source code lockout as the second film shows.  This is a deliberate act of sabotage against those who convey a different message than the progressive information machine, not unlike Facebook and Twitter.

My report on Webnode censorship is also available on

Note there were a total of eight reviews on Sitejabber of which seven were unfavorable.

Draw your own conclusions.