Steve Bannon DESTROYS Bill Barr: “We Don’t Care About Your Opinions – You’re a Stone-Cold Liar and We Got You on Two Massive Lies” (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft

Steve Bannon went off on Bill Barr, Karl Rove and the Bush machine Wednesday on The War Room. This is after FBI Cyber Chief lied to Congress about having no knowledge of the Hunter Biden laptop. And this was after Bill Barr lied in his book that he did an investigation of the laptop and found there was nothing there.

Bannon fired a warning shot to the corrupt and tired Bush operatives who are working so hard to destroy the populist movement in the Republican Party.

Also last night, D.C., Defense attorney Tim Parlatore provided definitive proof that Sheena Greitens, Eric Greiten’s ex-wife, conspired with conservative political operative Karl Rove to frame the former Missouri governor with false abuse allegations.

These Bush operatives including Rove would rather see the country fail than see pro-Trump populists replace them in office.

Steve Bannon:  We don’t care about your opinions.  We could care less.  ou’re a stone-cold liar and we got you on two massive lies. There’s no investigation (on Hunter’s laptop), you did no investigation. There’s no report and you’re a stone-cald liar… Bill Barr is nothing more than a Bush operative. This all goes back to the head of the corrupt snake that used to control the Republican Party.  That’s why we’re there to decapitate.  We’re there to decapitate.  It’s a metaphor.  We’re there to decapitate.  These, it’s a rotting carcass of all the bad stuff that Bush had.  They still want  control. They’re not going to give it up.  And, hey, I understand.  You don’t give it up til you have to give it up.  We’re going to force you to give it up.  Because what you’re doing now, the country is hurtling towards a dark valley.  And you’re part of the problem.  You’re a big part of the problem.  And, in November when we take over and when Trump wins in a landslide, you guys are going to have nothing to do with this.

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Updated: Naked Hunter Biden Tells Prostitute on Video: Russians Stole His Laptop Full of Blackmail Material

by NWO Report

This kid is a disgrace to any parent BUT like father like son.

Hunter Biden, in a naked discussion with a prostitute, acknowledged that his illicit activities, particularly hookers and drugs, were fodder for blackmailing his powerful, high-profile father. Furthermore, he believed that one of the laptops that he owned was stolen by the Russians.

The footage was obtained in an exclusive by the Daily Mail. Watch:

WHY? isn't this clown in jail instead of the Jan 6th protestors?  This should give you an idea of why election integrity is important and what you can expect from the continuance of Dementia Joe's stolen presidency!