Amazon, 50 Lawyers, and the Department of Justice Teamed Up to Annihilate a Family

by JD Rucker

(America First Report)—For four years, Amy Nelson and her family have endured one of the most disgusting abuses of power and privilege we’ve seen waged against an American family. It involves mega-retailer Amazon, their team of fifty attorneys, and the Department of Justice.

In short, the Nelson family have been targeted for complete financial destruction. Seizures have been made. Threats continue incessantly. All the while, no charges have been filed and all of the evidence points to the Nelsons being innocent.

It’s important to note that we’re only seeing one side of this story. Amazon has not responded to requests for comment. However, a local news story corroborates much of what Nelson explains in her Twitter thread.

Here is the blood-boiling scenario as told by Nelson herself:

EXPLOSIVE: When @amazon's lawyers targeted my husband, their lawyer - a former federal prosecutor - emailed his former colleagues & said Amazon would talk to DOJ about "asset restraint/recovery." DOJ then seized $7M from Amazon's targets based on Amazon's allegations. /1

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